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MILLINGTON, Tenn., (April 17, 2013) – The participants and spectators agree, the Super Chevy Show at Memphis International Raceway was a huge success again in 2013. With record-breaking crowds the event not only offered Chevy motorsports fans a weekend of racing and car show action, the RacingJunk Swap Meet and Collector Car Nation Car Corral areas were buzzing with shoppers looking for their next treasure or project car.

The well rounded event gave music fans a treat with a Friday night concert with Carissa Dawn’s til the Whiskeys Gone Band and a weekend of autograph sessions by the one and only Michael Ballard and the lovely Angie from Tru TV’s Full Throttle Saloon, as well as a variety of Chevy-centric vendors in the Midway.



Winner: Clay Lawson – Poplar Bluff MO

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.141                10.40              11.429                        96.69

Runner Up: Keith Glenn – Hartsville AL

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.333                11.70              12.945                        90.37


Super Pro

Winner: JR Barclay

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.008                4.46                4.497              154.42

Runner Up: Jeremy Odom – Olive Branch MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.048                7.62                7.589              89.92


Pro Footbrake

Winner: Kyle Rumley – Bruceton TN

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.049                6.89                6.870              98.90

Runner Up: Malone Wren – Mantacho MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.049                8.14                8.092              80.62


True Street


10 Index

Winner:  Danny Tellman – Jefferson City MO, 1968 Camaro SS/RS

Runner Up:  Chris Taggart – Pearl MS, 1967 Chevy II SS


11 Index

Winner: Allen Cleveland – Florence MS, 1964 Chevelle

Runner Up: Dietrich Bollinger – Benton MO, 2002 Camaro


12 Index

Winner: Matt Harned – Paducah KY, 2001 Camaro

Runner Up: Nathan Porter – Southaven MS, 1998 Camaro LS1


13 Index

Winner: Michael Meyers – Wood River IL, 1962 Chevy

Runner Up: Byron Long – Lucy TN, 1967 Camaro RS




Editor’s Choice Top 10 Show Car

David West Jr. – Memphis TN, 1971 Chevelle Concours Wagon

Les Saville – Little Rock AR, 1970 Chevelle SS 454

Bill Lessenberry  – Little Rock AR, 1968 Chevelle SS 396

Kenneth Pierce ­– Hattiesburg MS, 1966 Nova

Anthony Sosebee – Blairsville, GA, 1962 Corvette

Larry Frederick – Petersburg IN, 1962 Bel Air

Bobby Gilliam – Lakeland TN, 1971 Camaro SS

Chris Morganelli – Atoka TN, 1967 Camaro

Bobby Hardin – Savannah TN, 1955 Nomad

Clyde Shafer – Methopolis TN, 1977 Scottsdale



Editor’s Choice Top 10 Race Car

Rick Thomas – St. Louis MO, 1970 Monte Carlo

Van Work – Downsville LA, 1980 Malibu

Chris Taggart – Brandon MS, 1967 Nova

Raymond Kendall – Murray KY, 1971 Chevelle

Tonny Pease – Dyersburg TN, 1967 Bel Air

Jay Barnes – Corinth, MS 1967 Camaro

Ted Jannetty – Waterbury CT, 1973 Camaro RS

Shawn Smith – Palistine AR, 1984 Monte Carlo

Billy Kennedy – Colt TN, 1980 El Co

Robert Wilson – Sparta MO, 1974 Vega




Outstanding Stock

Mick Price – Atwood IL, 1969 Camaro


Outstanding Street

Charles Brisco – Madison TN, 2005 Corvette


Outstanding Modified

Marlow Jones – Scott AR, 1967 Camaro


Outstanding Engine

Steve & Bev West – Normal IL, 1972 Chevelle


Outstanding Interior

Bill Townsend – Caruthersville MO, 1963 Nova


Outstanding Paint

Gregg Dunkin – Memphis TN, 1969 Camaro


Outstanding Workmanship

Pete Vaught – Murfreesboro TN, 1967 Chevy II


Outstanding Engineered

Lowell Grooms – South Fulton TN, 1963 Volkswagen Beetle


ISCA Award

Billy Reaves – Hernando MS, 1957 Sedan Delivery


World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation – Pink Piston Award

Rhonda Darnell – Mayfield KY, 2002 Camaro




Winner: Kelly Cooley – Picayune MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.012                6.23                6.252              111.81

Runner Up: Donnie Barnes – Picayune MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

-.193               5.95                5.941              116.35


Bracket 2

Winner: Brian Anglin – Medina TN

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.024                7.50                7.550              88.15

Runner Up: Alex Hubbard – Byhalia MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.071                7.65                7.657              88.35



Winner: Todd Berry – Tuscumbia AL

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.036                10.78              10.820                        123.59

Runner Up: Joey Linville – Florence AL

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

-.001               11.12              10.687                        132.53


Mean Street

Winner: Jeff Kiesmann – Oakland TN

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

.077                5.20                5.225              130.53

Runner Up: Tommy Blackard –Iuka MS

RT                   D/I                  ET                   MPH

-.021               5.20                5.362              137.46


Pro Mod

Winner: Jerry Prater

RT                   ET                   MPH

.038                4.097              177.70

Runner Up: Tim Segars – Huntsville AL

RT                   ET                   MPH

.023                4.116              181.52





Club Participation – Camaro Kings and Queens of Memphis

Young Star – Steven Lynaugh – Wynne AR, 1972 Cheyenne




Winner: Chris Dear – Terry MS, 1972 Monte Carlo


Winner: Kyle Wibbenmeyer – Maryland Heights MO, 1988 Monte Carlo

Outstanding: Brian Wibbenmeyer – Bloomsdale MO, 1988 Monte Carlo


Winner: Darrell Hyde – Bartlett TN, 1987 Monte Carlo

Outstanding: Eric Kemp ­– Winslow IN, 1986 Monte Carlo



Winner: David Krech – Memphis TN, 1955 Chevy

Outstanding: Mike Baker – Lowell AR, 1967 Camaro



Winner: James & Tiffany Zajai – Tupelo MS, Front End Dragster


EARLY CHEVY 1900-1948


Winner: Warren Joerg – Randall KS, 1936 Chevy Coupe

Outstanding: Ray Lambert – Creal Springs IL, 1937 Chevy Coupe




Winner: Warren Kemp – Petersburg IN, 1948 Chevy Pickup




Winner: Don Bigham – Randall KS, 1971 Chevy El Camino

Outstanding: Todd Jamrs – Olive Branch MS, 1987 GMC El Camino


Winner: Bobby Smith – Mt. Juliet TN, 1979 Chevy El Camino

Outstanding: Taurus Lipford – Southaven MS, 1980 Chevy El Camino




Winner: Dave West – Memphis TN, 1965 Corvair Monza




Winner: Frank Millington – Senatobia MS, 1933 Ford Coupe

Outstanding: Anthony Zinkle – Horn Lake MS, 1991 Nissan

Nostalgia Rod

Winner: Melendy & Dennis Kelly – Memphis TN, 1929 Pontiac Coupe

Outstanding: Vaughn Wilbanks – Corinth MS, 1927 Whippet

Nostalgia Sprint Car

Winner: David Harper – Germantown TN, 1966 Sprint Car


CAMARO 1967-1969


Winner: Mick Price – Atwood IL, 1969 Camaro

Outstanding: Scooter Anderson – Bartlett TN, 1968 Camaro


Winner: Chuck Martin – Brunswick TN, 1969 Camaro

Outstanding:  Kevin Caffman – Collierville TN, 1967 Camaro


Winner: Chris Morganelli – Atoka TN, 1967 Camaro

Outstanding: Maklon Jones – Scott AR, 1967 Camaro

Modified 1968

Winner: Jeremy Young – Memphis TN

Outstanding: Danny Deramus – Mena AR

Modified 1969

Winner: Robert Parrish – Ripley MS

Outstanding: Gregg Dunkin – Memphis TN


CAMARO 1970-1981


Winner: Charles Brisco – Madison TN, 1979 Camaro

Outstanding: Brian Metherly – Paducah KY, 1979 Camaro


Winner: Kevin Caffman – Collierville TN, 1971 Camaro

Outstanding: Jack Avery – West Memphis AR, 1972 Camaro


Winner: Bobby Gilliam – Lakeland TN, 1971 Camaro

Outstanding: Tammie Hannah – Hernando MS, 1974 Camaro


CAMARO 1982-1992


Winner: Randy Darnell – Mayfield KY, 1992 Camaro


CAMARO 1993-2002


Winner: Rhonda Darnell – Mayfield KY, 2002 Camaro

Outstanding: Robby Spencer – Terry MS, 2002 Camaro


Winner: Norma Miller – Farmington KY, 2002 Camaro

Outstanding: Wesley Needham – Milan TN, 2002 Camaro




Winner: Debra Gladney – Memphis TN, 2011 Camaro


Winner: Bobby Duncan – Little Rock AR, 2010 Camaro

Outstanding: Charlie Wibbenmeyer – Ste. Genevieve MO, 2010 Camaro


Winner: Felix Castillo – Memphis TN, 2010 Camaro

Outstanding: Shawn Macaluso – Memphis TN, 2011 Camaro


CHEVELLE 1964-1967


Winner: Rick & Cathy Layone – Murphysboro IL, 1966 Chevelle


Winner: Ray Zielinski – Villa Ridge MO, 1966 Chevelle

Outstanding: Larry Styers – Arlington TN, 1967 Chevelle




Winner: Jim Cohen – Memphis TN, 1972 Chevelle

Outstanding: Leland Smith – Clinton MO, 1970 Chevelle


Winner: Glenn Shoemaker – Collierville TN, 1969 Chevelle

Outstanding: Bart Wilkinson – Millington TN, 1969 Chevelle


Winner: Steve & Bev West – Normal IL, 1972 Chevelle

Outstanding: Steve & Terrie Lee – Murphysboro IL, 1970 Chevelle


CORVETTE 1953-1967


Winner: Jim Willis – Lakeland TN, 1965 Corvette


Winner: Kenny Dores – Millington TN, 1960 Corvette

Outstanding: Carl Walling – Southaven MS, 1961 Corvette


Winner: Anthony Sosebee – Blairsville GA, 1962 Corvette

Outstanding: Dan Tucker – Little Rock AR, 1966 Corvette


CORVETTE 1968-1996


Winner: Terry Cottonaro – Murfreesboro TN, 1971 Corvette

Outstanding: Chad Connely – Arlington TN, 1989 Corvette


Winner: Joe Sluder – Cordova TN, 1979 Corvette

Outstanding: Steve Wade – Arlington TN, 1995 Corvette


Winner: Dan Deramus – Mena AR, 1982 Corvette


CORVETTE 1997-2004


Winner: Paul Ferguson – Arlington TN, 2003 Corvette

Outstanding: David Pierce – Sherwood AR, 2002 Corvette




Winner: Dan Lippy – Williston TN, 2013 Corvette

Outstanding: Joe Harrell – Arlington TN, 2007 Corvette


Winner: Charles Brisco – Madison TN, 2005 Corvette

Outstanding: Rita New – Maumelle AR, 2007 Corvette




Winner: Mike McAllister – Elberfield, 1955

Outstanding: Donna Kenyon – Cordova TN, 1957

Modified 1955

Winner: Terry Dresch – Lakeview AR, 1955

Outstanding: Shawn Brereton – Memphis TN, 1955

Modified 1956-1957

Winner: Billy Reaves – Hernando MS, 1957

Outstanding: Bob Ruby – East Alton IL, 1956


NOVA 1962-1967


Winner: Rodney Knight – Phil Campbell AL, 1967 Nova

Outstanding: Larry Shoemaker – Creal Springs IL, 1967 Nova


Winner: Willard Bradley Jr. – Murfreesboro TN, 1966 Nova

Outstanding: Jim Lippert – Green KS, 1966 Nova

Modified 1962-1966

Winner: Kenneth Pierce – Hattiesburg MS, 1966 Nova

Outstanding: Bill Townsend – Caruthersville MO, 1963 Nova

Modified 1967

Winner: Pete Vaught – Murfreesboro TN, 1967 Nova

Outstanding: Ray Noble – Little Rock AR, 1967 Nova




Winner: Ronnie Keahly – Minford TN, 1971 Nova


Winner: Matt Loft – Bartlett TN, 1974 Nova

Outstanding: Pat & Bev Bunting – Jacksonville AR, 1976 Nova


Winner: Mike & Cindy Helton – Hernando MS, 1969 Nova


BIG CAR 1949-1989


Winner: Taurus Lipford – Southaven MS, 1975 Caprice


Winner: Diana & David Ward – Millington TN, 1959 Impala Sport Coupe

Outstanding: Charley Davis – Southaven MS, 1962 Impala SS


Winner: Jim Inman – Ward AR, 1962 Impala

Outstanding: LaMorris Person – Jackson TN, 1980 Caprice




Winner: Charlie & Norma Hinckle – Auburn IL, 1996 Impala SS


Winner: Gary Cochran – 1995 Impala SS




Winner: Ron Spooler – Cape Girardeau MO, 1996 GMC Jimmy

Outstanding: George Moore – Nesbit MS, 2008 HHR SS


Winner: David & Leigh Ann Fulcher – Arlington TN, 1972 Suburban



Winner: James & Tiffany Zajai – Cabot AR, 1949 Chevy 3100

Outstanding: Ron Hecht – Jackson MO, 1955 Chevy Pickup


PICKUP 1949-1972


Winner: Steven Lynaugh – Win AR, 1972 Cheyenne

Outstanding: Kerrie & Sandra Bullock – Moscow TN, 1968 C-10


Winner: Ben Harrington – Tupelo MS, 1972 Super Cheyenne

Outstanding: Jonathan Livingston – Lake Village AR, 1971 K-5


Winner: Terry Brigance – Beechmont KY, 1972 Cheyenne

Outstanding: Scott Carroll – Olive Branch MS, 1952 Chevy 3100


PICKUP 1973-1987


Winner: Clyde Shaffer – Metropolis IL, 1977 Scottsdale 4×4

Outstanding: Skeeter Pettigrew – Walls MS, 1986 4×4


Winner: Mike Willis – Collierville TN, 1984 C-10

Outstanding: Kerrie & Sandra Bullock – Moscow TN, 1974 C-30




Winner: Frank Robison – Athens AL, 1993 Chevy Truck

Outstanding: Bill Mallett – Sherwood AR, 2011 Colorado


Winner: Gordon Wildridge – Lexington TN, 1995 Silverado

Outstanding: Ricky Rose – Brighton TN, 2001 Chevy Truck


Winner: Robert Vannart – Bartlett TN, 2001

Outstanding: Glen Roberts – Horn Lake MS, 1990




Big Car – Larry Frederick – Petersburg IN, 1962 Chevy Bel Air

68 & Newer Chevelle – Warren Joerg – Randall KS, 1970 Chevelle


62-67 Nova – Jim & Judy Lippert – Green KS, 1967 Nova

55-56-57 – Joseph Mouton – New Orleans LA, 1955 Chevy Bel Air



Big Car – Jim Inman – Wand AR, 1962 Impala

Camaro – Mick Price – Atwood IL, 1969 Camaro

Chevelle – Steve & Bev West – Normal IL, 1972 Chevelle

Corvette – Anthony Sosebee – Blairsville GA, 1962 Corvette

Conversion – Frank Millington – Senatobia MS, 1933 Ford Coupe

Open – Dave West – Memphis TN, 1965 Corvair Manza

Early Chevy – Warren Joerg – Randall KS, 1936 Chevy Coupe

El Camino – Bobby Smith – Mount Juligt TN, 1979 El Camino

1955-1956-1957 – Bill Reaves – Hernando MS, 1957 Chevy

Monte Carlo – Darrell Hyde – Bartlett TN, 1987 Monte Carlo

Nova – Pete Vaught – Murfreesboro TN, 1967 Nova

Pro Street/Engineered – David Krech – Memphis TN, 1955 Chevy 210

Truck – Robert Vannart – Bartlett TN, 2001 S10



Joseph Mouton – New Orleans – 1955 Chevy Bel Air



Super Chevy Show Spectators & Participants at Memphis International Raceway Could Find Themselves on Powerblock TV

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The crew from Powerblock TV, a long running auto how-to series, will be at the Memphis Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance on April 11th and 12th!

While in Memphis shooting a segment for local company and track sponsor Comp Cams, the crew of Powerblock TV will join the Super Chevy Show participants and spectators at MIR to highlight the popular event in an upcoming episode of Powerblock TV.

Joe Elmore, a Powerblock TV host and producer, says “We’re truly pumped about sharing the high-powered excitement of a Super Chevy show with our Powerblock TV viewers. These events are famous for their Chevrolet race cars, show cars and more. We’ll be there to capture the competition, personalities and high performance fun when Super Chevy returns to Memphis. It’s a perfect fit for the Powerblock.”

Horsepower TV is the home for the automotive performance show famed as Powerblock TV. Camera crews will be filming all over the MIR facility over the weekend, capturing the action and excitement created by both participants and spectator personalities during the Super Chevy Show.

The result will be a Powerblock TV episode packed with the raw action of the Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet performance at Memphis International Raceway.

For more information and past episodes visit

About Powerblock TV:
Cable’s highest rated and longest running auto how-to show, Powerblock TV targets street machine owners, hot rodders and racers who modify and tune for performance. The show backs up it’s projects with before and after tests on it’s engine and chassis dynos making this the ideal series to market speed parts.

Established in 1989 by Executive Producers Patty Bledsoe St. Lawrence and Joe St. Lawrence. In 2000, the company was purchased by Lagardere Active North America. The St. Lawrence’s continued to serve as President and COO. In late 2004, the St. Lawrence’s repurchased the company from LANA and is again a privately held corporation. RTM Productions is a full-service television production company specializing in automotive, outdoor, and entertainment programming. The company employs a staff of 48 plus including executive staff, administration, sales, producers, writers, talent, videographers, editors, and graphic artists, website designers and programmers. RTM is vertically integrated providing all production services – studios, cameras and post-production in house. In January, 2006 RTM consolidated its three locations and moved into a state-of the-art 50,000 sq ft facility located in Franklin, TN. This production tech center features six full production studios, five edit suites and all business offices.
RTM has supplied program series and specials to ESPN, ESPN2, TNN, The Outdoor Channel, Spike TV, Outdoor Life Network, as well as domestic syndication and international distribution.


Super Chevy Show Returns This Weekend to Memphis International Raceway April 12, 13 & 14

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. (April 8, 2013) – Memphis International Raceway is the place to be this weekend for the Super Chevy Show. After a phenomenal return to the series in 2012 when Memphis International Raceway (MIR) hosted one of the largest Super Chevy Show event in the series, MIR is counting on Super Chevy Show fans and participants in the Mid-South to break last year’s historic records this April 12, 13 & 14 when The Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance makes a stop at Memphis International Raceway – Where the Racing Rocks. “We can’t wait for the return of the Super Chevy Show to Memphis International Raceway. It is the premiere national event for all Chevrolet enthusiasts. I guarantee the family friendly event offers something for everyone,” said Pam Kendrick, Vice President and General Manager Memphis International Raceway. “The attendance in 2012 was incredible, but we intend to break those attendance records this year. Mark your calendars now for extraordinary drag racing, car show, swap meet and pro shows all Super Chevy style,” said Kendrick.

Festivities crank up at Memphis International Raceway on Thursday, April 11th with a Super Chevy Show Kick Off Party featuring Chevy vs. The World Test & Tune racing action. If you have a Chevy, bring it out and see what it can do on MIR’s historic dragstrip. If you are the proud owner of a Ford, Mopar or any other car you think can put a Chevy to shame, here’s your chance to prove it at MIR’s Chevy vs. The World Test & Tune.

Friday the three-day car show begins with a Show & Shine Festival of Cars, with specialty awards on Saturday. Sunday’s car show activities conclude with the coveted class awards. The midway featuring the best in new Chevy aftermarket performance parts and the gigantic swap meet for those hard-to-find restoration treasures will be open all weekend. The drag racing action begins Friday night with Test & Tune racing action, the launch of the weekend’s Pro Mod and Mean Street qualifying runs plus the first look at one the most exciting Pro Shows you’ll ever see. And Carissa Dawn’s Till the Whiskey’s Gone in concert to cap off the evening.

On Saturday, the 5th generation Camaros will go head-to-head in the Gen 5 Challenge trophy class, and the True Street and Bonus Races. While all three days MIR will host the Bracket 1, Bracket 2, R.T. Turbines D.O.T., R. T. Turbines Jr. Dragster and Run for the Money eliminations.

“The racing action will be intense with three days of Pro Mod and Mean Street Eliminations,” said Paul Cartwright Director of Operations at Memphis International Raceway. We are also proud to announce an increased purse being offered at Super Chevy for the Junior Dragster Class thanks to R.T. Turbines and MIR. We welcome back the crowd pleasing Pro Show attractions by Hanna Motorsports, with the Top Secret Jet Car driven by Ken Hall and Rich Hanna’s GOJO Firebird, Pontiac Jet Car, as well as the popular Super Winch Wheelstander, driven by Danny O’Day. Come meet Mike Ballard – owner and star of the TRU TV Series Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, South Dakota who will be on hand all weekend joining the already stellar line up of entertainment. Burn some rubber and high tail it to Memphis International Raceway for the Super Chevy Show April 12, 13 and 14.

Tickets are available at the gate or in advance at Spectator pricing for adults is $35 – 3 day pass, $10 – Friday only, $22– Saturday only, $15 – Sunday only. Spectator pricing for children 6-12 years of age is $15 for a 3 day pass, $5 per day, children 5 and under are FREE. For the best deals on Stay and Race Packages, visit in cooperation with MIR’s host hotel and other valued hotel partners.

About Super Chevy Show Series:

Super Chevy Show is a 12-event North American series owned by each host track and is a member of the Manufacturers Series events. The Series showcases the best in car show, drag race, swap meet, car corral, in addition to autocross at select events. The 2013 season kicks off in March at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Fla., and closes in October at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, N.C. The Series will make its debut at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, Calif., May 31 – June 2. The Super Chevy Show is widely considered the best brand-specific event in the country; for more information, visit:


About Memphis International Raceway:
Memphis International Raceway is a multi-faceted venue and one of the most popular raceways in the Mid-South for racers and spectators alike. As a leader in its operating form and function, MIR seeks to provide its drivers with a higher level of challenge, excellence and opportunity. MIR boasts three complete tracks, including a high- performance road course, an historic drag strip and a 3/4 mile paved tri-oval. The 1.8 mile road course features fast and challenging corners all set up by long straight-a ways and is considered one of the most competitive in the Mid-South. MIR is sanctioned by the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). The IHRA is one of the largest motorsports sanctioning organizations in North America and is a leader in sports entertainment. For more information on MIR, please visit the venue’s website at like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at


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