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Chevrolet enthusiasts enjoyed a full slate of drag racing, show cars on display, and got to visit the swap meet and vendor midway areas during this year’s Super Chevy Show at Rockingham Dragway yesterday and guess what, the activities for the event continue Sunday the 21st, with great weather forecast for the day.

Ed Hoover was the provisional #1 qualifier in Pro Mod, while Chip Johnson of Fayetteville, NC won the Top Eliminator Class, and Kyle Oliver from Godwin, NC won the popular Footbrake class.   Tom Johnson from Newport News, VA took home the special CNC cut trophy from for the 5th Gen Challenge at Rockingham on Saturday, while Noah Johnson from Fayetteville won the Jr. Dragster class.

The Editor and Associate Editors of Super Chevy Magazine, Jim Campisano and Patrick Hill, were both on had to select the Editor’s Choice Awards  which went to Michael Walters, Tom Ball, Lloyd Tisdale, Steve Geer, Tommy Lumley, Time Bailey, Haywood Carpenter, Randy Prince, Tom Johnson, and Dean Phillips for their drag race entries.

RFC Chaplain, Ken Owen, received one of ten Editor’s Choice Show Car awards, along with Morris Johnson Jr., McRoy Smith, Tim DeGrauwe, Jeff Smith, Kenny Tibbs, Gerald Copeland, John Williams, William Miller, and Wayne Frazier.

Car Show plaques were also handed out for the Specialty Award categories of Outstanding Engineered entry going to Delton Hubbard; Outstanding Paint – Tyler Marers; Outstanding Interior – Don Adams; Outstanding Stock entry – Jerry Dennis;  Outstanding Street entry – Flip Bost; Outstanding Modified entry – Jerry Bass, Outstanding Workmanship – Billy Moore; ISCA Award winner – David Maxwell; and the Outstanding  Engine award went to Herbert Wright.

Rockingham Dragway annually hosts the final event of the Super Chevy Show season, and is a part of the Manufacturers Series which also includes Fun Ford Weekend and Mega Mopar Action series events.   Sunday activities at Rockingham include drag racing eliminator classes, full car show class awards, as well as swap meet and midway vendor areas.



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Last month, we had a great time north of the border at the Super Chevy Show at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Canada. Lots of cool Bowites including the some unique Chevy nameplates you only see in the Great White North. Here are your show winners who proudly displayed their awesome rides.


Jess Destrosiers, Lethridge, AB, Canada, ’69 Nova

Neil Tomyn, Airdrie, AC, Canada, ’68 GMC

Steve Payne, Edmonton, AB, Canada ’89 IROC-2

Rick Pehrsson, Edmonton, AB, Canada, ’55 Del Ray

Kelly Bihun, Edmonton, AB, Canada, ’70 Impala

Andy Grzesiak, Edmonton, AB, Canada, ’66 Nova SS

Mark Howerton, Stony Plain, AB, Canada

Avenesh & Akash Chand, Edmonton, AB, Canada, ’86 Mote Carlo

Kelly and Trevor Ritchie, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada, ’69 Camaro

Tom Hollinshead, Edmonton, AB, Canada, ’66 Corvette

CAMARO: 1967-69

STOCK Outstanding: Eldon Wurban, Calmar, AB, Canada

STOCK Outstanding: Rudy Froese, Fort Sack, AB, Canada

STOCK Winner: Doug Hansen, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Kelly and Trevor Ritchie, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Outstanding: Rudy Froese, Fort Sack, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Outstanding: Paulette Hyshka, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Dwayne Klippert, Calgary, AB, Canada

CAMARO: 1970-81

STREET Outstanding: Dean and Brenda Watts, Red Deer, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Phil Heindey, Edmonton, AB, Canada

CAMARO: 1982-1992

MODIFIRD Winner: Steve Payne, Edmonton, AB, Canada


STREET Outstanding: Kyle Dickson, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Dean and Brenda Watts, Red Deer, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Derek Cripps, Edmonton, AB, Canada


MODIFIRED Winner: Dave Cuthill, Sherwood, AB, Canada


STREET Outstanding: Mark Howerton, Stony Plain, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Kim Gough, Monmouth, IL

TRUCK: 1949-1972

MODIFIED Outstanding: Sandy McLaren, Ardrossan, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Neil Tomyn, Airdrie, AB, Canada


STOCK Winner: Peter Seibel, Edmonton, AB, Canada

STREET Outstanding: John and Jeanne Koster, St. Albert, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Steve Payne, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Gord Satermon, Fallis, AB, Canada

NOVA: 1962-67

STOCK Outstanding:  John Pearson, St. Albert, AB, Canada

STOCK Winner: Abe and Janice Wieler, Woyeminster, AB, Canada

STREET Outstanding: Darren Dahlseide, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

STREET Outstanding: Gary Pinkham, Androssan, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Andy Grzesiak, Edmonton, AB, Canada

STREET Outstanding: Rod McKay, Edmonton, AB, Canada

STREET Outstanding: Bob Riley, Clunny, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Grant Reierson, Edmonton, AB, Canada

NOVA: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner: Jess Desrosiers, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: Eric Firty , St. Albert, AB, Canada

EARLY CHEVY: 1936-1938

Winner: Richard Sjolie, Haylakes, AB, CANADA


Outstanding: Ron Stennes, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Winner: Al and Rhonda Beggs, Edmonton, AB, Canada


WINNER: Henery Lipka, Edmonton, AB, Canada


MODIFIED Winner: Guy Hanak, Camrose, AB, Canada

CHEVY: 1955-57

STREET Winner: Rick Pehrsson, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Phil Heindeh, Edmonton, AB, Canada

BIG CAR: 1949-54

MODIFIED Winner: Gary Flood, Fort Saskatchewan, SK, Canada

BIG CAR 1958-89

STREET Winner: Don Riley, Sherwood Parks, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Outstanding: Tony Dielanex, Sherwood Parks, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Kelly Bihun, Edmonton, AB, Canada

CHEVELLE: 1964- 67

STREET Outstanding: Mark Stubbinson, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

STREET Outstanding: Tom Padgem, Edmonton, AB, Canada

STREET Winner:  David Cathill, Sherwood, AB, Canada

CHEVELLE: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner: Mike Hobbs, Edmonton, AB, Canada

STREET Winner: George Ziwani, Chestermere, AB, Canada


MODIFIED Winner: Brad Telford, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada


MODIFIED Winner: Avenesh & Skash Champ, Edmonton, AB, Canada

CORVETTE: 1953 – 67

STREET Winner: Tom Hollinshead, Edmonton, AB, Canada

CORVETTE: 1968-1982

STREET Winner: Bruce Eastwood, Edmonton, AB, Canada


STREET Winner: BJ Rivald, Edmonton, AB, Canada


MODIFIED Outstanding:  Dale Cripps, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Outstanding: Gary Richardson, Edmonton, AB, Canada

MODIFIED Winner: Rhonda & Al Beggs, Edmonton, AB, Canada


MODIFIED Winner:  Lorne Solovien, Edmonton, AB, Canada


Best Big Car: Kelly Bihun, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Camaro: Rudy Froese, Fort Sack, AB, Canada

Best Chevelle: Fe and Mike Hobbs, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Corvette: Tom Hollinshead, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Conversion: Rhonda and Al Beggs, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Open: BK Rivals, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Early Chevy: Al and Rhonda Beggs, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best El Camino: Brad Telford, Sherwood Parks, AB, Canada

Best 55, 56, 57: Phil Heindel, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Monte Carlo: Avenesh-Akash Champ, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best Nova: Jess Desrosiers, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Best Pro Street/Engineered: Dave Cuthill, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

Best Truck: Neil Tomyn, Aidie, AB, Canada

Award of Excellence: Lorne Solovien, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Best of Show: Dwayne Klippert, Albany, AB, Canada






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John Force has driven more than 30 drag racing Funny Cars in a career spanning four decades, everything from Chevrolets to Pontiacs to Oldsmobiles to Fords.  In largely the same time frame, Charles Carpenter has driven only one – an iconic 1955 Chevy Bel Air in which he will try to win this week’s Extreme Outlaw Pro Modified title during the annual Super Chevy Show at Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway.

The three-day extravaganza celebrating all things Chevrolet is presented by Chevrolet Performance and Richmond County Tourism and will include a car show, swap meet and vendor midway as well as a full complement of racing events including GM-only ET bracket races on both Saturday and Sunday.

The highlight, though, will be Carpenter’s pursuit of a title in competition with some of the top cars and drivers in the Extreme Outlaw Pro Modified series including former IHRA Pro Modified champion Tommy Mauney of Shelby, S.C., and Kernersville’s Doug Winters, whose supercharged 1957 Bel Air has a Carolina following of its own.

While Carpenter and Force both are icons of the sport – Force in an NHRA Funny Car division over which he has reigned 15 times and Carpenter in a Pro Mod category he actually had a hand in creating, they share much more than just their longevity. In fact, both survived crashes that would have chased lesser men out of the sport.  Ironically, Force suffered his most serious injuries in a 2007 crash in Dallas, Texas; Carpenter in Houston, Texas.

The man who’s been called “the Father of Pro Mod” racing suffered a fractured vertebrae, among other injuries, when his car veered out of control and climbed the guardwall, sliding down it on two wheels in March, 2009.  Like Force, he never thought about not coming back.

Instead, he focused on making the latest incarnation of this popular ‘55 safer.  The fact that it also was quicker and faster is beside the point.  Using carbon fiber and titanium and an 864 cubic inch Chevy engine with a four-stage nitrous oxide system, Carpenter recently covered the eighth mile course, from a standing start, in career best 3.92 seconds. That’s the kind of performance that produceed a pair of Pro Nitrous victories in the American Drag Racing League, one at Norwalk, Ohio, and the other, ironically, at Houston.

A Chevy purist, Carpenter never has driven anything other than an ‘55 – at least not on the racetrack.  At age 14, he started racing in a ‘55 model he bought from his brother and was a top sportsman racer until the late ‘70s when smaller, more aerodynamic models like the Vega and Monza began to dominate.

“It got to where my car was almost not competitive,” Carpenter recalled, “and then they allowed us to use nitrous oxide.  That was in the early ‘80s and when we started using the nitrous, it suddenly caught me up with the smaller, more aerodynamic cars.  Then the media picked up on it.  They loved that a ‘shoebox,’ a big, boxy car, was out there racing with these sleek little aerodynamic cars.”

Carpenter’s success was the first step in the creation of a Pro Mod class that featured quick, fast cars in packages that were unexpected – 1955 and 1957 Bel Airs, 1968 and 1969 Camaros and 1963 Corvettes.

In addition to winning the overall Super Chevy Series title in 1988 and 1989 (and earning runner-up honors the next two years). Carpenter was the United States Super Circuit champ in 1992 and he remains viable today in a joint effort with son Mike, the art director for Drag Illustrated Magazine, who doubles as crew chief and PR director on his dad’s nostalgic “shoebox.”

“I think I am a lucky man,” Carpenter said of the accident.  “The part that bothered me the most was my son standing there watching it.  He and I have had this conversation, if he was in that car, I can’t image what I would be thinking. “By the same token, it’s a testimonial to what we do,” said the North Carolinian.  “I have preached this for 30-plus years: if you wear your safety equipment and you stay in the car and the car stays within the confines of the race track, you walk away (more than 90) percent of the time.”

A special 12 noon-to-7 p.m. test-and-tune for Super Chevy Show contestants will begin the program on Friday.  Saturday’s pro qualifying at 12 noon, 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. will share center stage with GM-only Pro ET and Footbrake races and the first of two Junior Drag Racing events.

On Sunday, Pro ET drivers will compete for a $3,000 top prize in a event starting at 10:30 a.m.  Champions also will be crowned in Footbrake, Junior Dragster, DOT Street and Real Street.  For the Pro Mods, “last chance” qualifying will be conducted at 11 a.m. Sunday with single elimination finals beginning at 12:30 p.m.

General admission tickets for the Super Chevy Show are $20 daily or $35 for a weekend pass which includes Friday.  Tickets for those 6-12 are $5 daily or $10 for the weekend, including Friday. For more information, go to



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