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Things will get even hotter in the heartland of America the weekend of June 22-24 as ground pounding Big-Blocks and high-winding Small-Blocks Chevys invade Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois. This is the first time the Super Chevy Show has hit the staging and pits of Gateway Motorsports Park and their staff is promising some great times for all the Bowtie Brigade. On Saturday between 5:oo pm and 8:00 pm,  participants will have the opportunity to drive on Gateway’s 1 ¼ – mile NASCAR track at no addtional charge!

The Pro Outlaw 10.5 Class will light up the strip with their insane ETs and speeds, thunderous Jet Cars will thrill the crowds and scorch the earth and there’ll be numerous bracket classes that you can “run what ya brung” so you’ll be able to see how fast your ride is down the strip. Our friends over at the Mid-America Chevy dealers not only help sponsor the weekend’s event, but they’re bringing a ride and drive program that will allow spectators and participants the opportunity to drive the track.

Click here for the complete schedule and we’ll see you at Gateway.


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(May 29, 2012) AIRAID Filter Company announced today that it has joined the Super Chevy Show, Fun Ford Weekend, and Mega Mopar Action Series as a sponsor.  AIRAID, a manufacturer of cold air intake systems and performance filters for daily driven gas and diesel vehicles, muscle cars, and street machines is using the promotion to reach automotive enthusiasts of the popular domestic vehicle brands.

AIRAID’s participation in the three Series will begin with the Mega Mopar Action Series event at Bandimere Speedway in Denver, CO on Sunday, June 3.  Bandimere Speedway, along with Maple Grove Raceway, Texas Motorplex, Bristol Dragway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Virginia Motorsports Park, Royal Purple Raceway, Castrol Raceway, Rockingham Dragway, Palm Beach International Raceway, Memphis International Raceway, and Gateway Motorsports Park own and operate all of the Super Chevy Show, Fun Ford Weekend, and Mega Mopar Action Series events.

David Edelman, Online and Event Marketing Manager for AIRAID said the Series provides a great fit for their customer base.  “We have applications for basically every type of vehicle you see at a Super Chevy Show, Fun Ford Weekend or Mega Mopar Action Series event.  Every day we are selling air intake systems and performance filters to owners of cars and trucks wanting more horsepower and increased fuel efficiency,” said Edelman.   “Whether it is a participant in the car show that drove their car to the event to be judged for awards, or someone running in one of the bracket racing classes, our products offer a very cost effective and simple installation process to give them an advantage.”

In the month of June, fans of each of the “big-three” branded popular car show and drag race Series will see AIRAID promotions beginning at Denver, then moving to Maple Grove Raceway’s Mega Mopar Action Series event June 9-10; Virginia Motorsports Park Fun Ford Weekend, June 15-17; Gateway Motorsports Park Super Chevy Show, June 22-24; Bandimere Speedway Fun Ford Weekend, June 23-24; Bristol Dragway Fun Ford Weekend, June 29-30.  Another fourteen Series events will take place in the U.S. and Canada from July through October.

Maple Grove Raceway track operator and president of the Super Chevy Show series, Lex Dudas, as well as the other track operators are excited to have AIRAID get involved in all three series.  “I think AIRAID joining the Series events in a testament to the great shows we have already had this year.  Outside of some weather at a few events, our shows have been growing ever since the tracks took over leadership in 2010.  Our car counts for car show, drag race, and swap meet are up across the board for the Super Chevy Show and Fun Ford Weekend series, and the Mega Mopar Action Series just kicked off two weeks ago with a great event at the Texas Motorplex” said Dudas. “We can create a tremendous amount of exposure for AIRAID Filter Company and look forward to promoting their brand at all of our shows this season.”

To learn more about AIRAID and each of the Series, visit, www.superchevyshow,, and


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The Bowtie Brigade made a lot of noise on the sprawling grounds of Virginia Motorsports Park this past weekend. The drag strip saw some Chevy power and the show field displayed some rare and tricked out vehicles. Those who came out to spectate got to see a lot of eye candy and even experience some sensory overload.

Here’s a rundown of all the race and show winners:

Aeromotive Eliminator
Win: Dean Mathausen, Newport News, VA

Pro Bracket 2
Win: Charles Conway, Chesterfield, VA, 1967 Camaro
R/U: Keith Drinkwater, Petersburg, VA, 1984 Firebird

Super Pro Bracket 1
Win: William Marshall, Victoria, VA, 2008 Race Tech Dragster
R/U: Calvin Drake, Jr., Suffolk, VA, 2003 Race Tech Dragster

Super Pro Bracket 1 Bonus Race
Win: William Marshall, Victoria, VA, 2008 Race Tech Dragster
R/U: Charles Conway, Chesterfield, VA, 1967 Camaro

Sunday Class Awards

CAMARO: 1967-1969
STOCK Winner: Ronnie & Kathy Hicks, Chesterfield, VA, 1968
STREET Outstanding (1967-68 Only): Warren Stanley, Vaxlaw, NC, 1967
STREET Winner (1967-68 Only): Foster Vehturini, Suffolk, VA, 1968
STREET Outstanding (1969 Only): Mike Snipes, Roanoke Rapids, VA
STREET Winner (1969 Only): Howard Nosay, Virginia Beach, VA
MODIFIED Outstanding (1967 Only): Kim Bostic, Church Road, VA
MODIFIED Winner (1967 Only): Jimmy Vaughn, LaCrosse, VA
MODIFIED Outstanding (1968 Only): Joe Schelin, Chester, VA
MODIFIED Winner (1968 Only): Randy Penley, Hickory, NC
MODIFIED Outstanding (1969 Only): David Stallings, Benson, NC
MODIFIED Winner (1969 Only): Mike Pelata, Glen Allen, VA

CAMARO: 1970-81
STREET Outstanding: Danny & Gloria Moore, Chocowinity, NC, 1975
STREET Winner: Tom Stalnaker, Richmond, VA, 1979
MODIFIED Outstanding: Doug Jones, Prince George, VA, 1970
MODIFIED Winner: Dan Langlois, Portsmouth, VA, 1972

CAMARO: 1982-1992
STOCK Outstanding: Tommy Respass, Bath, NC, 1989
STOCK Winner: Edmund Staskiel, Barhamsville, VA, 1987
STREET Winner: Travis Tisdale, Chesapeake, VA, 1992

CAMARO: 1993-2002
STOCK Winner: Carl Smith, Stuart, VA, 1994
STREET Outstanding: Henry Glenn, Mechanicsville, VA, 1998
STREET Winner: Travis Tisdale, Chesapeake, VA, 2002
MODIFIED Winner: Angela Neff-Thomas, Henry, VA, 1995

CAMARO: 2010 to Current
STOCK Outstanding (V6 Only): Shawn Piggort, Yorktown, VA, 2012
STOCK  Winner (V6 Only): Ben Cale, South Chesterfield, VA, 2012
STOCK Outstanding (V8 Only): Shawn & Carrie Broddus, Petersburg, VA, 2012
STOCK Winner (V8 Only): Angela Neff-Thomas,Henry, VA, 2012
STREET Outstanding (V6 Only): Lamont Taylor, Richmond, VA, 2011
STREET Winner (V6 Only): John Booker, Richmond, VA, 2010
STREET Outstanding (V8 Only): Sammy Hage, 2010
STREET Winner (V8 Only): Angela Neff-Thomas, Henry, VA, 2010
MODIFIED Winner: Wyatt Whitworth, North Wilkesboro, NC, 2010

Outstanding: Tom Calverley, Fredericksburg, VA, 1969
Winner: David Burroughs, Mechanicsville, VA, 1969

Outstanding: Stuart Slagle, Emporia, VA, 1982 S-10
Winner: Randy Surgren, Hopewell, VA, 1957 Delivery

STREET Winner: Jessica Queen, Chase City, VA, 2001 Suburban

STREET Outstanding: Casey Lewis, Amelia, VA, 2003
STREET Winner: Bobby McGee, Victoria, VA, 2007
MODIFIED Outstanding: Bubba Carter, Richmond, VA, 2008 HHR
MODIFIED Winner: Bobby Deeds, Petersburg, VA, 1996 Astro

STREET Outstanding: Michael Turney, Col. Heights, VA, 1972
STREET Winner: Bob Jones, Prince George, VA, 1962
MODIFIED Winner: Will Bristow, Churchview, VA, 2002 

STOCK Winner: Roger Queen, Chase City, VA
STREET Outstanding: Scott Trammell, Chesterfield, VA, 2000 S-10
STREET Winner: Mel Ogburn, Emporia, VA, 2005 SSR
MODIFIED Outstanding: Angelo Bascio, Bristol, PA, 2005 SSR
MODIFIED Winner: Carroll Harris, Amelia, VA, 2004 SSR

TRUCK: 1949-72 2WD
STREET Outstanding: Troy Loftis, McLeansville, VA, 1968
STREET Winner: Michael Toombs, Chester, VA, 1967
MODIFIED Outstanding: Danny Herold, Dinwiddie, VA, 1969
MODIFIED Winner: Andre Christie, Williamsburg, VA, 1967

TRUCK: 1973 – 87 2WD
STREET Winner: Durlin Harris, Powhatan, VA, 1985

MODIFIED Winner: Mike McGee, Victoria, VA, 1990
MODIFIED Outstanding (Hardtop Only): Jeff Young, Waldorf, MD, 1966
MODIFIED Winner (Hardtop Only): Denny Quinn, Suffolk, VA, 1967

NOVA: 1968 & Newer
STREET Outstanding: Anthony Brown, Greensboro, NC, 1969
STREET Winner: Mickey Allen, Newport News, VA, 1972
MODIFIED Outstanding: Douglas Jones, Prince George, VA, 1972
MODIFIED Winner: Mark Fleming, Richmond, VA, 1969

MODIFIED Winner: Curtis Bastifield, Richmond, VA, 1934 Comp

EARLY CHEVY: 1936-48
MODIFIED Winner: Bob Smith, Washington, DC, 1937 Sedan

CHEVY: 1955-57
MODIFIED Outstanding (1955 Only): Roger Woodington, Portsmouth, VA
MODIFIED Winner (1955 Only): Jeff Grant, Cester, VA
MODIFIED Outstanding (1956-57 Hardtop): Tom & Connie Jordan, Blackstone, VA, 1957
MODIFIED Winner (1956-57 Hardtop): Pat & Herbert Hudgins, Mathews Co., VA, 1957
MODIFIED Outstanding (1956-57 Post): Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, 1957
MODIFIED Winner (1956-57 Post): Ronnie Staples, Col. Heights, VA, 1957
STREET Outstanding (1955 Only): Duke Cantrell, Harrisonburg, VA
STREET Winner (1955 Only): Shaun Terroll, Lynchburg, VA
STREET Outstanding (1956-57): Angela Ballanche, Elizabeth City, VA, 1957
STREET Winner (1956-57): Roger Ward, Chesapeake, VA, 1956
STREET Winner (Wagon Only): Donna Holder, Elizabeth City, NC, 1957
MODIFIED Outstanding (Wagon Only): Mike Cherry, Smithfield, VA, 1955
MODIFIED Winner (Wagon Only): Vinnie Esposito, Spyreville, NJ, 1956

CHEVELLE: 1964- 67
STOCK Outstanding: Brenda Dunn, Goochland, VA, 1964
STOCK Winner: Doug Cole, Chester, VA, 1967
STREET Outstanding: Beth & Gary Houghins, Petersburg, VA, 1965
STREET Winner: Wayne Henderson, Gloucester, VA, 1966
MODIFIED Outstanding: Tommy Powell, LaCrosse, VA, 1967
MODIFIED Winner: Doug Sewell, Greensboro, NC, 1967

CHEVELLE: 1968 & Newer
STOCK Outstanding: Paul Jones, Kilmarneck, VA, 1970
STOCK Winner: Carolyn Bellflower, Oak City, NC, 1970
STREET Outstanding: Donnie Bostic, Church, VA, 1969
STREET Winner: Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, 1971
MODIFIED Outstanding: Paul Pylz, Henrico, VA, 1971
MODIFIED Winner: Doug Reece, White Plains, MO

STOCK Outstanding: Ron Henaghan, Midlothian, VA, 1970
STOCK Winner: Doug Cole, Chester, VA, 1967
STREET Outstanding: Julian Bray, Danville, VA, 1985
STREET Winner: Rick Harris, Prince George, VA, 1965
MODIFIED Outstanding: Wayne Banister, Marietta, GA, 1976
MODIFIED Winner: Jimmy Simmons, Greensboro, NC, 1968

STOCK Outstanding: John Croffy, Fairfield, CT, 2004
STOCK Winner: David Durst, Cumberland, MD, 1972
STREET Outstanding: Paul Wright, Quinton, VA, 2004
STREET Winner: Brandon Kent, Newport News, VA, 1986
MODIFIED Outstanding: Gloria Gilen, Waverly, VA, 1972
MODIFIED Winner: Justin Callahan, Newport News, VA, 1981

CORVETTE: 1953 – 67
STOCK Outstanding: Lou Niscar, Statesville, NC, 1966
STOCK Winner: Jerry Lyndon, Statesville, VA, 1956
STREET Outstanding: Chuck Goode, Statesville, NC, 1964
STREET Winner: Whitey Hines, Mount Sidney, 1962
MODIFIED Outstanding: Herbert Tuck, South Hill, VA, 1965
MODIFIED Winner: Hubert Wright, Gibsonville, NC, 1962

CORVETTE: 1968-1982
STOCK Winner: William Vanshman, Col. Heights, VA, 1979
STREET Outstanding: Tom Chorlton, Chesapeake, VA, 1968
STREET Winner: Billy & Susan Rascoe, Chesapeake, VA, 1971
MODIFIED Winner: Arthur Dean, Sutherland, VA, 1979

CORVETTE: 1984-96
STOCK Winner: Ken Adams, Amelia, VA, 1995
STREET Winner: George Hebler, Lititz, PA, 1992

CORVETTE: 1997-2004
STOCK Outstanding: Kevin Middleton, Pleasant Garden, NC, 2001
STOCK Winner: Paul Allen, Col. Heights, VA, 2001
STREET Winner: Cameron Lewis, Roanoke, VA, 2000 

STOCK Outstanding: David Thomas, Warranton, VA, 2010
STOCK Winner: John Gloden, Welcome, MD, 2008
MODIFIED Winner: John Davis, Virginia Beach, VA, 2008 

STREET Winner: Jeff Coner, Portsmouth, VA, 1976 Monza 

MODIFIED Winner: Steven House, Emporia, VA, 1940 Rat Rod 

MODIFIED Winner: Chris & Rose Ellis, South Hill, VA, 1932 Ford Coupe 

MODIFIED TRUCK Winner: Margaret Askew, Portsmouth, VA, 2003 Hummer
MODIFIED CAR Winner: Warren Horsley, Lynchburg, VA, 1933 Ford Coupe 

STOCK GOLD 1968 AND NEWER CHEVELLE Winner: Roger Berry, Fredericksburg, VA, 1970
STREET GOLD 1967-69 CAMARO Winner: Eddie Sells, Apex, NC, 1969
MODIFIED GOLD CONVERSION 1936-1948 Winner: Bill Seward, Claremont, VA, 1941 Willys
MODIFIED GOLD 1967-69 CAMARO Winner: Wyatt Whitworth, North Wilkesboro, NC, 1969
MODIFIED GOLD BIG CAR 1958-89 Winner: Billy Moose, Troutman, NC, 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 

BIG CAR: Ted Debrnhtl, Spotsylvania, VA, 1962 Chevrolet
CAMARO: Angela Neff-Thomas, Henry, VA, 1995 Camaro
CHEVELLE: Doug Cole, Chester, VA, 1967 Chevelle
CORVETTE: Jerry Lyndon, Statesville, NC, 1956 Corvette
CONVERSION: Warren Horsley, Lynchburg, VA, 1933 Ford Coupe
OPEN: Jeff Coner, Portsmouth, VA, 1976 Chevrolet Monza
EARLY CHEVY: Bob Smith, Washington, DC, 1937 Chevrolet Sedan
EL CAMINO: Jimmy Simmons, Greensboro, NC, 1968 El Camino
1955-1957 CHEVY: Denny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, 1957 Chevrolet
MONTE CARLO: Justin Callahan, Newport News, VA, 1981 Monte Carlo
NOVA: Denny Quinn, Suffolk, VA, 1967 Nova
PRO STREET: Randy Surgren, Hopewell, VA, 1957 Delivery
TRUCK: Michael Toombs, Chester, PA, 1967 Pick Up
PAINT: Wyatt Whitworth, North Wilkesboro, NC, 1969 Camaro
DETAIL: Roger Berry, Fredericksburg, VA, 1970 Chevelle
ENGINE: Bill Seward, Claremont, VA, 1941 Willys
EXCELLENCE AWARD: Ronnie Staples, Col. Heights, VA, 1957 Chevrolet
BEST OF SHOW: Billy Moose, Troutman, NC, 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

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