Palm Beach – Gearing Up For 2016 Super Chevy Show

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Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) is gearing up for its first Manufacturers Series event of 2016, the Super Chevy Show on March 19th and 20th.

“We have a heavy Chevy presence here in this part of Florida,” said Dale Gann, Vice President and General Manager of PBIR. “Every year the Super Chevy Show has grown more and more. We can’t wait to see what 2016 holds.”

A fan favorite returning to the Super Chevy Show will be the Pro Show featuring the Jet Cars, which will include Wicked Willy and a new jet semi-truck making one of its first appearances. Credentialed judges will be brought in to judge the car show that features several different categories with winners receiving trophies and jackets.

The Sportsman racing at PBIR will be different than at most other tracks. Instead of hosting qualifying on Saturday and eliminations on Sunday, there will be two complete races throughout the weekend – one on each day.

“By having a race on Saturday and another complete race on Sunday we help cater to more racers; not everyone can make it to both days. It also really brings up the car numbers and the level of competition.”

Fans are encouraged to check back at in the next few weeks for updated times, schedules, contests and prices for the PBIR Super Chevy Show.


Bakersfield – Car Show Results

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Car Show Results – Bakersfield 2015

Nova 1962-1967

Modified Winner – Barry & Cathy Doocey 1964

Chevelle 68 & Newer: 

Modified Winner – Jim Hunt 1970

El Camino:

Street Winner – Rich Roeder 1970

Modified Outstanding – Leroy Painter 1971

Modified Winner – Roy Roark1972

Corvette 1997-2004: 

Stock Winner – Vergel Sandieer 

Modified Outstanding – David Torres 2001

Modified Winner – Ron Rockonle 2000

Chevy 55, 56, 57:

Modified Outstanding – Jim Rosenberger 1956

Modified Winner – Jerry Guernsey 1957

Big Car 90-96:

Stock Winner – Jim Black 1996

Camaro 1967-1969:

Stock Winner – Brian Burkland 1967

Street Winner – Larry Tack 1967

Modified Winner – Kay Bice 1967

Camaro 1982-1992:

Street Winner – Chase Newton 1989

Modified Winner – Karen Williams 1989

Camaro 1993-2002:

Modified Winner – Robert Sewell 1998

Camaro 2010 & Newer:

Stock Winner – James Hope 2015

Street Winner – Christian Coffen 2015

Modified Winner – Jennifer Wingert 2013

Pick-Up 1973-1987:

Modified Winner – Tom Tait 1974


Modified Winner – Lloyd Miyashiro 1931

Barly Chex:

Modified Winner – Robert Nolan 1938

Gold 67-69:

Stock Winner – Chris Mikkelson 1969 Camaro

Street Winner – Larry Boord 1966 Nova


Stock Outstanding – Chris Warne 2013   

Stock Winner – Cliff Westerlin 1975

Club Participation Award: 

So. Cal Chevrolet Invasion

Outstanding Paint:

Jerry Guemsey Blue 57

Outstanding Interior:

Richard Capaldi 69 Chevelle

Outstanding Engine:

Kay Rice 67 Camaro

Outstanding Workmanship:

Damon Jones 72 Crew Cab

Outstanding Engineer:

Glen Robinson 55 Chevy

Young Star:

James Hope 2015 Camaro


St. Louis – Car Show & Race Results

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St Louis Super Chevy Show at Gateway Motorsports Park

Drive Duracell Bracket 1 (Super Pro): 

Winner:  Donovan Thompson – Waverly, IL – 86 Firebird – 468 inch Chevrolet motor  – $2,500 to win

Runner-Up:  Eric Booker – Liberty, IL – 1968 Chevy Nova – 355 c.i.

Bracket 2 (Pro): 

Winner:  Adam Penning – Hermann, Missouri – 1989 Mustang with 370 c.i. LSX motor – $1,750 to win

Runner-Up:  Kevin Carter – Chicago, IL – Chevy Nova 427 c.i.

DOT/Street Sportsman: 

Winner:  Gary Lewis – St. Ann, Missouri – 1969 Skylark with 326 LS Chevy motor

Runner-up: Brandon Sanders – St. Clair, Missouri

Super Quick:

Winner:  Jim Hugget – Florissant, Missouri – Dragster

Runner Up:  Ken Jones – Walnut Hill, Illinois – Dragster

Chevy vs. World:

Winner: Corey Landolt – Hermann, Missouri – Dragster

Runner-up: Mike Shanks – Union, Missouri – ’76 Camaro

Jr. Dragster: 

Winner:  Keith Kramer – St. Peters, Missouri

Runner-Up:  Nicholas Moten – St. Louis, Missouri


Corvette Trophy – Dale Hillman -Belleville, IL –  2011 ZR1

Camaro Trophy – Ben Nungester – Arnold, MO – 69 Camaro

Truck Trophy – Terrell Barnett – Mexico, MO – ’92 Chevy Truck

Stick Shift – Kenneth Sanders – St. Louis, MO

EFI – Jason Thomas Herman, MO


Class winners:
Big Car- Stock- 48-89- Mick Price (62 Chevy Belair) Atwood, IL
Big Car- Stock 90 & newer-Charles & Norma Hinkle (96 Chevy Impala SS) Auburn, IL
Big Car- Street 90 & newer- Unie Campbell (96 Chevy Impala SS) Evansville, IN
Big Car-Modified- 90 & newer- Joe Lewis (04 Pontiac Bonneville) St. Louis, MO
Camaro-Stock-67-69- Rich Nielsen (69 Chevy Camaro) St. Louis, MO
Camaro-Street-67-69-Linda Driy (68 Chevy Camaro) Manchester, MO
Camaro-Modified-67-69-Scott Driy (67 Chevy Camaro) Manchester, MO
Camaro-Street-70-81-Charles Brisco (79 Chevy Z28 Camaro) Madison, TN
Camaro-Modified-70-81-Paul Gragg (71 Chevy Camaro) Defiance, MO
Camaro-Modified-82-92-Bob Potter (87 Chevy Camaro) Monmonth, IL
Chevelle-Modified-68 or newer-Jeff Richardson (70 Chevy Chevelle) Monroe City, MO
Chevelle-Modified-64-67-Jason Bass (67 Chevy Chevelle) St. Clair, MO
Camaro-Stock-93-02-Nate Heltne (02 Chevy Camaro) O’Fallon, IL
Camaro-Street-93-02-Matt Becker (95 Chevy Camaro) Highland, IL
Camaro-Stock-2010-Alan Ball (2010 Chevy Camaro) Decatur, IL
Camaro-Street-2010 & newer-Eric Taylor (2011 Chevy Camaro) Mahomet, IL
Camaro-Modified-2010 & newer-Johnny Matney (2012 Chevy Camaro) Chicago, IL
Chevelle-Street-64-67-Mike & Connie Tate (66 Chevy Chevelle) Newton, IL
Chevelle-Modified-68 or newer-Stacey Herman (69 Chevy Chevelle) High Ridge, MO
Corvette-Stock-53-67-John Jaskot (65 Chevy Corvette) Collinsville, IL
Corvette-Street-53-67-Dan Garner (61 Chevy Corvette) Godfrey, IL
Corvette-Modified-53-67-Steve Pittalaga (60 Chevy Corvette)
Corvette-Stock-68-82-John Jaskot (68 Chevy Corvette) Collinsville, IL
Corvette-Street-68-82-Don Dace (77 Chevy Corvette) Fenton, MO
Corvette-Stock-84-96-Leon Hill (88 Chevy Corvette) St. Peters, MO
Corvette-Stock-2005 & newer-Charles Brisco (2014 Chevy Corvette) Madison, TN
Corvette-Street-2005 & newer-Larry Snelling (2008 Chevey Corvette) Quincy, IL
Corvette-Modified-2005 & newer-Vic Morris (2015 Chevy Corvette) Miustaot, IL
Conversion-All-Mike Weber (1939 Plymouth Road King) St. Charles, MO
Early Chevrolet-1900-1948-Curtis Brooks (34 Chevy Coupe) St Peters, MO
El Camino-All years-Pete Simpson (70 Chevy El Camino) Monongahela, PA
Chevrolet-Street-55-56-57-Dale Helpingstine (57 Chevy 2dr hard top) Salem, IL
Chevrolet-Modified-55-56-57-Karmy Schone (57 Chevy 150 Sedan) Chapin, IL
Nova-Street-62-67-Greg Woodrun (64 Chevy Nova SS) Macomb, IL
Nova-Modified-62-67-John Jaskot (62 Chevy Nova) Collinsville, IL
Nova-Stock-68 or newer-Paul King (69 Chevy Nova) Heyworth, IL
Nova-Street-68 & newer-Keith Flood (70 Chevy Nova SS) St. Charles, MO
Nova-Modified-68 & newer-Brett Hunter (70 Chevy Nova) Edina, MO
Open all GM products-stock-Chris Cheatham (08 Chevy Cobalt LT) Belleville, IL
Open all GM products-modified-Holly Washausen (1939 Cadillac Coupe) Waterloo, IL
LSX-All LSX powered vehicles-Michael Antoine Jr (70 Chevy Nova) Jerseyville, IL
Pro Street-All years-Jeff & Kelly Dixon (85 Chevy Monte Carlo) Medora, IL
Truck-49-72-All pickups-Amy Ewalt (69 Chevy C-10) Cuba, IL
Truck-73-87-All pickups-Matt Lewis (87 GMC S-15) Jonesburg, MO
Truck-88 or newer-all pickups-Bob Potter (2015 Chevy Silverado Z-71) Monmouth, IL
Sport Utility Vehicle full & mini-Les Schwenk-(87 Chevy S-10 Blazer-2wd) Bridgeton, MO
Young guys/young gals-Aaliyah Wease (78 Chevy Camaro-Z28) Noble, IL
Monte Carlo all-Stock-Brian Wibbenmeyer (88 Chevy Monte Carlo) Bloomsdale, MO
Monte Carlo-all-Street-Kyle Wibbenmeyer (88 Chevy Monte Carlo) Maryland Heights, MO
Monte Carlo-all-Modified-Rick & Deb McKee (87 Chevy Monte Carlo) Brighton, IL
Outstanding & Best of Class awards:
Outstanding Workmanship-Scott Driy-(67 Chevy Camaro) Manchester, MO
Outstanding Modified-Holly Washausen-(39 Chevy Cadillac Coupe) Waterloo, IL
Outstanding Stock Street-David & Kim Stief (69 Chevy Camaro) Smithboro, IL
Outstanding engine-Darryl & Amy Mullens (63 Chevy Nova) Freeport, IL
Outstanding interior-Bruce Haege (68 Chevy Suburban) Belleville, IL
Outstanding paint-Mike & Connie Tate (66 Chevy Chevelle) Newton, IL
Outstanding engineered-Darryl & Amy Mullens (63 Chevy Nova) Freeport, IL
Best truck-Mike Antoine SR (55 Chevy truck) Elsah, IL
Best LSX powered-Johnny Matney (2012 Chevy Camaro) Chicago, IL
Best Open-Holly Washausen (1939 Cadillac Coupe) Waterloo, IL
Best Monte Carlo-Rick & Deb McKee (87 Chevy Monte Carlo) Brighton, IL
Best Nova -Brett Hunter (70 Chevy Nova) Edina, MO
Best El Camino-Pete Simpson (70 Chevy El Camino) Monongahela, PA
Best Pro Street-Jeff & Kelly Dixon (85 Chevy Monte Carlo) Medora, IL
Best Conversion-Mike Weber (39 Plymouth Road King) St. Charles, MO
Best Early Chevrolet-Doug Rees (66 Impala SS) Desoto, MO
Best 55-56-57-Brett Cygan (56 Chevy 2 dr sedan) Highland, IL
Best Corvette-Dan Garner (61 Chevy Corvette) Godfrey, IL
Best Chevelle-Mike & Connie Tate (66 Chevy Chevelle) Newton, IL
Best Camaro-Doug Olson (68 Chevy Camaro) High Ridge, MO
Best Big Car-Harold & Jan Watkins (57 Chevy Nomad red & white Bel-air) Cottage Hills, IL
Best of show- Darryl & Amy Mullens (63 Chevy Nova) Freeport, IL



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