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There was tough racing action on the track and top-flight show cars on display during the Super Chevy Show at Bristol Dragway. Here’s a recap of the winners from this year’s event as we made some noise in “Thunder Valley”.

In the Bracket I class, Seth Street defeated Richard Goins in the final round on Sunday. The run was a double-break-out affair with Street running closer to his dial. Street left the line with a .015 reaction time, and raced through the line with a 5.857 elapsed time (5.86 dial-in) at 117.54 mph. Goins matched a .053 R.T. with a 4.674 E.T. (4.68 dial-in) at 142.88 mph on his run.

Chad Dotson drove to victory in Bracket II by ousting Russ Almand in the final round. Dotson left the line with a .058 R.T. and finished in 6.734 seconds (6.72 dial-in) at 98.53 mph. Almand left with a quicker .054 R.T. and finished his run with a 6.601 E.T. (6.58 dial-in) at 102.84 mph.

Josh Curtis won the Sportsman category over Cody Spears when he went red in the final. Curtis left with a .048 R.T. and finished in 17.444 seconds (17.42 dial-in) at 82.59 mph.

Junior Dragster Division I went to Jackson Bailey when Alexis Whitaker turned on the red light at the starting line. Bailey turned in a .052 light with an 8.989 E.T. (8.92 dial-in) at 71.32 mph on his winning run.

Jr. Dragster Div. II honors went to Austin Roberts as he defeated Dillon Lemaster in the final round. Roberts had a .016 R.T. and an 8.299 E.T. (8.15 dial-in) at 70.31 mph in the final round.

Bristol Dragway always hosts one of the most impressive Super Chevy Shows and this season was no exception. The highlight of Saturday’s action was the Beef O’ Brady’s Thunder Valley Mayhem presented by Thompson Metal Services. Fans were treated to Nitro-powered Pro Mods, Jet Dragsters and quick Top Fuel motorcycle passes by Larry “Spiderman” McBride during the Pro Show rounds of Thunder Valley Mayhem.

Randy Moore drove the World’s Fastest Monster Truck, Maximum Overkill, down the legendary quarter-mile, while members of the outrageous Team FMX motocross group took to the skies high above Thunder Valley. Megasaurus ended the evening by taking a bite out of a junked car as fireworks filled the air.

On Saturday afternoon, True Street participants went for a 30-mile cruise through the area surrounding Bristol Dragway, before returning to Thunder Valley to slug it out for the top spot in their respective index. After proving their road-worthiness, the machines took three passes down the legendary quarter-mile.

Adam Green drove to the overall win from his position in the 11.00-second index. Green’s overall average time was an 11.018, putting him closest to his chosen index.

Adrian Whitson (9.00-second index), Garnie Peterson (10.00-second index), Bobby Green (12.00-second index), Logan Austin (13.00-second index), Darrel McGlothlin (14.00-second index) and Tracey Cannon (15.00-second index) earned wins in their respective categories during Saturday’s True Street competition.

There was also some impressive vintage and late-model musclecars, trucks and street rods in attendance. These folks grabbed the top honors in their categories.


Billy Morgan, New Market, TN, 1947 Chevy Truck

Greg Fleenor, Bristol, TN, 1968 El Camino

Harold and Jennifer Lee, Feyetteville, NC, 1986 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe

Tom Coleman, Asheville, NC, 1967 Chevelle

Roger Woody, Christianburg, VA, 1955 Bel Air Convertible

Jane and Eddy Cornett, Vilas, NC, 1962 Impala

Dick Byrd, Kpt, TN, 1971 Rally Nova

Tre Mills, Auburn, AL, 1969 SS39 6 Camaro

John and Deborah O’Nan, Lancaster, KY, 1962 Bel Air

Chuck Stone, Lebanon, VA, 1966 Corvette


PAINT: C. W. Looney, Grundy, VA

ENGINE: Gregg Rodgers, Woodbury, TN

INTERIOR: Flip Bost, Stateville, NC

STOCK: Dwight Bower, Basset, VA

STREET: Michael and Ann Boyle, Summerfield, NC

ROD: John and Deborah O’Nan, Lancaster, KY

WORKMANSHIP: Brian Emmert, Bristol, TN

ISCA: Jeff Melnichenko, Port Washington, OH

ENGINEERED: Dean Pilkton, Elixabethton, TN

CAMARO: 1967-69

STREET 1967-68 ONLY Outstanding: Randy Penly, Conover, NC

STREET 1967-68 ONLY Winner: Jerry Collins, Huntington, WV

STREET 1969 ONLY Outstanding: Wes Brewer, Kingsport, TN

STREET 1969 ONLY Winner: Harold and Sandra Johnson, Powder Springs, VA

MODIFIED 1969 ONLY Outstanding: Nick Belvins, Manchester, KY

MODIFIED 1969 ONLY Winner: Wyatt Whitworth, N Wilkesboro, NC

CAMARO: 1970-81

STOCK Winner: Steve Chase, Gray, TN

STREET Outstanding: Michael Payne, Elizabethton, TN

STREET Winner: Charles Brisco, Madison, TN

CAMARO: 1982-1992

STREET Winner: John Hughes, Elizabethton, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Nicholas Cole, Bristol, TN


STOCK Outstanding: Roger and Martha Coley, Marion, VA

STOCK Winner: Buck Sines, Manassas, VA

STREET Winner: Jeff and Tammy Mayes, Greenbrier, TN


MODIFIED Outstanding: James Carswell, Hickory, NC

MODIFIRED Winner: CW Looney, Grundy, VA


MODIFIED PRE 1966 Outstanding: John and Deborah O’Nan, Lancaster, KY

MODIFIED PRE 1966 Winner: Wayne Hobby, Straw Plains, TN

MODIFIED 1967 & LATER Winner: Tim Coleman, Asheville, NC


MODIFIED Winner: Brody Jestice, Phyllis, KY


MODIFIED Outstanding: Toby Jones, Marion, VA

MODIFIED Winner: Dean Pilkton, Elizabethton, TN

TRUCK 1949-72

STREET Winner: Jeff Kanup, Hickory, NC

MODIFIED Outstanding: Mike Brooks, Blountville, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Greg Rogers, Woodbury, TN

TRUCK: 1973 – 87

MODIFIED Winner: Tim Burchette, Marsville, NC


STOCK Outstanding: Jock Stiltner, Vansant, VA

STOCK Winner: Sly Brisco, Boyce, VA

STREET Outstanding: Michael Payne, Elizabethton, TN

STREET Winner: Ronnie Neal, Williamsburg, KY


STOCK Winner: Mike and Austin Victor, Watkins, CO

STREET Outstanding: Jeff McCann, Silvertrone, CO

STREET Winner: Derek Bejarano, Fort Lupton, CO

MODIFIED Outstanding: Dan Danner, Aurora, CO

MODIFIED Winner: Mike Uchida, Henderson, CO

NOVA: 1962-67

STREET Winner: David Frampton, Hurricane, WV

NOVA: 1962-1966 ONLY

MODIFIED Outstanding: Robert Pawlak, Blountville, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Terry Travis, Conover, NC


MODIFIED Outstanding: Jimmy Ellenburg, Rutherfordton, NC

MODIFIED Winner: Tom Seagle, Pulaski, VA

NOVA: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner: DT Jeter, Bristol, TN

STREET Outstanding: Darrell Marr, Hickory, NC

STREET Winner: Susie Becknell, Nicholasvlle, KY

MODIFIED Winner: Skyler Hagy, Clintwood, VA


STOCK Winner: Rick Rechman, Denver, CO

EARLY CHEVY: 1936-48

MODIFIED Winner: Brian Emmest, Bristol, TN

CHEVY: 1955-57

MODIFIED HARDTOP Outstanding: Edsel Wilson, Bristol, VA

MODIFIED HARDOP Winner: Bill Holycross, Unicoi, TN

STREET Winner: Shaun Terrel, Lynchburg, VA

MODIFIED 57 ONLY Outstanding: Randall Bray, Pelham, NC

MODIFIED 57 ONLY Winner: Jeff Melnichenko, Port Washington, OH

MODIFIED Outstanding: Perry Stipes, Piney Foats, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Roger Woody, Christiansburg, VA

BIG CAR: 1958-89

STOCK Winner: Dwight bowen, Bassett, VA

STREET Outstanding: Jacqueline Early-Alley, Ivanhoe, VA

STREET Winner: William and Phyllis Seals, Berea, KY

MODIFIED Outstanding: Tim De Grauwe, Hopewell, VA

MODIFIED Winner: Flip Bost, Statesville, NC


STREET Winner: Chip Ackerman, Lexington, KY

CHEVELLE: 1964- 67

STOCK Winner: Leon Rhodes, Flat Rock, NC


STREET Outstanding: Robert Gragg, S. Charleston, WV

STREET Winner: Bill Bollinger, Hickory, NC

MODIFIED Outstanding: Mike Pope, Statesville, NC

MODIFIED Winner: Daniel Gasser, Danville, VA


STREET Outstanding: Ed Lux, Sevierville, TN

STREET Winner: Larry Smith, Berea, KY

CHEVELLE: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner: Johnny Greene, Bristol, TN

STREET Winner: Steve Vance, Honaker, VA

MODIFIED Outstanding: Claude Buchanan, Newland, NC

MODIFIED Winner: Bob and Kim Hoenigman, Asheville, NC


STOCK Winner: Julian Bray, Danville, VA

STREET Winner: Greg Fleenor, Bristol, TN


STOCK Outstanding: David Durst, Cumberland, MD

STOCK Winner: Arnold Lee, Fayetteville, NC

STREET Outstanding: Kevin Martin, Martinville, VA

STREET Winner: Michael Boyte, Summerfield, NC

MODIFIED Outstanding: Marte, Worley, Blountville, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Buddy Tester, Chuckey, TN

CORVETTE: 1953 – 67

STOCK Outstanding: Lee Bell, Hudson, NC

STOCK Winner: Jerry Lyndon, Statesville, NC

STREET Outstanding: Chuck Goode, Stateville, NC

STREET Winner: Bill Mullis, Bradenton, FL

MODIFIED Outstanding: Roger Clanden, Churchville, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Hubbert Wright, Gibsonville, NC

CORVETTE: 1968-1982

STOCK Winner: Dan Lawson, Johnson City, TN

MODIFIED Outstanding: Mike Glover, Abington, VA

MDIFIED Winner: Jeff Hunt, Durgannan, VA

CORVETTE: 1997-2004

STREET Winner: Derrell Hudgins, Hendersonville,

MODIFIED CONVERIBLE Outstanding: James and Teresa Oxford, Knoxville, TN

MODIFIED CONVERTIBLE Winner: Maryann Bastura, Franklin, NC

MODIFIED COUPE Outstanding: Tim and Heidi Blackhurst, Gilbert, SC

MODIFIED COUPE Winner: Charles Gibson, Seymour, TN


STREET Outstanding: Rich and Barb Lagasse, Enfield, CT

STREET Winner: Charles Brisco, Madison, TN


STOCK Winner: Joy and Christine Lippert, Green, KS

STREET Winner: Charles Kirmuss, Westminster, CO

MODIFIED Winner: G.W. Bancroft, Evans, CO


MODIFIED Winner: Mike Arnold, Abington, VA


STOCK Outstanding: Bethany Orr, Johnson City, TN

STOCK Winner: Mike Cleary, Bluefield, WV

MODIFIED Outstanding: Mike and Alicia Holley, Chuckey, TN

MODIFIED Winner: Jack Harris, Salem, VA


MODIFIED Winner: Sonee Hall, Bristol, TN


MODIFIED Winner: Billy Morgan, New Market, TN


STOCK CAMARO 1967-69: Junior Shifflett, Duke, VA

STOCK CAMARO 1967-69: Tre Mells, Notasola, AL

STREET CAMARO 1967-69: Eddie Sells, Apex, NC

STREET CHEVELLE: Jeff Davis, Marristown, NJ

BIG CAR: Billy Moose, Troutman, NC

BIG CAR 1958-59: Danielle Tackett, Price, KY

MODIFIED 1955-56-57: Jennings White, Manchester, KY

MODIFIED 1967-69: Wyatt Whitworth, N Wikesboro, NC


BIG CAR: Flip Bost, Statesville, NC

CAMARO: Kenneth Turner, Imlay City, MI

CHEVELLE: Daniel Gasser, Danville, VA

CORVETTE: Hubert right, Gibsonville, NC

CONVERSION:   Mike Arnold, Abing, VA

EARLY CHEVY: Brian Emmert, Bristol, TN

EL CAMINO: Greg Fleenor, Bristol, TN

1955-1957 CHEVY: Roger Woody, Christiansburg, VA

MONTE CARLO: Michael Boyte, Summerfield, NC

NOVA:  Tom Seagle, Pulaski, VA

PRO STREET.ENGINEERED: Tom Coleman, Asheville, NC

TRUCK: Grg Rogers, Woodbury, TN

PAINT:  Jeff Davis, Morristown, NJ

DETAIL: Junior Sheffleft, Dyke, VA

ENGINE: Billy Moose, Troutman, NC

EXCELLENCE AWARD: Dean Pilkton, Elizabethton, TN

BEST OF SHOW: Jennings White, Manchester, KY

Bristol Dragway returns to action this weekend, September 28-29 with the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Eight classes of racing will run during the event, with competition in the same Sportsman categories featured during the Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals. Racing takes place in Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock Eliminator, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster.

For more information about Bristol Dragway events, please call (423) 764-DRAG or visit