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The Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway is in the record books. We had a great time hanging with all our Bowtie Buddies and checking out their fabulous rides. With a great selection of old-school Rat powered Chevelles to the current crop of GEN V LS powered Camaros, there was plenty of eye candy in the pits. Here’s the rundown of the car show winners.  

Camaro 67-69 Stock: Denny Senath; Mountville, Pa.; ‘67
Camaro 67-69 Street: Ron Spadafora; Reading, Pa.; ‘68
Camaro 67-69 69 Street Only: Joe Williams; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘69
Camaro 67-69 Modified: Ross Gilbert; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘69
Camaro 67-69 SS Only: Jim & Brenda Granato; Bridgeton, N.J.; ‘69
\r\n\r\nCamaro 70-81 Stock: Charlie Jeffries; Covington, Va.; ‘77
Camaro 70-81 Street: Shawn & Lisa McEllhenney; Ephrata, Pa.; ‘70
Camaro 70-81 Modified: Judy Jeffries; Covington, Va.; ‘77

Camaro 82-92 Stock: Ken Smith; Berwyn, Pa.; ‘91
Camaro 82-92 Street: Brandon Reichard; Fleetwood, Pa.; ‘91
Camaro 82-92 Modified: Glenn Lockett; Ivyland, Pa.; ‘91

Camaro 93-09 Stock: Nick Carrita; Grantville, Pa.; ‘97
Camaro 93-09 Street: Dave Hartzell; Easton, Pa.; ‘00
Camaro 93-09 Modified: Frank Johnstone; Joppa, Md.; ‘01

Camaro 10-12 Stock: Robert Brullo; Denver, Pa.; ‘10
Camaro 10-12 Street: Cindi Crowe; Elizabethtown, Pa.; ‘11
Camaro 10-12 Modified: Chip & Deb Myers; Narvon, Pa.; ‘11

Nova 62-67 Street: Kurt Colrus; Leesport, Pa.; ‘66
Nova 62-67 Modified: Bob Galla; Ellicott City, Md.; ‘67

Nova 68-Newer: Dale Jones; Wayne, Mich.; ‘68
Nova 68-Newer: Todd Ortolani; Vernon, Conn.; ‘70

El Camino Stock: Bill Kose; Somerset, N.J.
El Camino Street: Joe Klunk; Hanover, Pa.; ‘72
El Camino Modified: Garry Lutsky; Dayville, Conn.; ‘75

Chevrolet 1955-57 Stock: Dick Kauffman; Mountville, Pa.; ‘57
Chevrolet 1955-57 Street: Charlie Potts; Reading, Pa.; ‘55
Chevrolet 1955 Only: Wes Cassel; Boyertown, Pa.; ‘55
Chevrolet 1956 Only: Vinnie Esposito; Sayreville, N.J.; ‘56
Chevrolet 1957 Only: Denise Kocher; Canton, Pa.; ‘57
Chevrolet 1957 Convertible Only: Jerry Holbrook; Haymarket, Va.; ‘57

Corvette 53-67 Stock: Penny & Fred Rosefsky; Bellefonte, Pa.; ‘59
Corvette 53-67 Street: Ed & Carol Olstler; Warminster, Pa.; ‘66
Corvette 53-67 Modified: Barry Hofer; Collegeville, Pa.; ‘65

Corvette 68-82 Stock: Bill Emlsey; Rockledge, Pa.; ‘72
Corvette 68-82 Modified: Pete Micale; Wernersville, Pa.; ‘81

Corvette 84-96 Stock: Bruce Clelland; Reading, Pa.; ‘84
Corvette 84-96 Street: George Hebler; Lititz, Pa.; ‘92

Corvette 97-04 Stock: Andrew Heimel; Douglassville, Pa.; ‘03
Corvette 97-04 Modified: Bob Anderson; Denver, Pa.

Corvette 05-Newer Stock: John Gloden; Welcome, Md.; ‘08
Corvette 05-Newer Street: Rich & Barb Lagasse; Enfield, Conn.; ‘07
Corvette 05-Newer Modified: Wayne Greenfield; Accokeek, Md.; ‘07

Chevelle 64-67 Stock: Doug Yoder; Red Lion, Pa.; ‘67
Chevelle 64-67 Street: Bill & Margaret Westley; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘67
Chevelle 64-67 Modified: Kyle Phillips; Alpha, N.J.; ‘66

Chevelle 68-Newer Stock: Chris & James DeMetro; Highland, N.Y.; ‘71
Chevelle 69 Only: Kristina Fischer; Litchfield, Conn.; ‘69
Chevelle 70 Only: Jim & Bev Kellerman; Levittown, Pa.; ‘70
Chevelle 68-Newer Modified: Gary Korzon; Beacon Falls, Conn.; ‘70

Truck 1949-72 Stock: Dennis Kelly; Lee, Mass.; ‘69
Truck 1949-72 Street: Richard Moht; Bowmansville, Pa.; ‘69
Truck 1949-72 Modified: Jessica Kilby; East Petersburg, Pa.; ‘50
Truck 1955-69 Only: Gary & Flo Garman; Mount Wolf, Pa.; ‘55
Truck 1970-72 Only: Louis Rosa; Mohnton, Pa.; ‘74

Truck 1973-87 2WD Modified: Anna & Tom Baushman; Bellefonte, Pa.; ‘73

Truck 88 & Newer 2WD Stock; Ron Plummer, Everett, Pa.; ‘12

Truck 4×4 Full Size Street: Janet Dawes; Stewartsville, N.J.; ‘10
Truck 4×4 Full Size Modified: David Riddell; Warrington, Pa.; ‘88

Full/Mini SUV 4WD Stock: Mike Winston; New Holland, Pa.; ‘69
Full/Mini SUV 4WD Modified: Doug Schaeffer, Reading, Pa.; ‘85 Blazer

Full/Mini SUV 2WD Stock: Larry Hughes; Felton, Del.; ‘66
Full/Mini SUV 2WD Street: Charles Krause; Brooklyn, N.Y.; ‘99
Full/Mini SUV 2WD Modified: Steve Myers; York, Pa.; ‘50

Mini Truck 2WD Street: Zakk Harnish; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘00
Mini Truck 2WD Modified: Donald Holley; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘88

Monte Carlo 70-72 Stock: David Durst; Cumberland, Md.; ‘72
Monte Carlo 70-72 Street: Jack Cooper; Kent, Ohio; ‘72
Monte Carlo 70-72 Modified: Jenny & Jay Murphy; Reading, Pa.; ‘70

Monte Carlo 82-88 Stock: Jeff Yoder; Berlin, Pa.; ‘85
Monte Carlo 82-88 Street: Frank O’Connell; Dunstable, Mass.; ‘85
Monte Carlo 82-88 Modified: Kevin Low; Pine Beach, N.J.; ‘88

Monte Carlo 02-06 Stock: Lyle Campbell; Haskins, Ohio, ‘05
Monte Carlo 02-06 Modified: Richard Janis Jr.; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘02

Pro Street 68-Older Modified: Gary Ingram; Millford, Del.; ‘68 Chevelle

Pro Street 69-Newer: Robert Laughel; Womelsdorf, Pa.; ‘78 Camaro

Pro Engineered: Tim Lerch; Mohnton, Pa.; ‘67 Chevy II

Big Car 49-54: Ian Weber; Willow Street, Pa.; ‘52 Chevy

Big Car 58-89 Stock: Steve Lennig; Hebron, Maine; ‘65 Biscayne
Big Car 58-89 Street: Glen Sweinhart; Annville, Pa.; ‘63 Impala
Big Car 58-89 Modified: Michael Garner; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘63 Impala

Big Car 90-Newer Stock: Poncho Mateo; West Deptford, N.J.; ‘96 Impala
Big Car 90-Newer Street: Joe & Margie Ansuini; Colmar, Pa.; ‘96 Impala

Conversion Pre ‘48: Harry Zerbey; Pottsville, Pa.; ‘41 Willys

Conversion 49-Newer: Thomas Fredericks; Summit Hill, Pa.; ‘65 Skylark

Early Chevrolet Pre ‘35: Chuck Salipole; Reisterstown, Md.; ‘35

Early Chevrolet 36-48: Arnold Warner; Culpeper, Va.; ‘39

Open Stock: Todd Trothman; Oakland, Md.; ‘12 Sonic
Open Modified: Ron Mule; Hamilton, N.J.; ‘78

Gold 67-69 Camaro: Keith Morrell; Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Gold 68-Newer Chevelle: Jeff & Deborah Davis; Morristown, N.J.; ‘70 Chevelle
Gold 55-57 Chevrolet: Daniel W. Swisher III; Jonestown, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy

Club Award: New York Monte Carlo Club

Best Big Car: Michael Garner; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘63 Impala
Best Camaro: Jim & Brenda Granito; Bridgeton, N.J.; ‘69 Camaro
Best Chevelle: Gary Korzon; Beacon Falls, Conn.; ‘70 Chevelle
Best Corvette: Wayne Greenfield; Accokeek, Md.; ‘05 Corvette
Best Conversion: Harry Zerbey; Pottsville, Pa.; ‘41 Willys
Best Open: Ron Mule; Hamilton, N.J.; ‘78 Chevette
Best Early Chevy: Arnold Warner; Culpeper, Va.; ‘39 Chevy
Best El Camino: Bill Kose; Somerset, N.J.; ‘69 El Camino
Best 55-56-57: Denis Kocher; Canton, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy
Best Monte Carlo: Jenny & Jay Munday; Reading, Pa.; ‘70 Monte Carlo
Best Nova: Bob Galla; Ellicott City, Md.; ‘67 Nova
Best Pro Street/Engineered: Gary Ingram; Millford, Del.; ‘68 Chevelle
Best Truck: Gary & Flo Garman; Mount Wolf, Pa.; ‘55 Chevy
Best Paint Gold: Jeff & Deborah Davis, Morristown, N.J.; ‘70 Chevelle
Best Detail Gold: Keith Morrell; Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Best Engine Gold: Keith Morrell: Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Award of Excellence: Vinnie Esposito; Sayreville, Pa.; ‘56 Nomad
Best of Show: Daniel W. Swisher III; Jonestown, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy


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From its humble beginnings as a two-car garage in Santa Ana, California 30 years ago, the Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) has always been a major player in the GM restoration parts business. Originally called “Chevelle Classics”, founder Dave Leonard began manufacturing high quality restoration parts for Chevy Chevelles. By 1993, a long list of cool GTO parts was added thus the company became OPGI.  Three decades later, its modern and efficient 130,000 square foot facility in Seal Beach, CA. has over 100 employees and an ever expanding and comprehensive product line that comprises over 75,000 parts. It’s no wonder that OPGI is an industry leader for all things Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile and PontiacA-Body platform cars.

What drove founder and current owner Dave Leonard to start OPGI in 1982 was the need to supply GM enthusiasts Chevelle and El Camino parts. It was during this “dark era” in the car hobby that the factory was discontinuing thousands of replacement parts such as exterior and interior trim parts, sheetmetal and other much-needed accessories which owners of 1964-1972 Chevelles and El Caminos would need to restore their prized rides.

Not only did the interest in and value of these classic Chevy musclecars increase, so did that of their GTO, 442 and Skylark GS cousins. Soon OPGI was offering high-quality parts for everything from 1960s and 70s GM Supercars to Monte Carlos, Rivieras, Grand Prixs and Cadillacs. For any GM enthusiast, this was a blessing, as it saved time hunting down parts from various companies and made OPGI their one-stop shopping destination.

The folks at OPGI are also on the look out for new products for their GM car lines and also manufacturing new GM restoration parts. Recently, they have begun manufactured several mirrors, door handles and headlight bezels for 1960s Cadillacs. With the 2012 SEMA show coming this fall, they’re in high gear restoring a 1965 Chevelle SS convertible that will take center stage in their already impressive display.

OPGI is also run by enthusiasts, and like us, they embrace the hobby and classic car culture. This is why we are proud to have them as a presenting sponsor at the upcoming Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway. They have a loyal following of customers around the country but it’s the East Coast enthusiasts that really support OPGI and therefore it makes sense for them to be an active partner this weekend’s show. So the next time you see a restored 1970 Chevelle SS454, know that it probably has parts from OPGI on it.


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The late Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins was not only a master engine builder and drag racing legend, but he also helped build the Chevrolet brand as one to beat in motorsports.

Jenkins, who died in March at 81, was scheduled to take part in this year’s Super Chevy Show on July 20-22 at Maple Grove Raceway as a special car show judge. He was going to pick his top 25 picks from the hundreds of entries.

However, his spirit will be present through the weekend. A special “Jenkins Competition” award will be presented after time trials Saturday, July 21, to the door/body car that has the lowest elapsed time during the second round of time trials.

And at the car show Jenkins Competition will be represented by company general manager Jake Barbato, and former NHRA world champion Larry Lombardo who drove for Jenkins in the 70s. The two will make the top 25 picks on Saturday.

The Super Chevy Show gets underway on Friday, July 20 with a 7 a.m. opening and time trials from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gates open Saturday at 7 a.m. with racing beginning at 8:30 and the car show going through the day until awards are presented at 3:30 p.m. Feature shows, with jet cars are at 1 and 4 p.m.

Sunday’s gates open at 8 a.m. with racing continuing at 9:30 and feature shows at 1, 2:30 and 4:30. Car show awards are at 4 p.m.

For more information, call Maple Grove Raceway at (610) 856-9210 or visit

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