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The Super Chevy Show event at Bristol Dragway will be one week earlier than originally planned, and will now be September 18 – 20 2015.




Did You Know: 10 Chevrolet Camaro Fun Facts

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Did You Know: 10 Chevrolet Camaro Fun Facts, by TheBlock.com

Let’s face it; if you’re here today reading this, much like us, it’s more than likely you’re a Camaro fan. From casual to die-hard, first gens to fifth gens – we know that our BLOCK readers run the gamut of fandom. The BLOCK Crew, of course, is in the latter camp. We love them all: From the new Z/28 to the rare, hard-to-find classics and beyond. And, as such big fans, we’ve covered quite a few special Camaros here.

In the course of our travels, we’ve met some Camaro enthusiasts that simply blow us away. Folks that probably know more about this American icon than they do about certain family members. We are so serious! To that end, we wondered aloud, “is it possible to be completely encyclopedic when it comes to the world of Camaro?”

Our thoughts immediately shifted to good friend and esteemed Camaro collector and historian, George Lyons. He would definitely be our nominee. However, we realize most people don’t have direct access to someone of George’s vast knowledge and dedication.

So, we thought it would be fun to dig up some nuggets that you may or may not know about the Camaro. For these, we dove into one of our favorite books, The Complete Book of Camaro: Every Model Since 1967 (click to go to the Motor Books website), by David Newhardt.

You can check out the book here, but first, scroll down to see if you know the following Camaro trivia tidbits! And, be sure to let us know if you have some of your own in the comments section!


Did You Know?

1.) The first Camaros shared a chassis with the classic Chevy Nova.

2.) When the vehicle that became known as the Camaro was in development it was known within General Motors as “The Panther”.

3.) Total sales of the Camaro in 1969 reached 243,085. A stunning number for a car only on the market less than three years at that point.

4.) Late in the ’69 model year, the Camaro received a special powerplant: the historic, aluminum block ZL1 engine.

5.) The base 1970 Camaro cost $2,749.

6.) There was only one Z/28 built for the 1975 model year.

7.) In 1982, the all-new third gen Camaro paced the Indianapolis 500.

8.) When Chevrolet returned the Camaro SS model to the market in 1996, it had been “off the radar” for 24 years.

9.) More than five thousand welds went into the fifth gen 2010 Camaro SS.

10.) The modern-day iteration of the Camaro ZL1 engine trumps its original, historic predecessor by a whopping 125 horsepower!


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KANSAS CITY, Mo., (October 1, 2014) – Comprised of the premier national Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar branded competitive automotive events, the Manufacturers Series welcomes Tucson’s Southwestern International Raceway (SWIR) as the latest host track to join the Series schedule in 2015. The 110-acre drag racing facility located at the Pima County Fairgrounds will feature a spectacular car show, lightning-fast drag racing, manufacturers’ midway and swap meet for each of the “Big Three” American brands.

“Southwest International Raceway is proud to join the Manufacturers Series and we are looking forward to bringing the historic and popular Chevrolet event back to the state of Arizona after a long three-year absence. We are also excited to bring the national Fun Ford and Mega Mopar events to the state for the first time, giving Blue Oval and Mopar fans in the Southwest a venue to race and show-off their favorite brand vehicles,” said Alan Miller, SWIR General Manager.

Southwestern Int’l Raceway joins sister-tracks Palm Beach (March 27 – 29) and Memphis Int’l Raceways (April 10 – 12) in kicking-off the season as the third stop on the Manufacturers Chevy Series tour in 2015,  on May 1 – 3. In addition, SWIR will also host for the first time in Arizona, Fun Ford on Saturday, October 10, and Mega Mopar on Sunday, October 11, to round out their first season of Manufacturers Series events.

“The Manufacturers Chevy, Fun Ford and Mega Mopar Series have been successful events for our Memphis and Palm Beach facilities for years. With the acquisition of Southwestern International Raceway last year, we knew we wanted to add these events to the lineup of events in Tucson.  We look forward to bringing all three Series events to the race fans in Arizona,” said Jason Rittenberry, President & CEO, IRG Sports + Entertainment.

Rockingham Dragway will usher in the 2015 Manufacturers Fun Ford season, May 2 -3, while Texas Motorplex will lead the way for Mega Mopar Series March 28. On October 17, Palm Beach Int’l Raceway will make history by hosting the first head-to-head Fun Ford vs. Mega Mopar showdown on October 17, giving fans a chance to cheer-on and represent their favorite brand in a family-friendly environment.

On May 16 – 17, Chevy fans will take over Texas Motorplex and Virginia Motorsports Park with a double-header event weekend, while Auto Club Famoso Raceway wraps up the 2015 season, November 7 – 8.




Palm Beach Int’l Raceway                March 27 – 29

Memphis Int’l Raceway                    April 10 – 12

Southwestern Int’l Raceway                        May 1 – 3

Texas Motorplex                               May 16 – 17

Virginia Motorsports Park                May 15 – 17

US 131 Motorsports Park                May 29 – 31

Maple Grove Raceway                      July 17 – 19

Bandimere Speedway                      August 14 – 15

Bristol Dragway                                 September 18 – 20

Rockingham Dragway                       October 9 – 11

Gateway Motorsports Park              October 9 – 11

Auto Club Famoso Raceway             November 7 – 8



Rockingham Dragway                       May 2 – 3

Virginia Motorsports Park                June 13 – 14

Bandimere Speedway                      June 14

US 131 Motorsports Park                July 12

Gateway Motorsports Park              July 24 – 25

Memphis Int’l Raceway                    August 28 – 29

Bristol Dragway                                 August 29

Maple Grove Raceway                      September 13

Auto Club Famoso Raceway             September 19 – 20

Southwestern Int’l Raceway                        October 10

Palm Beach Int’l Raceway                October 17

Texas Motorplex                               November 7



Texas Motorplex                               March 28

Rockingham Dragway                       April 4

US 131 Motorsports Park                May 17

Maple Grove Raceway                      May 30

Bandimere Speedway                      May 31

Auto Club Famoso Raceway             June 27 – 28

Memphis Int’l Raceway                    July 31 – August 1

Virginia Motorsports Park                September 19

Southwestern Int’l Raceway                       October 11

Palm Beach Int’l Raceway                October 17

Schedules are subject to change. Visit www.mfgseries.com for the most current list.


About Manufacturers Series

Designed to offer something for everyone in a family atmosphere for the American “Big Three” automotive brand enthusiasts, the Manufacturers Chevy Show, Fun Ford and Mega Mopar Series are all members of the Manufacturers Series with 34 events in 2015. Each Manufacturers Series event is wholly owned by its respective host track and showcases a car show, drag racing, manufacturer’s midway, swap meet and car corral, as well as autocross at selected events. For more information or for the most current event schedules, visit: www.mfgseries.com




Sara Griewing, Manufacturers Series Director


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