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WINNER: Claude Debonis .012 7.548 173.14
RUNNER UP: Rich Beswick .018 8.68 158.26
WINNER: William Bradshaw .035 9.220 147.20
RUNNER UP: Rob Reynolds .069 10.217 119.79
WINNER: Tom Calabrese .109 12.038 103.30
RUNNER UP: Paige Munneke .249 14.608 179.09
WINNER: Claude Debonis .001 7.621 169.89
RUNNER UP: David Hoxie .017 7.554 176.12
WINNER: Johnny Casquilla .023 5.523 123.49
RUNNER UP: Frank Corvino –.007 5.460 116.80
WINNER: Amanda Foley –.029 7.918 84.03
RUNNER UP: Keith Philhower –.001 7.917 82.88


Michael Adamcik 1954 Bel Air Hardtop
Heath & Cody Stern 1969 Chevelle
Greg Land 1955 210 Hardtop
Dean Olson 1963 Impala SS
Rich Martin 1965 Corvair Corsa
Norm & Susan Brown 1972 Nova
Scott Slaughter 1970 Camaro RS SS 350
Wyatt Reynolds 1972 C-10 Stepside
Glenn Travers 1970 El Camino
Julie Surface 1983 Monte Carlo SS
Tom & Shawn Calabrese 2020 Camaro SS
Robert Warren 1955 Bel Air
Jerry Ferguson 1955 Bel Air
Scott Price 1985 Camaro Z28
Darius Poitier 1968 Camaro
Bill Powell 2010 Colbalt
Gilbert Gibes 1971 Camaro
Ron Esposito 1970 Chevelle SS
George Morgan 1970 Nova
Steve Symmes 1966 Chevy II
ISCA Award – Robert Eyer 1957 Chevy
Club Participation – El Camino Owner Assoc
Outstanding Engineered – John Abraham 2004 Hummer
Outstanding Paint – Brian Allen 2005 SSR
Outstanding Interior – Allen McEntire 1956 Chevy 210
Outstanding Engine – Jay Bernard 1969 El Camino
Oustanding Stock – Lou Small 1962 Impala
Outstanding Street – Dave Shugard 1964 Malibu
Outstanding Modified – Dave Hedstrom 1932 Hedstrom
Outstanding Workmanship – Neil Edelstein 1969 Camaro RS
WINNER: Kevin Brackley 2010 Camaro SS
RUNNER UP: Stephen Vigoa 2013 Camaro ZL1
RUNNER UP: Pedro Martinez 2011 Camaro SS
EXHIBITION WINNER: Jason Danler 1972 Chevelle


WINNER: David Hoxie .036 7.559 174.19
RUNNER UP: Bruce Liberman .031 7.768 173.21
WINNER: Anthony Puleo .044 10.363 122.64
RUNNER UP: Ed Smith .150 9.890 137.74
WINNER: Kyle Philhower .129 7.889 83.57
RUNNER UP: Keith Philhower –.010 7.917 83.66


BIG CAR 1949 – 1989
STOCK WINNER: Melvyn Lipschitz 1960 Impala
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Warren Aplin 1975 Caprice
STOCK WINNER: John Williamson 1996 Impala SS
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Kelly Mock 1996 Impala SS
STREET WINNER: Nicole Munneke 1996 Caprice
MODIFIED WINNER: Nicole Munneke 1996 Impala
CHEVELLE 1964 – 1967
MODIFIED WINNER: Dave Shugard 1964 Chevelle Malibu
STREET WINNER: Heath & Cody Stern 1966 Chevelle
STOCK WINNER: Jeff Losapio 1970 Chevelle
STREET WINNER: George DeAngelis 1971 Chevelle
STOCK WINNER: Scott Herrington 1981 El Camino
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Randy Turner 1987 El Camino
STREET WINNER: Joshua Hanna 1986 El Camino
STREET OUTSTANDING: Ed Rogers 1986 El Camino
MODIFIED WINNER: Glenn Travers 1970 El Camino
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Lenny Carey 1987 El Camino
MODIFEID WINNER: Neil Stringen 1984 El Camino
STOCK WINNER: Melissa Aplin 2014 Malibu
STREET WINNER: Frank Jacobellis 2002 Cadillac CTS-V
STREET OUTSTANDING: Justin Sherwood 2006 Pontiac GTO
MODIFIED WINNER: William Swafford 2006 Cobalt
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Antonio Melo 2010 Cobalt SS
CAMARO 1967 – 1969
STOCK WINNER: Paul Davey 1967 Camaro
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Sal Damico 1969 Camaro
STREET WINNER: Alex Jozefyk 1969 Camaro
STREET OUTSTANDING: Nathan Miskulin 1969 Camaro Z28
CAMARO 1970 – 1981
STREET WINNER: Donald Endonino 1971 Camaro
STREET OUTSTANDING: Kobi Aviv 1979 Camaro
MODIFIED WINNER: John & Gina Miller 1970 Camaro
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Rick & Gavin Brown 1972 Camaro Z28
CAMARO 1982 – 1992
STREET WINNER: Ronnie Baker 1985 Camaro
CAMARO 1993 – 2002
STREET WINNER: Carl Ward 1994 Camaro Z28
STREET OUTSTANDING: Dave Harris 1995 Camaro Z28
STOCK WINNER: Mike Rice 2010 Camaro SS
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Kevin Fann 2012 Camaro SS/RS
STREET WINNER: Alfred Lozano 2011 Camaro SS
STREET OUTSTANDING: Darin Anderson 2010 Camaro
MODIFIED WINNER: David Poxio 2014 Camaro 1LE
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Skip Bebout 2010 Camaro
STOCK WINNER: Larry Valdes 1986 Monte Carlo Aero SS
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Julie Surface 1983 Monte Carlo
STREET WINNER: Cory Surface 1982 Monte Carlo
MODIFIED WINNER: Angelo Delguzzi 1987 Monte Carlo SS
CORVETTE 1953 – 1967
STOCK WINNER:  Joe Circelli 1965 Corvette
MODIFIED WINNER: Jeannie Hines 1966 Corvette
CORVETTE 1968 – 1996
STOCK WINNER: John Griffith 1970 Corvette
STREET WINNER:  Eric Rubin 1980 Corvette
CORVETTE 1997 – 2004
STOCK WINNER: Charles Ruggiero 2003 Corvette Z06
MODIFIED WINNER: John Zeilinga 2001 Corvette Z06
STOCK WINNER: Matt Gelling 2007 Corvette Z06
STOCK OUTSTANDING: Paul & Kathy Hewett 2009 Corvette Z06
STREET WINNER: Larry Malcom 2012 Corvette
MODIFIED WINNER: Ray Bergman 2006 Corvette
NOVA 1962 – 1967
MODIFIED WINNER: Lisa Romero 1966 Chevy II Wagon
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Michael Hines 1964 Nova
STREET WINNER: Lloyd Knevelbaard 1970 Nova SS
MODIFIED WINNER: Norm & Susan Brown 1972 Nova
STREET WINNER: Harris Schulman 1966 Chevy II
STREET OUTSTANDING: Andrew Paul 1969 Camaro
MODIFIED WINNER: Billy Koepke 1963 Nova SS
TRUCK 1949 – 1972
STOCK WINNER: Richard Zirinsky 1972 C-10
STREET WINNER: Wyatt Reynolds 1972 C-10
MODIFIED WINNER: Steve Wooster 1955 Truck
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: Shel McCartney 1952 Truck
TRUCK 1973 – 1987
MODIFIED WINNER: Joe Betanzos 1987 R10
MODIFIED WINNER: Donald Endonino 1989 S-10
MODIFIED OUTSTANDING: John Abraham 2004 Hummer
MODIFIED WINNER: Don Bell 1991 S-10
CHEVY 1955 – 1956 – 1957
STREET WINNER: Harris Warner 1955 Bel Air
STREET OUTSTANDING: Rose Siroky 1956 Bel Air Wagon
STOCK WINNER: Lou Small 1962 Impala
STREET WINNER: Allen McEntire 1956 Chevy 2-10
MODIFIED WINNER: Robert Eyer 1957 Chevy
BEST BIG CAR: Gary Surface 1966 Caprice
BEST CAMARO: Robert Spadaro 2011 Camaro
BEST CHEVELLE: Michael Merlo 1969 Chevelle
BEST CORVETTE: Randy Wilkenson 1973 Corvette
BEST 55-56-57: Greg Land 1955 210
BEST EARLY CHEVROLET: Gary Roemer 1940 Coupe
BEST CONVERSION: Brian Griffin 1983 Malibu
BEST EL CAMINO: Jay Bernard 1969 El Camino
BEST NOVA: Mike Larrabee 1970 Nova
BEST MONTE CARLO: Polly Daugherty 1987 Monte Carlo
BEST OPEN: Marty Sherry 2004 SSR
BEST TRUCK: Brian Allen 2005 SSR
BEST IN SHOW: Dennis Delphus 1941 Roadster


The Super Chevy Show Presented by Chevrolet Performance Returns to Memphis International Raceway

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A spring tradition returns to the Bluff City as Memphis International Raceway brings back the nation’s largest automotive celebration on April 11, 12 and 13

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (March 28, 2014) – Memphis International Raceway (MIR) to host the Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance the weekend of April 11-13, 2014. As the second stop on the 12-event series, the show will feature high-powered Chevy racing excitement and spectacular Chevy show cars, along with the nation’s finest performance and restoration midway for General Motors products.

Beginning at noon on Friday, the three-day car show starts with a Show & Shine Festival of Cars, with specialty awards on Saturday and Sunday’s activities concluding the event with the most sought after Best of Show and class awards.

The drag racing action also starts Friday night with the popular MIR Test & Tune, and the launch of the weekend’s Pro Mod qualifying while also giving all participants a chance to shake their cars down. Saturday, the 5th generation Camaros will go head-to-head in the Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars in a special trophy class, along with True Street and Bonus Races. While all three days MIR will host, the Bracket 1, Bracket 2, R. T. Turbines D.O.T. Street, R. T. Turbines Jr. Dragster and Run for the Money eliminations.

In addition, the event will include three-days of Pro Mod eliminations and special Pro Show attractions by Hanna Motorsports, with the Top Secret Jet Car driven by Ken Hall and the return of Rich Hanna’s GOJO Firebird, Pontiac Jet Car, as well as the popular Super Winch Wheelstander, driven by Danny O’Day. Making a first appearance this year at MIR will be the 300 M.P.H. Queen of Diamonds jet dragster driven by Jill Canuso.

Participants and fans can shop the manufacturers’ midway for the best in new Chevy aftermarket performance parts or the gigantic swap meet for those hard-to-find restoration treasures. This is a show you will come early and are sure to stay late, it offers something for everyone.

“This event is a staple in the MIR schedule and one that we look forward to hosting each year,” said Pam Kendrick, Vice President and General Manager Memphis International Raceway. “The event continues to grow in popularity and the team at MIR looks for that trend to continue as we prepare for record crowds.”

Tickets are available at the gate or in advance at Spectator pricing for adults is $15 Friday, $25 Saturday and $15 Sunday or purchase a three-day pass for $40. Tickets for children six to 12 years old is $5 per day and children five and under get in for FREE.


Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance Schedule


Friday, April 11, 2014

8:00 a.m. Gate Opens

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Racer Parking / Vendor & Swap Meet Load In

12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Car Show – Show N Shine w/car clubs

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Super Chevy Registration / Tech

6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. MIR Test & Tune (Slicks & SCSW Racers)

7:30 p.m. Pro Mod /Qualifying #1

10:00 p.m. Track Secure


Saturday, April 12, 2014

8:00 a.m. Gate Opens

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Car & Truck Show Registration / Tech

10:00 a.m. Bracket Time Trials

11:00 a.m. Car & Truck Show Judging Begins

12:00 p.m. True Street Challenge Cruise

12:00 p.m. Pre-Race Ceremonies

12:30 p.m. Pro Mod / Qualifying #2

1:00 p.m. PRO Show (Jets & Wheelstander)

1:15 p.m. CamaroGuys.comGen 5 Challenge

1:30 p.m. True Street Challenge Runs

2:00 p.m. 1st Round Bonus Races

4:00 p.m. Car / Truck Show SPECIAL AWARDS

4:00 p.m. Bracket Time Trials

4:15 p.m. 2nd Round Bonus Races

6:00 p.m. CamaroGuys.comGen 5 Challenge

6:15 p.m. Pro Mod / Qualifying #3

7:00 p.m. PRO Show (Jets & Wheelstander)

7:30 p.m. 3rd Round – Conclusion Bonus Races

9:00 p.m. Track Secure


Sunday, April 13, 2014

8:00 a.m. Gate Opens

8:30 a.m. Racer for Christ Service

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Car & Truck Show Registration / Tech

9:30 a.m. Run for the Money Time Trials

11:00 a.m. Car /Truck Show Judging Begins – CLASS AWARDS

11:00 a.m. Pro Mod Round #1

11:30 a.m. Bracket Eliminations Round #1

1:00 p.m. Opening Ceremonies

1:30 p.m. Pro Mod Round #2

1:30 p.m. PRO Show (Jets & Wheelstander)

2:00 p.m. Bracket Eliminations Round #2

3:30 p.m. Pro Mod Round #3

3:30 p.m. Car / Truck Show – CLASS AWARDS

4:00 p.m. Bracket Round 3 – Conclusion

5:00 p.m. Pro Mod & PRO Show (Jets & Wheelstander)

Schedule subject to change

About the Super Chevy Show: The Super Chevy Show tour is the premier national event for all Chevrolet enthusiasts offering something for everyone. From high-powered Chevy racing action to the spectacular show cars at the top NHRA and IHRA tracks across the country. The Series boasts one of the nation’s finest Performance & Restoration Midways for GM products, as well as a Swap Meet and Car Corral at most events. Kids are always welcome to take part in the free Revell Make ‘N Take activity each day to build their own model car to keep. The Super Chevy Show is widely considered the best brand-specific event in the country. For more information, visit:

About Memphis International Raceway: Memphis International Raceway™ (MIR) is a state-of-the-art, acclaimed motorsports facility featuring a formidable 1.8-mile asphalt Road Course, a riveting 1/4-mile Drag Strip, and an enthralling 3/4-mile Tri-Oval Short Track. The high performance Road Course is considered among the most competitive in the Mid-South with 8 turns and a 3,500-foot straightaway. Hosting such premier events as the IHRA Summit World Finals, Super Chevy Show and the American Drag Racing League’s Memphis Drags IV, the Drag Strip was built to IHRA and NHRA specifications, and its track, concrete to the 1/8-mile, was milled and polished by Penhall. Twelve private Suites offer an optimized vantage point for drag racing fans. Home to the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience and built to NASCAR specifications, the paved Tri-Oval Short Track consists of 11-degree banked turns, 4-degree straightaways, and an 1,100-foot backstretch with ample bleachers and 16 VIP Suites. The Tri-Oval Short Track hosts racing events from the Porsche Club of America, Sports Car Club of America, and ARCA/CRA Super Series. Acquired in 2011 by IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRG), the 342-acre MIR reopened in 2011 to a series of enhancements including additional grandstands, equipment upgrades and a refurbishment of the paved Tri-Oval Short Track. In May 2013, the Road Course underwent a major renovation with a resurfacing of the entire course. IRG also owns and operates Palm Beach International Raceway™, Southwestern International Raceway™, and the International Hot Rod Association™. For more information, visit, connect with MIR at and, call 901.969.7223, or send an email to

For more information log onto


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Super Chevy Show at Texas Motorplex: May 17-18, 2014

Super Chevy Show Categories and Pricing

All Super Chevy Show participants SAVE $10 on the fees below and get FREE admission to Fast Friday (race for $5) by purchasing in advance at or at (972) 878-2641.

All participants must stop at Gate 10 when they enter the facility to pick up their Tech Cards, Car Show Judging Cards or their Swap Meet or Car Corral Registration forms. Participants who have purchased their registration in advance will show the print at home ticket at the gate when they arrive in exchange for the appropriate forms for competition. All goodie bags will be distributed at Gate 10 at time of purchase or registration redemption.



Category   Entry Fee   Payout
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Electronics (Fast GM/Chevy) $65 Win $1,000, R/U $400
No Electronics (Quick GM/Chevy) $65 Win $800, R/U $300
Heads up Index (11, 12, 13) $40 Win $200, R/U $100
True Street Cruise/Hot laps Chevy/GM $40 Win $200, R/U $100
STREET DOT Chevy/GM $40 Win $200, R/U $100
CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars $35 Trophies, prizes
Test-n-Tune $35 Prizes, giveaways
Tuff Truck/ SUV $25 Trophies, gift cards, prizes
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Electronics (Fast GM/Chevy) $65 Win $1,000, R/U $400
No Electronics (Quick GM/Chevy) $65 Win $800, R/U $300
Heads up Index (11, 12, 13) $40 Win $200, R/U $100
Test-n-Tune $35 Prizes, giveaways
Tuff Truck/ SUV $25 Trophies, gift cards, prizes
Car Show and Other Activities
Weekend Car Show $35 Plaques, goodie bags, prizes
Saturday Editor’s Pick/Show & Shine $25 Plaques, goodie bags
Sunday All Judged Car Show $25 Plaques, goodie bags, prizes
Swap Meet (Weekend or single day) $20 Goodie bags
Car Corral (Weekend or single day) $20 Goodie bags


Friday, May 16, 2014 – FAST FRIDAY: $15 to race, $10 to watch (youth 13-17 are just $5)
6 p.m.: Fast Friday gates open
7 p.m. – Midnight: Test-n-Tune
Saturday, May 17, 2014
7 a.m.: Racer gates open / participant parking
7 a.m.: Cruisers meet in downtown Waxahachie
8 a.m.: Cruisers depart from designated location to ride to Texas Motorplex
8 a.m.: Spectator gates open
8 a.m.: Tech opens / Fuel Station opens
9 a.m.: Car show registration and setup (9 a.m. – noon)
10 a.m.: Two Time Trials for all race classes
10:30 a.m.: Car show judging seminar
11:45 a.m.: NAPA Shootout TOPMA Pro Mod Round 1 Qualifying
12 p.m.: True Street challenge cruise
12 p.m.: Bracket Racing Round 1
12 p.m.: Heads Up Racing
12-2 p.m.: FREE Revell “Make-n-Take Models” for kids
1 p.m.: NAPA Shootout TOPMA Pro Mod Round 2 Qualifying
2:30 p.m.: NAPA Shootout TOPMA Pro Mod Round 1 Eliminations
3:30 p.m.: Editor’s Choice award ceremony
Sunday, May 18, 2014
7 a.m.: Racer gates open / participant parking
8 a.m.: Spectator gates open
10 a.m.: Two time trials for all race classes
10:30 a.m.: Car show judging seminar
12 p.m.: Race classes Eliminations rounds begin
3:30 p.m.: Car Show awards




Super Chevy Magazine Editor’s Top 5 Show Cars
Super Chevy Magazine Editors Top 5 Race Cars
Outstanding Engine
Outstanding Interior
Outstanding Engineered
Outstanding Workmanship
Outstanding Stock Street Modified
Outstanding Young Gun
Outstanding Club Participation
Texas Motorplex Choice


Big Car-1949 to 1989
Big Car-1990 to Current
Corvette-1984- newer
Conversion-1900 to Current
Early Chevrolet-1900-1948
El Camino
Monte Carlo
Truck-1949-1972-All pu-2wd-4wd
Truck-1973-1987-All pu-2wd-4wd
Truck-1988-Newer-All PU 2wd-4wd
Sport Utility-Full-Mini-2wd-4wd

Best in Show


Racer Information: Classes
FAST GM – Electronics Class, ¼- mile, Full Tree, Dial Your Own
QUICK GM – No Electronics Class, ¼- mile, Full Tree, Dial Your Own
STREET GM – Street Legal, ¼- mile, Full Tree, Dial Your Own, All Run
TUFF TRUCK/SUV – Street Legal ¼- mile, Full Tree, Dial Your Own, All Run
HEADS UP INDEX – 11.00, 12.00, 13.00 – ¼- mile, .400 Pro Tree
TRUE STREET – ¼- mile, .400 Pro Tree, All Run

Purse and Payout
E.T. Bracket Classes:
Electronics /Fast GM: Winner $1,000, runner-up $400
No Electronics /Quick GM: Winner $800, runner-up $300
Street DOT GM: Winner $200, runner-up $100
True Street GM: Winner $200, runner-up TROPHY
CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars: Winners TROPHY
Tuff Truck/SUV: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY

Heads Up Classes:
11.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100
12.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100
13.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100

True Street Race Classes:
True Street: Winner $200, runner-up $100
10.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
11.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
12.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
13.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY

Class Rules
ELECTRONICS/FAST GM – ¼- mile, Full Tree
Fast GM: Winner $1,000, runner-up $400
Electronics Class, ¼- mile, box, transbrake, full tree, dial your own, all run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit

NO ELECTRONICS/QUICK GM – ¼- mile, Full Tree
Quick GM: Winner $800, runner-up $300
No Electronics Class, ¼-mile, no box, no transbrake, full tree, all run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit, must leave off footbrake

CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars– ¼- mile, Full Tree, Heads Up
5th Gen Camaro Shootout: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
No slicks, DOT tires, registration required, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit

STREET GM – ¼- mile, Full Tree Street GM: Winner $200, runner-up $100
No slicks, DOT tires, registration required, all-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size allowed, no weight limit

TUFF TRUCK/SUV – ¼- mile, Full Tree
Tuff Truck: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
All-run field, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size, no weight limit
11.00, 12.00, & 13.00 INDEX – ¼- mile, Pro Tree
11.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100
12.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100
13.0 INDEX: Winner $200, runner-up $100
Pro .400 Tree, all-run field, closest to index without going under, no throttle stops, any power adder combo allowed, any tire size, no weight limit, ladder by previous round reaction time

TRUE STREET– ¼- mile, Pro Tree, All Run
True Street: Winner $250 runner-up $100
10.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
11.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
12.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY
13.00: Winner TROPHY, runner-up TROPHY

All True Street vehicles must conform to these guidelines:
1. Must be a Chevy or GM bodied or an Open Body that is Chevy or GM powered.
2. Any engine is permitted on closed body vehicles.
3. Any style cylinder head is allowed.
4. Any type of induction system is allowed. Both carburetor and fuel injection are permitted.
5. Any form of power adder is allowed, including nitrous, single and twin turbos, and superchargers. Twin power adders are permitted.
6. No minimum race weight is required.
7. A closed exhaust with mufflers is required. All exhaust fumes must exit the outlet of the muffler. Turndowns are permitted.
8. Any style front suspension, including bolt-on tubular K-members, replacement front clips, etc., is permitted.
9. Any rear suspension is allowed, including tubs and mini-tubs.
10. An entry must start, operate, and drive under its own power with one driver in the car.
11. All cars must have D.O.T. approved tires and wheels in the front and rear during the road cruise, and while racing.
12. Car must complete the road cruise of 20 miles, and three rounds of eliminations on one tank of fuel. No refueling will be permitted after the road cruise begins.
All drivers must have the following:
1. A current, valid driver’s license.
2. Valid, current insurance and registration cards for any vehicle entered in competition, which must be presented (with driver’s license at the request of the tech inspector. License plate(s) are mandatory; no dealer plates or registrations. Faxes or letters from insurance companies are not permitted–actual paperwork must be presented when requested.
3. All operational, DOT-mandated safety equipment for the particular model year must be operational, including (but not limited to headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn and brake lights; cars will be checked for proper operation of equipment.
4. A Drag Race entry purchased at the gate and tech card purchased at the Registration Center.
5. A tech card for track tech. Track tech may follow True Street tech, but will be performed regardless.
6. A pen to fill in the tech card legibly. All information that will be posted after the race and in the magazine must be legible. We are not responsible for misspelled names, unknown years, and models of cars.

Road Cruise:
1. All vehicles, after passing True Street tech, will proceed to the next segment, the designated road cruise.
2. Escorts will be provided. All participants must obey local and federal traffic laws, including passing, merging and speed limits. Burnouts or other illegal acts before or during the road cruise are prohibited. Violators will be subject to disqualification.
3. All support vehicles (i.e., tow vehicles or any other vehicle that will not be actually racing) are allowed to go on the road cruise, provided they are behind the entire group of True Street participants.
4. Any car unable to complete the road cruise under its own power will be disqualified, along with the driver.
5. After completion of the road cruise, all cars are to go back to designated area in the staging lanes for True Street participants.
6. Opening of the hood is prohibited once the road cruise begins until three rounds of drag strip competition have been completed. If the hood is opened during this time, the car and driver will be disqualified.
7. Opening the trunk or hatch of the car is allowed prior to the first round of competition (i.e., hooking up nitrous bottles.) Changing nitrous bottles is not permitted once racing commences.
8. No external cooling of the engine is allowed. No external fans, ice or pressurized fluids may be used. Use of a radiator-mounted primary electric cooling fan is permitted. No battery charger may be connected to the battery after the road cruise. Excessive use of your electric fan may drain your battery. If the battery is unable to start your car during racing, both car and driver will be disqualified.
9. No repairs are to be made from underneath the engine compartment. Any attempts to repair items from underneath will be grounds for disqualification.
Race Procedure:
1. Hoods and deck lids are not to be opened for any reason during the three passes. Hatchback owners may reach through the passenger compartment to access the hatch area only to open nitrous bottles.
2. Tire pressure may be checked, but air can only be removed. No inflation of tires is permitted during the race; therefore, no inflation equipment will be permitted in the car.
3. If you experience any problems (mechanical or otherwise,) and cannot make a pass, do not make it. If you oil down or crash on the track surface, you jeopardize yourself and others. Promptly inform a track official of your withdrawal from the class.
4. Only drivers will be permitted to be with the car during the three passes. All pit members may stand only in the grandstand area or burnout area.
5. If a car is unable to start under its own power, both the driver and car will be disqualified. No push starts will be allowed.
6. All cars and racers must make three runs ¼ Mile, .400 Pro Tree.
7. After the three passes are made, E.T.’s will be added up, and then divided by three, establishing an average used to place the drivers. The three run average will be used to determine the winner, runner-up and index winners.

Winner: Quickest average E.T. of three runs
Runner-up: 2nd quickest average E.T. of three runs
10 second index – closest average time to 10.0 seconds
11 second index – closest average time to 11.0 seconds
12 second index – closest average time to 12.0 seconds
13 second index – closest average time to 13.0 seconds
8. All results and decisions from the Super Chevy Show staff are final. Averages will be posted the day of the race at the Super Chevy Show car show awards area.
All cars must pass track and/or NHRA technical inspection, and must be legal for the E.T. and speed they run. Drivers must have proper licensing; i.e., if you have a 9-second car, you must have a 9-second driver’s license. It is up to the track to enforce all safety rules.
For more information, contact Texas Motorplex at (972) 878-2641; go to

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