Super Chevy Show – Sunday Car Show Awards at Maple Grove Raceway

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Presented by Original Parts Group, Inc.

Maple Grove Raceway

JULY 19, 2015

MGR Cars Hoods Up DONE 


Best of Show: Tom Bain (1972 Nova).

Best Stock: Doug Yoder (1967 Chevelle).

Best Modified: Dave Haney (1971 Vega).

Best Engine: Joseph White (1967 Camaro).

Best Paint: Dave Haney (1971 Vega).

Best Interior: Tom Bain (1972 Nova).



Big Car: Joe Hackett (1962 Impala).

Camaro: Tony DiAngelis (1967 RS/SS).

Chevelle: Brian Delp (1970 Chevelle Malibu).

Corvette: Bill & Trudy Crawford (1957 Corvette).

1955-1956-1957: Charlie Potts (1955 Chevy 210).

Early Chevy: Joe Trollo (1940 Chevrolet conv.).

Conversion: Charlie Boyer (1934 Ford coupe).

Pro Street: Dave Rudan (1955 Chevy).

Pro Engineered: Roy Hamilton (1955 Chevy).

El Camino: Ron Plummer (1980 El Camino).

Nova: Norm Meads (1969 Nova SS).

Monte Carlo: Stephen Levanti (1971 Monte Carlo SS).

Open: Arnold Warner (1969 Pontiac GTO).

Truck: David Riddell (1988 4×4 pick-up).

Anniversary Vehicle: Wes Cassel (1955 Chevy Bel Air).

Promotor’s Award: Rod Saboury (1953 Corvette)

Best In Show: Calvin Andrews (1970 C-10).


BIG CAR 1949-1954

Modified Winner: Terry Dilliplane (1953 2 door Bel Air)


BIG CAR 1958-1989

Stock winner: Joe Hackett (1962 Impala).

Stock runner-up: David Mayo (1958 Impala).

Street winner: Felix & Joanne Delsordo (1962 Impala)

Street runner-up: James W. Strause (1974 conv.)

Modified winner: Dave Shugard (1965 Impala).

Modified runner-up: Michael Garner (1963 Impala SS).




Stock winner: Paul Remaley Jr. (1995 Impala SS).

Street winner: Rick Alexander (1995 Impala SS S/W)

Modified winner: Margie & Joe Anslini (1996 Impala SS).


1964-1967 CHEVELLE

Stock winner: Gary Goodling (1967 Chevelle SS)

Stock runner-up: Sandy Parks (1965 Malibu SS)

Street winner: Joe Williams (1967 Chevelle SS)

Street runner-up: Gino DeLuca (19667 Chevelle Malibu)



Stock winner: Robert Nace (1970 Chevelle).

Stock runner-up: Tom Rightler (1970 Chevelle SS 454 conv.)

Stock runner-up: Jim & Bev Kellerman (1970 Chevelle SS)

Street winner: Larry Johnston (1969 Chevelle SS)

Street runner-up: Kirsten Murray (1972 Chevelle)

Street runner-up: Steve Cline (1968 Chevelle)

Modified winner: Todd Warner (1969 Chevelle SS).

Modified runner-up: James Granato (1972 Chevelle SS-454).

Modified runner-up: Don Diller (1969 Chevelle SS-396).



Modified winner: Brian Delp (1970 Chevelle Malibu)

Modified runner-up: Thomas Rosencranz (1970 Chevelle SS)



Stock winner: Ron Plummer (1980 El Camino).

Stock runner-up: Nick Dellaquila (1966 El Camino).

Street winner: Gary Aresenault (1967 El Camino)



Street winner: Jeff Rennoll (1955 Ford F-100)

Street runner-up: Bill & Trudy Crawford (1996 EZ-Go SS)

Modified winner: Charlie Boyer (1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe).

Modified runner-up: Michael Brigidi (1931 Ford Coupe).



Winner: Robert Potts (1934 Chevy 3 Window Coupe)


EARLY CHEVY 1936-1948

Winner: Joe Trollo (1940 Chevy Convertible)

Runner-up: Skip Walling (1948 Chevy Aerosedan)





Stock winner: Bill Lynch (1978 Monza).

Stock runner-up: Mike Pro (2004 Pontiac GTO).

Street winner: Thomas Fredericks (1965 Buick Skylark)

Street runner-up: John J. Whooley (2001 Pontiac Firebird T/A)

Modified winner: Arnold Warner (1969 Pontiac GTO).

Modified runner-up: Rodney Updegrave (2954 Cadillac Series 62)


1967-1969 CAMARO

Stock winner: Matt Barczak (1969 Camaro Z/28).

Stock runner-up: Denny Sneath (1967 Camaro SS/RS)

Street winner: Ron Spadafora (1968 Camaro RS)

Street runner-ups: Don Baker (1969 Camaro Z28), Philip Jatres (1968 Camaro RS), Bill Diehl (1968 Camaro SS)

Modified winners: Tony Di Angoelus (1967 Camaro).

Modified runner-ups: C. Campbell (1967 Camaro).

Modified 1968 Camaro winner: Justin Snyder (1968 Camaro RS)

Modified 1968 Camaro runner-up: Jerry Broznicky (1968 Camaro RS)

Modified 1969 Camaro winner: Scott Conaway (1969 Camaro Z-28).

Modified 1969 Camaro runner-ups: Chuck Forsyth (1969 Chevy Z-28), Chad Kucsan (1969 Camaro).


1970-1981 CAMARO

Stock winner: Terry Yiengst (1977 Camaro Z-28).

Stock runner-up: Ed & Janice Pratt (1971 Camaro SS).

Street winner: Mary Woelfle (1973 Camaro)

Street runner-ups: Gerald Kennedy (1970 Camaro Z-28), Kindall Wann (1974 Camaro Z-28)

Modified winner: Don Moretz (1971 Camaro SS).


1982-1992 CAMARO

Stock winner: Cathy & Ken Smith (1991 Camaro Conv.).

Stock runner-up: Pete Fleming (1987 IROC).

Street winner: Brett Chaney (1988 IROC).

Street runner-up: Tom Skirpan (1986 Camaro)

Modified winner: Joseph Ansuni (1992 Camaro SS).


1993-2002 CAMARO

Stock winner: John Gloden (2002 Camaro SS).

Stock runner-ups: Paul Erickson (2002 Camaro SS), Andy Cassel (1998 Camaro SS)

Street winner: Jeremy Donavan (2002 Camaro SS)

Street runner-up: Dave Hartzell (2000 Camaro SS)



Stock winner: Buck Sines (2010 Transformer).

Stock runner-up: Debbie Spadafora (2012 Camaro SS)

Modified winner: Chip & Deb Myers (2011 Camaro).


CORVETTE 1953-1967

Stock winner: Randy Bohn (1967).

Stock runner-up: Robb Szymanski (1965).

Modified winner: Bill & Trudy Crawford (1957).

Modified runner-up: Barry Kline (1963).


CORVETTE 1968-1982

Stock winner: Bill Emsley (1972)

Stock runner-up: Kerry Haas (1971)

Modified winner: John Schneider (1968 Stingray).


CORVETTE 1984-1996

Stock winner: Bruce Clelland (1984).

Stock runner-up: M. Passner (1988).

Street winner: George Hubler (1992).


CORVETTE 1997-2004

Stock winner: Al Hartman (2004).

Stock runner-up: Joel Kleinspehn (2003).

Street winner: Susan Gregg (2002).



Stock winner: Dave Rnappenberger (2015).

Stock runner-up: Steve Maust (2007)

Street winner: Pat Lamberton (2015)



Stock winner: David Durst (1972).

Stock runner-up: Dan Ruland (1970).

Street winner: Stephen Levanti (1971)

Street runner-up: Al Maddaluno (1970)

Modified winner: Kevin Low (1988).

Modified runner-up: Jay Munday (1970)



Wagon class winner: Jim Schultz (1957 150 Sedan Delivery)

Wagon class runner-up: Bob Franklin (2 Door Wagon)


1955-1956 CHEVROLET

Stock winner: Terry Zerbe (1955 210 Delivery)

Street winner: Bob West (1955 Sedan Delivery)

Street runner-up: Dewey Hyle (1955 210)

Modified winner: Larry Tawes Jr. (1955 Bel Air)

Modified runner-ups: Christopher Ruth (1955 Bel Air), Darmen Clegg (1956 Bel Air)




Stock winner: Barrie Edwards (1957 Bel Air)

Stock runner-up: Dick Kauffman (1957 210)

Street winner: Scott Gottschall (1957 Bel Air)

Street runner-up: Al Hartman (1957 Conv.)

Modified winner: Scott Wagner (1957 210)

Modified runner-up: Terry Zerbe (1957 150)


NOVA 1962-1967

Street winner: Ray Nahill (1966 Chevy II)

Street runner-up: Michael Miller (1965 Chevy II Nova SS)



Stock winner: Norm Meads (1972).

Street winner: Lynn Peters (1974)

Street runner-up: Dan Todorow (1972)


Winner: Dave Rudan (1955 210).

Runner-ups: Wayne Roland (1955 Bel Air), Pete Telesco (1969 Camaro), Mark Hanes (1972 Nova), Harold Caron (1987 IROC Camaro), Jeff & Karen Henry (1966 Chevelle)



Winner: Scott Rosen (1983 Blazer)



Winner: Mike Raup (1966 Chevy II SS).

Runner-ups: Tim Lerch (1967 SS), Tony Janiszewski (1967)



Winner: Roy Hamilton (1955 Chevy)

Runner-ups: Jeff Fern (1970 Camaro)

Rod Saboury (1953 Corevette)


1949-1968 PICK UP TRUCK

Stock winner: Tim Hagaman (1966 C-10)

Street winner: Tom Fink (1955)

Street runner-up: Max Styer (1950)

Modified winner: Jessica Kilby (1950)

Modified runner-up: Ross Gilbert (1964)



Stock winner: D&S Fabrication (1971 C-10)

Stock runner-up: Matt Hoffman (1970 Titan/90)

Street winner: Joe Schall (1970 CST)

Modified winner: Calvin Andrews (1970 C-10)

Modified runner-up: Colton Kucsan (1969 C-10)



Stock winner: Lonnie Leber (2006 Silverado)

Stock runner-up: Brian Winn (2004 Avalanche)

Street winner: George W. Barnosky (2015 Silverado)

Modified winner: David Riddell (1988 Chevy 4×4)



Stock winner: Rich Irving (1987 Blazer)

Street winner: Alyssa Holecroft (2008 Trailblazer)

Modified winner: Charles Krause (1967 Suburban)



Stock winner: Sly Brisco (2003 SSR)

Stock runner-up: Scott Miller (2003 S-10)

Street winner: Angelo Bascio (2005 SSR)

Street runner-up: Robynn Thomas (2004 SSR)

Modified winner: Tim Barr (1991 S-10)


Three Ways Your Ride Can be a Featured Segment on the Super Chevy Show TV Series

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Three Ways Your Ride Can be a Featured Segment on the Super Chevy Show TV Series

 WACO, Texas (February 20, 2015) – Fans of the Super Chevy Show have three opportunities for their cars to be featured on an episode of the new Super Chevy Show television series that will begin airing October 2015. Each episode will feature three segments as well as on-site recognition at the car show awards ceremonies and a special display area, sponsored by Duracell Automotive Batteries, Original Parts Group (OPGI) and

“Every car has a story, and the Super Chevy Show wants to hear and share those stories with you, our fans. We want to know what makes your car special, whether it was handed down generations and restored back to its original glory, previously owned by a celebrity or anything else you think is interesting, we want to know about it,” said Lex Dudas, President of SCSW, LLC, owners of the Super Chevy Show series.

We are excited that our long-time sponsors feel the same way, giving us the ability to provide a great opportunity like this for our fans, and ultimately reward three participants at each event with a feature spot on television.”

As the Official Battery of the Super Chevy Show for the fifth consecutive year, Duracell Automotive Batteries is sponsoring the Crank it with the CopperTop Award open to all vehicles eligible to participate in the Super Chevy Show. The award recipient will not only receive special recognition during the car show awards ceremony and the coveted feature segment on the selected event’s television episode, but they will also receive a free Duracell automotive battery and space as the feature attraction in Duracell’s midway display.

“Duracell is proud to be the official automotive battery of the Super Chevy Show. We look forward each year to bringing one of the most trusted battery brands to the world’s greatest Chevy enthusiasts. We are also excited to be a part of the Crank it with the CopperTop Award, and offer high profile opportunities for some very special works of art,” said Duracell Automotive Batteries Marketing Manager, Peter Flemming.

With the largest selection of Chevelle restoration parts in the world, Original Parts Group is giving Chevelle owners or a local Chevelle car club of owners an opportunity for their rides to shine on national television with the OPGI Original Award. Recipients will also receive special recognition at the car show awards ceremony and special display parking in the car show area.

“Here at OPGI, we are proud of our long-standing participation in the premier national event for millions of Chevrolet enthusiasts. With the OPGI Original Award and the Super Chevy Show television series, we can interact with our customers like never before by providing an opportunity to spotlight local Chevelle owners and clubs on a national level,” said OPGI Chief Operating Officer, Tony Genty.

Auto and body parts retailer for all makes, models and years; is presenting a Restored Award at each of the 12 Super Chevy Show events in 2015, to a select vehicle built with any parts purchased from Recipients will receive a 2:00 minute segment on the Super Chevy Show television series, recognition at the car show awards ceremony and special display parking in the car show area.

“At, we enjoy helping our customers maintain, repair and restore both their classic cars and daily drivers. The televised Restored Award, will be a fun new way for us to recognize and celebrate customers’ cars at Super Chevy Show events in 2015,” said Marketing Manager, Jessa Torvik.

To be considered for the Duracell Crank it with the CopperTop Award, OPGI Original Award, or Restored Award, eligible Chevy owners are required to submit an online application in advance in accordance with the official rules stated on each entry form page, located at Winners will be contacted in advance and are required to attend the selected event, no exceptions.


About Duracell Automotive Batteries
Duracell Automotive Batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing Co., a leader in manufacturing batteries and accessories for the automotive, commercial, marine, power sports, motive power, telecommunications, and UPS markets. The company’s quality and environmental systems for its entire 520-acre complex, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, have been certified to ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, and ISO 14001:2004 requirements. Visit for more product information.

About Original Parts Group Inc.
Original Parts Group is the largest automotive restoration parts company in the United States. Original Parts Group has over 85,000 classic GM restoration parts and high performance accessories. They have the largest selection of Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, GTO, Le Mans, Tempest, Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina, Cutlass, 4-4-2, Skylark, GS, Riviera and Cadillac classic parts in the world. Dedication to research and development, product excellence, and outstanding customer service has helped build the business into what it is today. Visit their web page at:

RockAuto, LLC was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1999 by the Taylor family. Their engineering background, passion for old cars, and desire to liberate information hidden behind the auto parts store counter led the Taylors to start Over the years, the company and its selection of parts have steadily grown. Millions of parts orders have been successfully delivered to RockAuto customers. Today, RockAuto ships auto parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers on every continent except Antarctica-including APO/FPO addresses. The catalog is updated daily with mechanical parts like brake pads and shock absorbers, body parts like bumpers and mirrors, interior trim like door handles and carpets, and major assemblies like steering gears, CV axles, and complete transmissions. There are no mechanics on staff (RockAuto is a store, not a repair shop) but service manuals are available to help customers learn how to perform a repair. The catalog is expanding constantly. Someday, it may be possible to build an entire car using parts from RockAuto!

About Super Chevy Show
The Super Chevy Show  series, owned by SCSW, LLC, is the premier national event for all Chevrolet enthusiasts offering something for everyone. From high-powered Chevy racing action to the spectacular show cars at the top NHRA and IHRA tracks across the country. The Series boasts one of the nation’s finest Performance & Restoration Midways for GM products, as well as a Swap Meet and Car Corral at most events. Kids are always welcome to take part in the free Revell Make ‘N Take activity each day to build their own model car to keep. The Super Chevy Show is widely considered the best brand-specific event in the country. For more information, visit:


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MEDIA CONTACT: Sara Griewing



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ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Track owner Steve Earwood and Dieffenbach GM Super Store General Manager Jeff Dieffenbach have confirmed that the Rockingham General Motors dealership has renewed its sponsorship of the Classic Rock Super Chevy Show and Richmond County Tourism, which returns to Rockingham Dragway Oct. 9-11.

Dale McSwain Outlaw 4.70 CamaroThe sport’s largest all-Chevy event, the Dieffenbach GM Superstore Super Chevy Show will feature bowtie action both on and off the track with a car show, swap meet and Chevrolet product displays along with a full slate of drag races.

The Dieffenbach GM Superstore, located at 1209 E. Broad Avenue in Rockingham, is a one-stop source for everything branded with the Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac and Buick logos as well as for service on all makes and models. Dieffenbach technicians are trained and equipped to handle everything from oil changes to tire rotations to brakes, batteries and multi-point vehicle inspections.

“The Dieffenbach GM Superstore is where you can get one of those Camaro 2LT coupes with the 6.2 liter V8,” Earwood said. “That’s one fast hot rod and you can bring it out to The Rock and shake it down whenever you want and maybe even bring it to the big race in the fall. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jeff Dieffenbach and his crew at the dealership”.


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