Super Chevy Show – Tucson Event Details

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Super Chevy Show at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson  

Southwestern International Raceway (SWIR) is gearing up to host the Super Chevy Show on May 2 – 3. As the third stop on the 12-event series, the show will feature high-powered racing excitement and spectacular show cars, along with the nation’s finest performance and restoration midway.


Saturday, May 2

Gates Open 9 a.m.

Time Trials and Car Show Judging begin at 10 a.m.

Gamblers Eliminations 1 p.m.

Car Show Awards 3 p.m.

Sunday, May 3

Gates Open 9 a.m.

Time Trials and Car Show Judging begin at 10 a.m.

Bracket Eliminations 1 p.m.

Car Show Awards 3 p.m.

Car Show Entry Fees

Weekend: Judged Open/Final $50.00 Car & Driver

Sat. Only: Judged Open $30.00 Car & Driver

Sun. Only: Judged Final $30.00 Car & Driver

Drag Race Entry Fees Weekend: Box/No Box $100.00 Car & Driver Sun. Only: Box/No Box $100.00 Car & Driver

Weekend: Street ET $50.00 Car & Driver Sun. Only: Street ET $25.00 Car & Driver

Buy Backs Box/No Box – 1st round buy back $40.00 Street ET -1st round buy back $10.00

Spec/Crew Weekend: $35.00 Sun. Only: $20.00

Drag Race Purse Payouts – BOX (Sunday) $1000.00 1st – Box $400.00 2nd – Box $150.00 Semi’s based on 16+ Cars $ 75.00 1Z4 based on 20+ Cars

Drag Race Purse Payouts – NO BOX (Sunday) $1000.00 1st – Box $400.00 2nd – Box $150.00 Semi’s based on 16+ Cars $ 75.00 1Ž4 based on 20+ Cars

Drag Race Purse Payouts – STREET (Sunday)

1st Trophy2nd Trophy

Swap Meet

Weekend: $50.00


Call for pricing  (520) 762-9700

For a complete schedule of events and pricing CLICK THIS LINK > SWIR_SCS_Info_Final


2015 Super Chevy Show Results – Palm Beach Int’l Raceway

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2015 Super Chevy Show Results – Palm Beach Int’l Raceway


BRACKET 1        
WINNER: JP Hickmon, Sarasota FL 0.001 7.58 7.888 134.73
RUNNER UP: Randy Weber, Loxahatchee FL 0.000 7.81 10.425 81.66
WINNER: Brandon James, Loxahatchee FL 0.060 11.34 11.336 118.51
RUNNER UP: Steve Dweck, Hollywood FL -0.030 9.66 20.762 52.45
WINNER: Harry Morgan, Blackshear GA 0.117 17.27 17.212 73.75
RUNNER UP: Fred Rowntree, Parrish FL -0.160 10.39 10.406 125.37
WINNER: Julian Puya, Pompano Beach FL 0.030 8.70 8.974 73.24
RUNNER UP: Ariana Foster, Jupiter FL -0.001 7.90 7.902 80.40


WINNER: Steve Dweck, Hollywood FL 0.043 7.62 7.621 174.59
RUNNER UP: David Hoxie, Jupiter FL 0.049 7.55 7.537 173.81
WINNER: Ryan Moore, Merritt Isle FL 0.033 11.23 12.089 81.77
RUNNER UP: Larry Doty, Margate FL BROKE
WINNER: Myron Platek, Holly Hill FL 0.023 11.36 11.389 103.40
RUNNER UP: Carl Wright, Oviedi FL 0.092 14.06 14.106 91.31
WINNER: Camryn Fredrickson, Palm Harbor FL 0.039 8.90 8.984 73.33
RUNNER UP: Gage Burch, Palmetto FL 0.027 8.90 9.076 63.77 Platinum Award Winner – Brandon James, Loxahatchee FL



SATURDAY SPECIALTY AWARDS Crank it with the CopperTop Award
Steve Wooster, Lake Worth FL 1955 Truck
OPGI Original Award
Mike Merlo, Boca Raton FL 1969 Chevelle SS Restored Award
Norman Goodman, Lake Worth FL 1973 Corvette
Jim Migliomico 2014 Camaro RS LT1
Bill Coffey 1970 Chevelle SS 454
Eugene Reidy 1962 Corvette
Brian Allen 2005 SSR
Eugene Selby 1967 Impala
Connie Childers 1934 Ford Coupe
Glen Travers 1970 El Camino
Jay Bernard 1969 El Camino SS 396
George Trohalides 2014 Corvette Stingray
Joseph Raia 2009 Cadillac XLR-V
Minties Top Dog – Robert Verret 1967 Nova
Outstanding Engineered – Mike Moon 2015 Monster Truck
Outstanding Paint – Karl Harriger 1973 Camaro
Outstanding Interior – Mike Larrabee 1970 Nova
Outstanding Engine – Dan Caggiani 1964 Corvette
Outstanding Stock – Evan Stone 1964 Impala
Outstanding Street – Dave Shugard 1964 Chevelle Malibu
Outstanding Modified – Ed Howell 1969 Chevelle
Outstanding Workmanship Heith Steine 1967 Chevelle
Club Participation – National El Camino Owners Assoc.



BIG CAR 1949 – 1954
MODIFIED WINNER: Rick & Judi Bowers 1954 Bel Air
BIG CAR 1958 – 1989
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Warren Aplin 1975 Caprice Convertible
STOCK WINNER: Evan Stone 1964 Impala
STREET OUTSTANDING: Bob Binnix 1962 Biscayne
STREET WINNER: Eugene Selby 1967 Impala
STOCK OUTSTANDING: John Williamson 1996 Impala
STOCK WINNER: Kelly Mock 1996 Impala
STREET WINNER: Nickki Munneke 1996 Caprice
MODIFIED WINNER: Nikki Munneke 1996 Impala
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Sharon Crandal 2014 Chevy SS
STOCK WINNER: George & Debbie DeAngelis 2014 Chevy SS
CAMARO 1967 – 1969
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Craig Kelley 1968 Camaro
STOCK WINNER: Jack Hunter 1969 Camaro
CAMARO 1967 – 1969 SS ONLY
STREET OUTSTANDING: Marc Cots 1968 Camaro SS
STREET WINNER: Chris Steers 1969 Camaro SS
CAMARO 1967 – 1969 Z-28 ONLY
STREET OUTSTANDING: Alex Jozefyk 1969 Camaro Z-28
STREET WINNER: Nathan Miskulin 1969 Camaro Z-28
CAMARO 1970 – 1981
STOCK WINNER: Jeff Desilets 1972 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Rick Brown 1972 Camaro
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Paul & Diana DeLucia 1974 Camaro
MODIFIED WINNER: Mike Mangone 1978 Camaro
CAMARO 1982 – 1992
STREET WINNER: Ronnie Baker 1985 Camaro
CAMARO 1993 – 2002
STREET OUTSTANDING: Dave Harris 1995 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Raul & Sebastian Rivas 1999 Camaro SS
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Dan Rowlands 2014 Camaro
STOCK WINNER: Bonnie & Scott Bresalier 2013 Camaro
MODIFIED WINNER: Alfred Lozano 2011 Camaro
STREET OUTSTANDING: Frank Conrad 2010 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Charles Johnson 2010 Camaro
STREET OUTSTANDING: Mike Lavietes 2013 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Stephen Vigoa 2013 Camaro
STREET OUTSTANDING: Wesslee Gilpin 2014 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Xavier Hidalgo 2014 Camaro
CHEVELLE 1964 – 1967
STREET WINNER: Dave Shugard 1964 Chevelle Malibu
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Tom Parker 1971 Chevelle
STOCK WINNER: Mike Merlo 1969 Chevelle SS
STREET OUTSTANDING: Tom Stankus 1969 Chevelle
STREET WINNER: Bill Coffey 1970 Chevelle SS 454
MODIFIED WINNER: Joseph Mantione 1969 Chevelle
CORVETTE 1953 – 1967
MODIFIED WINNER: Dan Caggiani 1964 Corvette
CORVETTE 1958 – 1967
STOCK WINNER: Charles Bailey 1967 Corvette
CORVETTE 1968 – 1982
STREET OUTSTANDING: Eric Rubin 1980 Corvette
STREET WINNER: Randy Wilkinson 1973 Corvette
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Norman Goodman 1973 Corvette
MODIFIED WINNER: Rick Peterman 1970 Corvette
CORVETTE 1997 – 2004
STOCK WINNER: Sherry Shive 2003 Corvette
STREET WINNER: Charles Ruggiero 2003 Corvette
MODIFIED WINNER: Winston Heverly 2002 Corvette
STOCK WINNER: Bryan & Mary Cross 2011 Corvette
STREET OUTSTANDING: Matthew Gelling 2007 Corvette
STREET WINNER: George Trohalides 2014 Corvette
MODIFIED WINNER: Ray Bergman 2006 Corvette
OUTSTANDING: Neal Edelstein 1969 Camaro Z-28
WINNER: Harris Schulman 1966 Chevy II
WINNER: Robert Verret 1967 Nova
EL CAMINO 1959 – 1979
STOCK WINNER: Rudy Wichman 1970 El Camino
STREET WINNER: Jay Bernard 1959 El Camino
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Michael Cardillo 1968 El Camino
MODIFIED WINNER: Glenn Travers 1970 El Camino
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Scott Herrington 1981 El Camino
STOCK WINNER: Robert Wipperman 1985 El Camino
STREET OUTSTANDING: Louis Torusio 1987 El Camino
STREET WINNER: Joshua Hanna 1986 El Camino
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Eddie Lang 1987 El Camino
MODIFIED WINNER: Matt Creager 1985 El Camino
NOVA 1962 – 1967
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Rich Parsons 1965 Nova
MODIFIED WINNER: Mike Hines 1964 Nova
STREET WINNER: David Rush 1977 Nova
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Mike Larrabee 1970 Nova
MODIFIED WINNER: Paul Smith 1973 Nova
MODIFIED WINNER: Andrew Cefalo 1972 Monte Carlo
STOCK WINNER: Larry Valdes 1987 Monte Carlo
STREET OUTSTANDING: Cory Surface 1982 Monte Carlo
STREET WINNER: Polly Daugherty 1987 Monte Carlo SS
MODIFIED WINNER: Kimberly Richard 1987 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe
TRUCK 1949 – 1972
STREET WINNER: Steve Wooster 1955 Truck
MODIFIED WINNER: Wyatt Reynolds 1972 C10
TRUCK 1973 – 1987
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Ronald Laubenheimer 1985 C10
MODIFIED WINNER: Joe Betanzos 1987 R10 Silverado
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Matt & Claudia Perlman 2005 1500
MODIFIED WINNER: George Trohalides 2006 Hummer
Rich Schulz 1957 Chevy
Jim Campbell 1972 Corvette
YOUNG STAR – Elijah Reyes 1985 Monte Carlo
BEST BIG CAR – Eugene Selby 1967 Impala Convertible
BEST CAMARO – Jack Hunter 1969 Camaro
BEST CHEVELLE – Michael Merlo 1969 Chevelle
BEST CORVETTE – Rick Peterman 1970 Corvette
BEST 55-56-57 – Larry Hays 1955 Nomad
BEST EARLY CHEVY –  Edward Calabrillo 1936 Chevy
BEST CONVERSION – Brian Griffith 1983 Malibu Wagon
BEST PRO STREET / PRO ENGINEERED – Robert Verret 1967 Nova
BEST EL CAMINO – Jay Bernard 1969 El Camino
BEST NOVA – Paul Smith 1973 Nova
BEST MONTE CARLO – Andrew Cefalo 1972 Monte Carlo
BEST OPEN – John Sneep 1966 Excaliber
BEST TRUCK – Mike Moon 2015 Monster Truck
BEST OF SHOW – Jim Campbell 1972 Corvette

Three Ways Your Ride Can be a Featured Segment on the Super Chevy Show TV Series

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Three Ways Your Ride Can be a Featured Segment on the Super Chevy Show TV Series

 WACO, Texas (February 20, 2015) – Fans of the Super Chevy Show have three opportunities for their cars to be featured on an episode of the new Super Chevy Show television series that will begin airing October 2015. Each episode will feature three segments as well as on-site recognition at the car show awards ceremonies and a special display area, sponsored by Duracell Automotive Batteries, Original Parts Group (OPGI) and

“Every car has a story, and the Super Chevy Show wants to hear and share those stories with you, our fans. We want to know what makes your car special, whether it was handed down generations and restored back to its original glory, previously owned by a celebrity or anything else you think is interesting, we want to know about it,” said Lex Dudas, President of SCSW, LLC, owners of the Super Chevy Show series.

We are excited that our long-time sponsors feel the same way, giving us the ability to provide a great opportunity like this for our fans, and ultimately reward three participants at each event with a feature spot on television.”

As the Official Battery of the Super Chevy Show for the fifth consecutive year, Duracell Automotive Batteries is sponsoring the Crank it with the CopperTop Award open to all vehicles eligible to participate in the Super Chevy Show. The award recipient will not only receive special recognition during the car show awards ceremony and the coveted feature segment on the selected event’s television episode, but they will also receive a free Duracell automotive battery and space as the feature attraction in Duracell’s midway display.

“Duracell is proud to be the official automotive battery of the Super Chevy Show. We look forward each year to bringing one of the most trusted battery brands to the world’s greatest Chevy enthusiasts. We are also excited to be a part of the Crank it with the CopperTop Award, and offer high profile opportunities for some very special works of art,” said Duracell Automotive Batteries Marketing Manager, Peter Flemming.

With the largest selection of Chevelle restoration parts in the world, Original Parts Group is giving Chevelle owners or a local Chevelle car club of owners an opportunity for their rides to shine on national television with the OPGI Original Award. Recipients will also receive special recognition at the car show awards ceremony and special display parking in the car show area.

“Here at OPGI, we are proud of our long-standing participation in the premier national event for millions of Chevrolet enthusiasts. With the OPGI Original Award and the Super Chevy Show television series, we can interact with our customers like never before by providing an opportunity to spotlight local Chevelle owners and clubs on a national level,” said OPGI Chief Operating Officer, Tony Genty.

Auto and body parts retailer for all makes, models and years; is presenting a Restored Award at each of the 12 Super Chevy Show events in 2015, to a select vehicle built with any parts purchased from Recipients will receive a 2:00 minute segment on the Super Chevy Show television series, recognition at the car show awards ceremony and special display parking in the car show area.

“At, we enjoy helping our customers maintain, repair and restore both their classic cars and daily drivers. The televised Restored Award, will be a fun new way for us to recognize and celebrate customers’ cars at Super Chevy Show events in 2015,” said Marketing Manager, Jessa Torvik.

To be considered for the Duracell Crank it with the CopperTop Award, OPGI Original Award, or Restored Award, eligible Chevy owners are required to submit an online application in advance in accordance with the official rules stated on each entry form page, located at Winners will be contacted in advance and are required to attend the selected event, no exceptions.


About Duracell Automotive Batteries
Duracell Automotive Batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing Co., a leader in manufacturing batteries and accessories for the automotive, commercial, marine, power sports, motive power, telecommunications, and UPS markets. The company’s quality and environmental systems for its entire 520-acre complex, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, have been certified to ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ISO 14001:2004 requirements. Visit for more product information.

About Original Parts Group Inc.
Original Parts Group is the largest automotive restoration parts company in the United States. Original Parts Group has over 85,000 classic GM restoration parts and high performance accessories. They have the largest selection of Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, GTO, Le Mans, Tempest, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina, Cutlass, 4-4-2, Skylark, GS, Riviera and Cadillac classic parts in the world. Dedication to research and development, product excellence, and outstanding customer service has helped build the business into what it is today. Visit their web page at:

RockAuto, LLC was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1999 by the Taylor family. Their engineering background, passion for old cars, and desire to liberate information hidden behind the auto parts store counter led the Taylors to start Over the years, the company and its selection of parts have steadily grown. Millions of parts orders have been successfully delivered to RockAuto customers. Today, RockAuto ships auto parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers on every continent except Antarctica-including APO/FPO addresses. The catalog is updated daily with mechanical parts like brake pads and shock absorbers, body parts like bumpers and mirrors, interior trim like door handles and carpets, and major assemblies like steering gears, CV axles, and complete transmissions. There are no mechanics on staff (RockAuto is a store, not a repair shop) but service manuals are available to help customers learn how to perform a repair. The catalog is expanding constantly. Someday, it may be possible to build an entire car using parts from RockAuto!

About Super Chevy Show
The Super Chevy Show  series, owned by SCSW, LLC, is the premier national event for all Chevrolet enthusiasts offering something for everyone. From high-powered Chevy racing action to the spectacular show cars at the top NHRA and IHRA tracks across the country. The Series boasts one of the nation’s finest Performance & Restoration Midways for GM products, as well as a Swap Meet and Car Corral at most events. Kids are always welcome to take part in the free Revell Make ‘N Take activity each day to build their own model car to keep. The Super Chevy Show is widely considered the best brand-specific event in the country. For more information, visit:


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MEDIA CONTACT: Sara Griewing


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