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It takes dedicated and hardworking people to host a stellar event and this past weekend’s Super Chevy Show at the Texas Motorplex was no exception. Hundreds of fans and participants from all over the Southwest made the annually pilgrimage to one of the premier car shows and drag races that brings together Bowtie enthusiasts from all walks of life. From classic Chevelle Super Sports and Impalas to current generation Camaros, there was something for everyone in the pits, staging lanes and vendor midway within the sprawling grounds of the Texas Motorplex. For those of you that couldn’t make it, we’ll forgive you – this time.

Here’s a rundown of all the race and show winners:

Quick GM – No Electronics
Win #F457 Jimmy Falkenbach Ennis, TX 1989 S-10 .050 10.140 125.01
R/U #462C John Long Sr Cleburne, TX 66 GMC .130 11.068 117.38

Fast GM – Electronics
Win #4444 Paul Peyton Waxahachie, TX 1997 Peyton .015 8.491 156.52
R/U #4486 Dwight Kaup Parkum, TX 1966 Chevy II .026 10.893 120.89

5th Gen Camaro Shootout
Win #575 James Stacy Justin, TX 2011 Camaro .239 11.925 97.66
R/U #576 Matt Gibson Fort Worth, TX 2011 Camaro .591 12.056 112.13

Street GM
Win #752 Shawn Farris Red Oak, TX 1970 Nova .153 10.059 132.26
R/U #753 Jake Sehon Robinson, TX 1970 Chevelle .233 10.491 126.29

11 Second Index
Win #4×95 Fred Burt Shreveport, LA 1975 Vega .193 11.875 79.23

strong>12 Second Index
Win #452 Colt Shefta Waco, TX 1997 Camaro .205 11.987 110.65
R/U #450 James Stacy Justin, TX 2011 Chevy DEEP 11.868 115.57

13 Second Index
Win #462J John Long Jr Cleburne, TX 2001 Camaro .201 13.081 104.87

True Street Challenge
Win #800 Jason Glover Bryan, TX 1957 Chevy

Saturday Drag Race Top Ten Winners Editors Picks
John Long SR., Cleburn, TX – 1991 S10 Pick Up
Michael Anderson, Palestine, TX – 1995 Camaro
Jeff Kmosko, Fort Worth, TX – 2002 Camaro
Shawn Farris, Red Oak, TX – 1970 Nova
Gerald Jordan, Long View, TX – 1967 Camaro
Ron Graham, Ovilla, TX – 1967 Nova
James LaFitte, Palestine, TX – 1966 Nova
Gary Gereau, Houston, TX – 1967 Camaro
Matt Gibson, Fort Worth, TX – 2011 Camaro
James Stacy, Justin, TX – 2011 Camaro

Saturday Car Show Top Ten Winners Editors Picks
Steve Harless, Arlington, TX – 1964 Impala
Mark Harvison, Burlson, TX -1971 Chevelle
Chris Scott, Fort Worth, TX – 1976 Nova
Jody Parker, Wills Point, TX – 1967 Camaro
Ed Bedore, Bixby, OK – 1965 Nova
Jim Leinhart, Sherman, TX – 1955 Belair
Mike Price, Frisco, TX – 1969 Chevelle
Steve Richey, Royce City, TX – 1968 C-10 Pick Up
Jeff Cameron, Magnolia, TX – 1961 Belair
Marcus Smith, N. Richland Hills, TX – 1969 Camaro

Sunday Class Awards

CAMARO 1967-1969
STOCK Outstanding Fred Beagles JR., N.R.H., TX – 1969
STOCK Winner Tony Baker, Moore, OK – 1969

STREET Outstanding
Lee McCardell, Atlanta, TX – 1967 RS
Gary Dolezal, Mansfield, TX – 1967
Rodney Moore, Wylie, TX – 1969
Bill Roy, Hurst, TX – 1969 Z/28

Brian and Amy LaRue, Aubrey, TX – 1967
Tim Tripp, Keller, TX – 1968
Alan Pound, Emory, TX – 1969
Marcus Smith, N. Richland Hills, TX – 1969 Z/28

MODIFIED Outstanding Jody Parker, Wellspoint, TX – 1967

MODIFIED Winner Frank Manzare, Colleyville, TX – 1969

CAMARO 1970-81
STREET Winner Alan Woods, Willow Park, TX – 1973
MODIFIED Winner Izzy Dunn, Aubrey, TX – 1979

CAMARO 1982-1992
STOCK Winner Bill Shaw, Dallas, TX – 1990

CAMARO 1992-2002
STREET Winner Thomas Cabrasco, FT. Worth, TX – 1995
MODIFIED Winner Mark Whitley, Adkins, TX – 1996

CAMARO 2010 to Current
STOCK Outstanding  Frank Manzari, Coreyville, TX – 2012
STOCK Winner Dustin Johnson, Plano, TX – 2010
MODIFIED Winner Steve Harless, Arlington, TX – 2010
MODIFIED Outstanding David Elenbaas, Carrolton, TX – 2012

MODIFIED Outstanding Doug Scott, Ft. Worth, TX – 1961 Panel
MODIFIED Winner Browny Cooksey, Mesquite, TX – 1971 Blazer

TRUCK 1988 to Current 2WD
STREET Outstanding Chris Andrade, Lancaster, TX – 1988
STREET Winner Mark Nessh, Longview, TX – 1990
MODIFIED Winner Matt Pool, Arlington, TX – 2006

TRUCK 1949-1972 2WD
STREET Outstanding Johnny Seals, Mesquite, TX – 1957
STREET Winner Aaron Petty, Shawnee, OK – 1972
MODIFIED Outstanding Tommy Eddleman, Arlington, TX – 1961
MODIFIED Winner Wayne Terry, Kaufman, TX – 1967

TRUCK 1973 – 1987
STREET Winner Regan Hampton, Waxahachie, TX – 1980

NOVA 1962-1967
STOCK Winner Judy Lippert, Green, KS – 1966
STREET Winner Jim Lippert, Green, KS – 1966
MODIFIED Outstanding Rex & Patti Van Dyke, Tecumseh, OK – 1967
MODIFIED Winner Ricky Carpenter, Arlington, TX – 1967

NOVA 1968 & Newer
MODIFIED Winner Chris Scott, FT. Worth, TX – 1976

CHEVY 1955-57 POST Body Style
MODIFIED Outstanding Bill Crain, Mt. Pleasant, TX – 1955
MODIFIED Winner David & Judy Thompson, Shawnee, OK – 1955

CHEVY 1955-57 Hardtop Body Style
MODIFIED Outstanding Mark Haldman, Menowasee, WI – 1957
MODIFIED Winner Jerry O’Connor, Shawnee, OK, – 1955

CHEVELLE 1964 – 1967
STOCK Winner Joel Jackson, Mt. Vernon, TX – 1966
STREET Winner Bill Ledbetter, Gainesville, TX – 1966

CHEVELLE 1968 & Newer
STOCK Winner Mike McDonald, Lubbock, TX – 1970
STREET Outstanding Warren Joerg, Randall, KS – 1968
STREET Winner Roger & Karen Day, Double Oak, TX – 1969
MODIFIED Outstanding Mark Haruison, Burleson, TX – 1971
MODIFIED Winner Mike Price, Frisco, TX – 1969

STREET Outstanding Melvin Golden, Mesquite, TX – 1971
STREET Winner Don Pigham, Randall, KS – 1971
MODIFIED Outstanding Melvin Millen, Dallas, TX – 1967
MODIFIED Winner Tom Allen, Yantis, TX – 1965

STREET Winner Russ Ball, Lorena, TX – 1983
MODIFIED Outstanding Darrell Hyde, Partlett, TN – 1987

BIG CAR 1949-1954
MODIFIED WinnerBob Cossin, Rogersville – 1953

BIG CAR 1958-1989
STREET Winner Alton Allison, Burleson, TX – 1962
MODIFIED OutstandingDennis Kuyrkendall, Boerne, TX – 1961
MODIFIED Winner Steve Harless, Arlington, TX – 1964

BIG CAR 1990 & Newer
MODIFIED Winner Donny Hunter, Waco, TX – 1996

CORVETTE 1953-1967
STOCK Winner Andy Martin, Crandall, TX – 1964
STREET Outstanding Rodney Blankenship, Lufkin, TX – 1954
MODIFIED Winner Henry & Carol Vloedman, Woodward, OK – 1962

CORVETTE 1968-1982
STOCK Winner Chris Beddie, Henderson, TX – 1974

OPEN Category
STOCK Winner Jim Kohtz, Bedford, TX – 1964

MODIFIED Outstanding Connie Keys, College Station, TX – 1938 Pick Up
MODIFIED Winner Steve Richey, Royce City, TX – 1968 Pick Up

MODIFIED Winner Ed Redore, Bixby, OK – 1965 Nova

EARY CHEVY 1936-1948
MODIFIED Winner Frank Giffin, Wataugg, TX – 1939 Chevy

STREET Winner Paul Welch, Plano, TX – 1978 Pontiac T/A
MODIFIED Winner Randy Johnson, Tecumseh, OK – 1970 Pontiac LeMans

Mike & Annette Beardon, Emon, TX – 1968 Camaro
Marc  Bernd, Arlington, TX – 1969 Camaro
Gene Sullivan, Luften, TX – 1969 Camaro
Brittany Joerg, Randall, KS – 1970 Chevelle
John Bedenbender, Mt, Vernon, TX – 1966 El Camino

ORIGINAL PARTS GROUP Best Chevy Restoration
Brittany Joerg, Randall, KS – 1970 Chevelle

BIG CAR – Steve Harless, Arlington, TX – 1964 Impala
CAMARO – Tim Tripp, Keller, TX – 1968 Camaro
CHEVELLE – Joel Jackson, Mount Vernon, TX – 1966 Chvelle
CORVETTE – Henry & Carol Vloedman, Woodward, OK – 1962 Corvette
CONVERSION – Randy Johnson, Tecumseh, OK – 1970 Pontiac LeMans
OPEN – Jim Kohtz, Bedford, TX – 1964 Corvair
EARLY CHEVY – Frank Griffen, Watauga, TX – 1939 Chevy
EL CAMINO – Tom Allen, Yantis, TX – 1965 El Camino
1955-1957 CHEVY – Jerry O’Connor, Shaunee, OK – 1955 Chevy
MONTE CARLO – Darrell Hyde, Bartlett, TN – 1987 Monte Carlo
NOVA – Ricky Carpenter, Arlington, TX – 1967 Nova
PRO STREET – Ed Bellore, Bixby, OK – 1965 Nova
TRUCK – Wayne Terry, Kaufman, TX -1967 Pick Up
PAINT – Marc Bernel, Arlington, TX – 1969 Camaro
DETAIL – Mike & Annette Bearden, Emory, TX – 1968 Camaro
ENGINE – Gene Sullivan, Lufkin, TX – 1969 Camaro
EXCELLENCE AWARD – Mike Price, Frisco, TX – 1969 Chevelle

BEST OF SHOW John Bedenbender, Mt. Vernon, TX – 1966 Chevelle


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Our partners at the Texas Motorplex want to make sure this year’s Super Chevy Show will rock your wheels off and now they’ve added more fun for both participants and spectators. First off, you can hit the strip and lay the smack-down on Brand X competitors during the CHEVY VERSUS THE WORLD THIS FAST FRIDAY. This, along with additional specialty races, are included in the paid tech card entry fee and a special prize package including a commemorative coin and trophy will be awarded to each winner in the following categories:

-          Best Reaction Time

-          Best Burnout in a Street Legal vehicle

-          Closest Dial-In

-          Fastest Car of the night in Race car and Street Car

For you two-wheel owners, there’s The Super Chevy Show Memorial Motorcycle Race and the winner and runner-up in each category will each receive a trophy and prize package including a commemorative coin. The entry fee is only $25 and all proceeds will go to the Ennis Veterans Memorial, honoring all U.S. Veterans. All classes will race heads up. Any participant running 120 mph or faster is required to have full leathers in addition to a helmet.

Here are the details for each motorcycle index category including:

-          12-second class (modified cruisers)

-          13-second class (large cruisers)

-          14.0-second class (small cruisers)

-          15-second class (smaller cruisers)

So make sure to get your Chevy in gear and on out to the Texas Motorplex this weekend for some cruising, racing, showing, swapping and some good old bowtie bench racing among fellow gearheads.


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Free Revell Make-n-Take Models for Kids Saturday

ENNIS, Texas (May 8, 2012) – The only way to make the country’s most beloved automotive brand car show and race better is to welcome and even more beloved veterans memorial. This year Super Chevy Show will feature the American Veterans Traveling Tribute wall – one of the most unique memorials in the country. What’s the best way to kick off such a dynamic event?

Cruising, of course!

The third of 12 national Super Chevy Show events presented by Chevy Performance will be held at Texas Motorplex this week, starting with an escorted cruise from Canton, Texas. The American Veterans Traveling Tribute wall will be on site all weekend and event organizers thought the best way to bring the wall to the famous facility was by escort.

“The wall honors all U.S. servicemen and women in all branches of service and we are proud to be able to host the wall this week. It’s truly an honor for all of North Texas,” Texas Motorplex owner Billy Meyer said. “Several emergency service organizations, motorcycle clubs and car clubs will be escorting the wall from Canton to the track where we will be waiting with music, drinks and food. It’s the perfect way to start an exciting weekend of Super Chevy Show events.”

The Cost of Freedom Tribute includes statistics from each major U.S. conflict and 9/11 attacks, a 380-foot-long and eight-foot-high Vietnam Memorial with 51,000 inscribed names, a gold dog tag display, a tribute to law enforcement and firefighters as well as historical documents, for visitors to reflect on.

Once the wall has been properly welcomed to North Texas, it will be time to race! Fast Friday presents the first of three unique street race nights slated for 2012 when CHEVY VERSUS THE WORLD opens the gates for the best regional street racing. Street legal racing with special prizes, trophies and bragging right will be handed out during the Fast Friday event between 7 p.m. – midnight. Then it’s time to show off those Chevy bowties.

Super Chevy Show just wouldn’t be the same without a cruise to start the big day of awards and honors. Cruisers can meet Super Chevy Magazine’s Jim Campisano and Calin Head in downtown Waxahachie (College Street and E. Main Street in Waxahachie) and everyone can ride to the track together in style (shine that car up and smile for the cameras!) Cruisers will meet for coffee and snacks at 8 a.m. before leaving at 9 a.m. for the Super Chevy Show.

Gates for the event open at 7 a.m. and car show judging begins with a seminar at 10:30 a.m. Drag racing starts at 10 a.m. including Elaine Larsen’s jet cars making special appearances throughout the day. Car show awards start at 3:30 p.m. and final eliminations and the final jet car run are scheduled for 5 p.m.




The third of 12 Super Chevy Show events slated for 2012 will be held at Texas Motorplex, May 12, 2012. But the action heats up starting Thursday with an escorted cruise from Canton, Texas to bring the American Veterans Traveling Tribute wall to Texas Motorplex for the weekend display.

The Super Chevy Show is a celebration of one of America’s most popular brands. The Motorplex will be filled with a car show, swap meet, car corral, kid’s activities area and of course, drag racing with the region’s top bracket racers as well as other family-fun entertainment.

Saturday will also feature two special events: A cruise and a fund-raising motorcycle race. Anyone who wants to cruise to the Motorplex with Super Chevy Magazine editors and photographers will gather in downtown Waxahachie (in front of the courthouse, corner of College Street and E. Main, Waxahachie) for coffee, snacks and camaraderie. The cruise will depart Waxahachie at 9 a.m. and everyone will be led by escort to the gates of Texas Motorplex.

All entry fees for the Saturday Ennis Memorial Motorcycle Showdown will be donated to the Ennis Veteran’s Memorial committee for their memorial honoring United States veterans.

This year only: All car show and race winners will receive a special commemorative coin in addition to trophies and cash prizes (varies depending on category) that honors and supports the Ennis Veterans Memorial.



Texas Motorplex, Ennis, Texas.  Track is located on Hwy. 287, two miles west of Ennis, between Interstates 35 and 45.



THURSDAY, MAY 10 – Cruise the AVTT wall to the Motorplex. Cruisers meet in Canton from the Lewis Chevrolet dealership (385 West Dallas Street, Canton) at 3:30 p.m.; Waxahachie Chamber Fun Bunch reception starts at 4:30 p.m. Welcome reception for the AVTT and cruisers in front of the Chevrolet Performance display starts at 5 p.m. with a live DJ, drinks and appetizers.

FRIDAY, MAY 11 – Fast Friday gates open 6 p.m. for street legal racing including CHEVY VERSUS THE WORLD laps with the winner receiving special prizes; Racing ends at midnight.

SATURDAY, MAY 12 – Participant gates open 7 a.m., spectator gates open 8 a.m.; American Traveling Tribute wall viewing and photos available from 8 a.m. until closing; Super Chevy participant cruisers gather at 8 a.m. (College Street and E. Main Street in Waxahachie); Car show judging seminar 10:30 a.m.; Autocross will be held between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Time trials start at 10 a.m.; the Aeromotive Eliminator Award will be given during the first round of the Fast GM class; Live band and BBQ 1-3 p.m.; Car show awards 3:30 p.m.; Pro Show 6 p.m.



Adult: $10 $15
Children 12 and under FREE; Youth (13-17) $5 $5



Friday Test ‘n’ Tune: $15 — Saturday Test-n-tune: $35 Fast GM (Electronics): $70 ($1,200 to win)

Quick GM (No E): $70 ($1,000 to win)

Car Show (judged class): $25

Show & Shine (not-judged):  $25

Heads Up Index (11, 12, 13): $40 ($250 to win each class)  Gen 5 Challenge: $35 (race AND show for just $40)

Corvette Showdown: $35

Veterans Memorial Motorcycle Showdown: $25 (all fees donated to memorial)

Tuff Trucks: $25

Dial for Dollars: $20

True Street GM: $40 ($250 to win)

Car Corral: $25

Swap Meet: $25

Autocross: $25


CONTACT:  Texas Motorplex: (972) 878-2641,


Texas Motorplex was the first all-concrete stadium-style drag racing facility ever constructed. Built in 1986, Texas Motorplex has been the place of many drag racing milestones and world record performances. The Billy Meyer-owned facility hosts a number of racing and car show events between March and November each year and also features the Champion’s Club – an 11,000 square-foot facility – that serves fully catered events throughout the year.





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