Super Chevy Show’s Triumphant Return to Auto Club Famoso Raceway

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The mid-eighties was the last time Auto Club Famoso Raceway hosted a Super Chevy Show and it’s triumphant return proved that the Series was missed in Central California. Racers arrived on Friday to the historic track to set up for Friday night Test & Tune and to be ready for Saturday morning’s first set of time trials, while car show participants registered early and set up an impromptu Show & Shine in the shady Grove behind the grandstands.

The autocross course was the chatter of the event from the Camaro5 Best of the West competition to see who’s Gen 5 Camaro was the quickest and fastest on the drag strip, autocross course and car show. The constant squealing tires maneuvering around the cones drew spectators watching from the concrete barriers ready to give it a try themselves. Then the crew competed in the Brake Stop Challenge as a part of the Super Chevy Magazine Triathlon, the racer that reached the timing box first and stopped the quickest without going out of the box was quite a competition to watch. The racer that took home the bragging rights in the Brake Stop Challenge also won the Gen 5 Challenge, Fred Lomax of Los Angeles California took home a lot of hardware from the Super Chevy Show and the Camaro5 Best of the West, as the top scorer.

Competitors in the Super Chevy Magazine Triathlon combined the fastest ET in drag racing, best autocross course time and best time in the brake stop challenge, with the King of the Hill award going to Haddad Racing’s Mike Haddad of Englewood California.

jim-lipperts-67-ls9-powered-nova-will-be-at-the-super-chevy-show-atThe car show’s Best of Show award was won by Super Chevy Show veteran Jim Lippert of Green Kansas with his famed 1967 Nova that graced the cover of Super Chevy Magazine’s May 2013 issue, and has been featured in many of the Amsoil Best of the Best competitions on the magazine’s website. Just like Jim Lippert there are names in the results that appear over and over like Kay Bice and her mint 1967 Camaro that won Saturday’s Outstanding Engine award and Sunday’s First Place in Camaro 1967-1969 Modified and Best in Class awards. The Super Chevy Show, Super Chevy Magazine and the race tracks truly appreciate all who participate in every event or we wouldn’t have anything to write about from late March to late October. We are lucky that many of our participants in the car show, the racer pits and local fans are friends that we look forward to seeing event-after-event, friends that we look forward to seeing year-after-year and all our participants and spectators. We can’t wait to get to know you in the shady Grove in 2014 and all the other Super Chevy Shows.



Winner: Fred Lomax – Los Angeles CA .142 11.954 119.06
Runner Up: Guy Martin – Ventura CA .106 12.220 116.97

11 Second
Winner: Tony De Azevedo – Tulare CA 11.556 11.57

12 Second
Winner: Lacie Phinney – Bakersfield CA 12.135 12.21

13 Second
Winner: Chris Lee – Hesperia CA 13.024 13.16



Winner: Rob Byrd – Riverside CA 36.000
Runner Up: Mike Haddad – Engelwood CA 36.548
Runner Up: Andrew Helpingstine – Gilbert AZ 36.657


Winner: Trish Byrd – Riverside CA 37.576
Runner Up: Nicole Nordin – Rancho Cucamonga CA 38.247
Runner Up: Larrisa Wong – Los Angeles CA 38.474



Chris Schmidt – Clovis CA 1955 Bel Air
Mike Mashburn – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro
Pat Polzine – Merced CA 1956 Bel Air
John Swartsfager – Bakersfield CA 1967 Camaro
Jim Hunt – Bakersfield CA 1970 Chevelle
Kelly Crowther – Bakersfield CA 1968 El Camino
Jason Showalter – Clovis CA 1975 Monza
Ray Philips – Paso Robles CA 1971 Corvette
Jerry & Carole Guernsey – San Bruno CA 1957 Chevy
Ken Macom – Fresno CA 1969 C10 Pickup


Mike Beckwith – Tehachapi CA 1979 Malibu
Brian Rogers – Mira Loma CA 1967 Nova
Chris Lee – Hesperia CA 1999 Camaro
Mike Settele – Redondo Beach CA 1966 Nova
Tim Gorman – Bakersfield CA 1964 El Camino
Meghan Anita Gorman – Bakersfield CA 1973 Nova
Adam Noyes – Santa Maria CA 1971 Camaro
Jeff Balzer – Castaic CA 1971 Chevelle
Luigi Calantoni – Henderson NV 1968 Camaro
Mike Silva – Medera CA 1964 Nova


Outstanding Paint
Kelly Fromm – Waddell AZ 2012 Camaro

Outstanding Interior
Mike Mashburn – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro

Outstanding Engine
Kay Bice – Riverside CA 1967 Camaro

Outstanding Engineered
Brandi Fluch – Carlsbad CA 2010 Camaro

Outstanding Workmanship
Jim Lippert – Green KS 1967 Nova

Outstanding Stock
Tim Miller 1957 Bel Air Wagon

Outstanding Street
Curt Behline – Bakersfield CA 1968 Camaro

Outstanding Modified
Chris Schmidt – Clovis CA 1955 Chevy

Young Star – Under 21
Ryan Fromm – Waddell AZ 2013 Camaro

Jim Hunt – Bakersfield CA 1970 Chevelle


Winner: Mark Simonian – Sanger CA .025 9.505 142.76
Runner Up: Ryan Tietz – Riverside CA .007 8.679 148.92

Bracket 1 Aeromotive Eliminator
Winner: Stacy Roberts – Delano CA

LAT Racing Oil Contingency
Winner: Mark Simonian – Sanger CA

Bracket 2
Winner: Larry Crowder ¬– Covina CA .331 10.093 132.45
Runner Up: Brian Fortune – Canyon Country CA -.014 10.771 111.20

Bracket 2 Aeromotive Eliminator
Winner: Carl Zimmerman – Torrance CA

DOT Street
Winner: DJ Giacalone – Wilmington CA .105 14.381 83.96
Runner Up: Lacie Phinney – Bakersfield CA .289 12.584 108.32

West Coast Outlaw ProMod
Winner: Rod Burbage – Anderson CA .052 6.082 237.89
Runner Up: Marc Meadors – Danville CA .063 6.625 220.48

Limited 10.5
Winner: Allen Gadberry – Bakersfield CA .097 5.371 133.08
Runner Up: Gary Brandt – Lancaster CA .087 5.456 132.19
#1 Qualifier: Mike Saiki – Long Beach CA 5.321 132.95
Low ET: Mike Saiki – Long Beach CA 5.321
Top Speed: Allen Gadberry – Bakersfield CA 133.76

Outlaw 8.5
Winner: Ryan Jones – Canoga Park CA .137 5.007 153.54
Runner Up: DJ Reid – San Jose CA .048 5.228 143.86
#1 Qualifier: Ryan Jones – Canoga Park CA 5.009 152.74
Low ET: Ryan Jones – Canoga Park CA 5.007
Top Speed: Ryan Jones – Canoga Park CA 153.54

True 10.5
Winner: Norman Chag – Atherton CA .021 4.813 163.61
Runner Up: Jeff Kyle – San Martin CA .048 4.932 160.67
#1 Qualifier: Jeff Kyle – San Martin CA 4.677 169.21
Low ET: Jeff Kyle – San Martin CA 4.677
Top Speed: Jeff Kyle – San Martin CA 169.21

A/B Gas
Winner: Tom Fowler – Paso Robles CA .007 8.653 146.94
Runner Up: Brian Rigers – Mari Loma CA .044 8.623 158.26

C/D Gas
Winner: Neal Westbrook – Pixley CA .094 9.650 145.59
Runner Up: Ken Brown – Ventura CA Foul Broke



Winner: Mike Haddad – Englewood CA
7.275 36.548 11.344
Runner Up: Fred Lomax – Los Angeles CA
7.039 38.648 12.028
Runner Up: Andrew Helpingstine – Gilbert AZ
7.248 36.657 13.578


Winner: Sarah Potter – Las Vegas NV
7.695 42.443 12.873
Runner Up: Trish Byrd – Riverside CA
8.001 37.576 13.818
Runner Up: Norma Davis – Fresno CA
8.378 41.407 15.392


Winner: Mike Haddad – Englewood CA
7.275 36.548 11.344


Chevelle – 1968 & Newer
Winner: Jim Hunt – Bakersfield CA 1970 Chevelle
Runner Up: Dennis & Vera Dooley – Las Vegas NV 1971 Chevelle

El Camino
Winner: Karl Sweder – Sparks NV 1965 El Camino

Winner: Roy Roark – Bakersfield CA 1972 El Camino
Runner Up: Rich Rojas – Thousand Oaks CA 1965 El Camino

Modified 1920 – 1935
Winner: Lloyd Miyashiro – Upland CA 1931 Ford Vicky
Runner Up: Tom Knight – Potterville CA 1922 Ford Roadster

Modified 1960 – 1975
Winner: Pete Dela Rosa – Bakersfield CA 1964 Triumph

Camaro – 1967 – 1969
Winner: Curt Behline – Bakersfield CA 1968 Camaro
Runner Up: Randy Putnam – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro

Winner: Kay Bice – Riverside CA 1967 Camaro
Runner Up: John Swartsfager – Bakersfield CA 1967 Camaro

Camaro – 1970 – 1981
Winner: Greg & Michelle Mynk – Bakersfield CA 1970 Camaro

Winner: Tim Morgan – Lakewood CA 1978 Camaro

Camaro – 1982 – 1992

Modified: Karen Sue Williams – West Hills CA 1989 Camaro
Camaro – 1993 – 2002

Winner: Phil Schantin – Fort Irwin CA 2002 Camaro

Camaro – 2010 & Newer
Winner: Ryan Fromm – Waddell AZ 2013 Camaro
Modified: Kelly Fromm – Waddell AZ 2012 Camaro

Street 2010
Winner: Don Gonzales – Pomona CA 2010 Camaro
Runner Up: Andrew Smith – Garden Grove CA 2010 Camaro

Street 2011 & Newer
Winner: Robert Leach – Springfield IL 2012 Camaro
Runner Up: Cory Blood – Victorville CA 2011 Camaro

Corvette – 1953 – 1967
Winner: Lynn Hubbard – Bakersfield CA 1964 Corvette

Corvette – 1968 – 1996
Winner: Ray Phillips – Paso Robles CA 1971 Corvette

Corvette – 1997 – 2004
Winner: Ron Rockwell – Las Vegas NV 2000 Corvette

Corvette – 2005 & Newer
Winner: Vergel Sandifer – Diamond Bar – CA 2012 Corvette

1955 – 1956 – 1957
Modified – Hard Top
Winner: Jerry & Carole Guernsey – San Bruno CA 1957 Hard Top
Runner Up: George Terry – Manteca CA 1955 Hard Top

Stock – Station Wagon
Winner: Tim Miller – Bakersfield CA 1957 Station Wagon

Street – Station Wagon
Winner: Frank Merenda – Paso Robles CA 1955 Nomad

Modified – Station Wagon
Winner: Frank Merenda – Paso Robles CA 1955 Station Wagon

Modified – Convertible
Winner: Chris Schmidt – Clovis CA 1955 Convertible

Nova – 1962 – 1967
Winner: Jim Lippert – Green KS 1966 Nova

Winner: Barry & Cathy Dooley – Bakersfield CA 1964 Nova

Pro Street
Winner: Ron Bowman – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro
Runner Up: Pat Polzine – Merced CA 1957 Bel Air

Modified – Camaro SS
Winner: Mike Mashburn – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro SS


Winner: Jim Lippert – Green KS 1967 Nova


Camaro – Kay Bice – Riverside CA 1967 Camaro Convertible
Chevelle – Jim Hunt – Bakersfield CA 1970 Chevelle
Corvette – Ron Rockwell – Las Vegas NV 2000 Corvette
Conversion – Lloyd Miyashiro – Upland CA 1931 Ford Vicky
El Camino – Roy Roark – Bakersfield CA 1972 El Camino
55-56-57 – Jerry & Carole Guernsey – San Bruno CA 1957 Chevy
Nova – Jim Lippert – Green KS 1966 Nova
Pro Street – Mike Mashburn – Bakersfield CA 1969 Camaro

Chris Schmidt – Clovis CA 1955 Bel Air

Jim Lippert – Green KS 1967 Nova

Car Show Shines at Virginia Motorsports Park

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Despite the soggy weekend, the car show was the star of the Virginia Motorsports Park Super Chevy Show on May 17 – 19. The best Tri-Fives in the region came out to participate in the Danchuck Tri-Five Reunion, that left the car show judges dreaming about the ’55-’56-’57 class for days afterward. The rest of the Chevys stayed parked in solidarity through the sprinkles and rain for the weekend, making the car show the place to be.

The constant rain kept the drag strip quiet a big part of the weekend, but there were a few breaks in the clouds and racing was able to get underway for a few rounds on the track, giving Jeff Brady of Yorktown, Va., the title for the Gen 5 Challenge. Though only several rounds were contested on the strip, they were enough to produce this year’s Aeromotive Eliminator winners from Round 1 of Bracket 1 and Bracket 2 classes, which went to Eddie Smith of Richmond Va., and Melony Robinson of Hanover Penn., respectively for having the “best package” of best reaction time combined with closest to their dial-ins.

Saturday Awards

Editor’s Choice Awards Drag Race

Edward Leabrough Sr., Richmond, VA, ‘65 Chevy Nova
David Grubb, Chesterfield, VA ‘64 Chevelle
Preston Smith, Hampton, VA, ‘63 Corvette
Tim Riddle, Chesapeake, VA, ‘65 Chevy II
Joseph Rogalski, Newington, CT, ‘66 Chevelle
Jeff Brady, Yorktown, VA, 2010 Camaro SS
Wesley Cox, Pulaski, VA, ‘68 Chevelle SS
Danny Spence, Mechanicsville, VA, ‘73 Corvette
Ralph Crawford, King William VA, ‘73 Corvette
Gage Maulding, Chesterfield, VA, ‘66 Chevy II

Editor’s Choice Car Show

Chester Witt, Altavista, VA, ‘58 Impala
Paul Jones, Kilmannock, VA, ‘70 Chevelle
David Kissner, Chester, VA, ‘70 Z28
Randy Lamb, Front Loyal, VA, ‘57 Bel Air
John Carroll, Greenville, NC, ‘62 Corvette
Rick Harris, Prince George, VA, ‘65 El Camino
Arnold Warner, Culpepper, VA, ‘70 Camaro
Foster Venturini, Suffolk, VA, ‘68 Camaro
Ron Henaghan, Midlothian, VA, ‘63 Impala
Brad Corwin, Chesapeake, VA, ‘64 Corvette

Danchuck Tri-Five Reunion Recognition Awards

Best Interior: Brian and Linda Carder, Stowe, OH, ‘55 Chevy
Best Engine: Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Best Paint: Marvin Stone, Elm City, NC, ‘57 Chevy
Best Workmanship: Donnie Overstreet, Carrollton, VA, ‘57 Bel Air
Best Convertible: Eddie Loren, Christiansburg, VA, ‘56 Chevy
Best 57: Marvin Stone, Elm City, NC, ‘57 Chevy
Best 56: Bryan Wilde, Huntington, MD, ‘56 Chevy
Best Wagon: Virginia Wiat, Elizabeth City, NC, ‘57 Chevy
Best Nomad: Ken Wolf, Stuarts Draft, VA, 55 Nomad
Best Truck 55-56-57: Eddie Cole, Colonial Heights, VA ‘57 Pick-Up
Best Bel Air: Pat and Herbert Hudgins, Cobbs Creek VA,’ 57 Bel Air
Best Delray: John and Faye Newton, Colonial Heights, VA, ‘55 Chevy
Best 210: Jeff Grant, Hester, VA, ‘55 Chevy 210
Best Detail: Randy Lamb, Front Royal, VA, ’57 Chevy

Danchuck Tri-Five Reunion Top 10

Randy Lamb: Front Royal, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Donnie Overstreet, Carrollton, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Pat and Herbert Hudgins, Cobb Creek, VA, Stowe OH, ‘55 Chevy
Brian and Linda, Carter, Stowe, OH, ‘55 Chevy
Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Tom Wilson, Chester, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Bryan Wilde, Huntington, MD, ‘56 Chevy
Phil Hale, Henrico, VA, ‘57 Chevy
Marvin Stone, Elm City, NC, ‘57 Chevy
Jeff Grant, Chester, VA, ‘55 Chevy

Specialty Awards

Outstanding Paint: Dennis Quinn, Chesapeake, VA, ‘67 Nova
Outstanding Interior: Bobby Murphy, Richlands, NC, ‘67 Nova
Outstanding Engine: Douglas Ray Fields, Chesterfield, VA, ‘71 Chevelle
Outstanding Workmanship: Buddy Kramer, Huntington, MD, ‘67 Nova
Outstanding Engineered: Paul Anderson, Newport News, VA, ‘66 Nova
Outstanding Stock: John Carroll, Greenville, NC, ‘62 Corvette
Outstanding Street: Dianne Shifflett, Chesterfield, VA, ‘69 Camaro
Outstanding Modified: Larry Washington, Chesterfield VA, ‘69 Camaro
ISCA: Don Vtipl, Prince George, VA, ‘59 Chevy Impala

Sunday Class Awards

EARLY CHEVY 1900-1948
Modified Winner: George Keel, Spotsylvania, VA

Street Outstanding: Chris Ellison, Hopewell, VA
Street Winner: John Caner, Chesapeake, VA

Modified Winner: Roy Hendrick, Moseley, VA

Modified Winner: Steven House, Emporia, VA

Modified Winner: Margaret Askew, Brodnax, VA

Modified Outstanding: Jeff Bateman, Hampton, VA
Modified Winner: Michael Cherry, Smithfield, VA

Stock Outstanding: Julian Bray: Danville, VA
Stock Winner: Cole William, Chester, VA
Street Winner: Rick Harris, Prince George, VA
Modified Outstanding: Joyce Mahtar, North Chesterfield, VA
Modified Winner: Ray Duport, Elf Land, NC

Street Outstanding: Chris Wright, Quinton, VA
Street Winner: Ann Boyte, Summerfield, NC

NOVA 1962-1967
Modified Outstanding: Travis Gobblet, Colonial Heights, VA
Modified Winner: Bobby Murphy, Richland, NC

Street Winner: Anthony Brown, Greensboro, NC
Modified Winner: Mickey Allen, Newport News, VA

BIG CAR 1949-1989
Stock Outstanding: Mitchell Ellison, Dispatana, VA
Stock Winner: Tommy Nolen, Richmond, VA
Street Outstanding: Keith Pobuda, Smithfield, VA
Street Winner: Shawn Terrell, Lynchburg, VA
Modified Outstanding: Flip Boost, Statesville, NC
Modified Winner: Don Vtipi, Prince George, VA

Street Winner: Glenn Morton, Mechanicsville, VA

CAMARO 1967-1969
Stock Winner: Kevin Liddle, Wallops Island, VA
Street 1967-1968 Outstanding: Kim Bostic, Church, VA
Street 1967-1968 Winner: Foster Venturini, Suffolk, VA
Street 1969 Outstanding: Mike Snipes, Roanore Rapids, NC
Street 1969 Winner: Diane Shiffelt, Dyke, VA

CAMARO 1967-1969
Modified 1967-1968 Outstanding: Donald Jackson, Bumpass, VA
Modified 1967-1968 Winner: Jimmy Simmons, Greensboro, NC
Modified 1969 Outstanding: Jamie Powell, Sooth Hill, VA
Modified 1969 Winner: Larry Washichek, Chesterfield, VA

CAMARO 1970-1981
Stock Winner: David Kissner, Chester, VA
Street Outstanding: Ivan Stalnallen, Richmond, VA
Street Winner: Jerry and Josh Sheperd, Dunkirk, MD
Modified Outstanding: Dan Langlouis, Portsmouth, VA
Modified Winner: Arnold Warner, Culpeper, VA

CAMARO 1982-1992
Modified Winner: Douglas Vargo, Petersburg, VA

CAMARO 1993-2002
Stock Winner: Carl Smith, Stuart, VA
Modified Winner: Stuart Thomas, Henry, VA

Stock Outstanding: Shawn Piggott, New Port News, VA
Stock Winner: Angela Naff and Stuart Thomas, Henry, VA
Street Winner: Angela Naff and Stuart Thomas, Henry, VA
Modified Outstanding: Mark DePriest, Keyser, WV
Modified Winner: Samy Hage, Chesapeake, VA

Stock Winner: Randy Lamb, Front Royal, VA
Street 1955-56 Outstanding: Ken Wolfe, Stuart’s Draft, VA
Street 1955-56 Winner: Tim Bowen, Portsmouth, VA
Street 1957 Outstanding: Eddie Cole, Colonial Heights, VA
Street 1957 Winner: Phil Hale, Henrico, VA
Modified 1955 210 Outstanding: Mary Wray, Dinwiddie, VA
Modified 1955 210 Winner: Jeff Grant, Chester, VA
Modified 1955 Bel Air Outstanding: Danny Latia, Yorktown, VA
Modified 1955 Bel Air Winner: Troy Loftis, Mechanicsville, VA
Modified 1956 Outstanding: Eddie Loren, Christiansburg, VA
Modified 1956 Winner: Brian Wilde, Huntington, MD
Modified 1956 Wagon Outstanding: Charles and Randy Smith, Mechanicsville, VA
Modified 1956 Wagon Winner: Robert Massey, Colonial Heights, VA
Modified 1957 Hard Top Outstanding: Tommy Jordan, Blackstone, VA
Modified 1957 Hard Top Winner: Herbert Hudgins, Cobbs Creek, VA
Modified 1957 Sedan Outstanding: Donnie Overstreet, Carrollton, VA
Modified 1957 Sedan Winner: Danny Roddenberry, Carson, VA

CORVETTE 1953-1967
Stock Winner: John Carroll, Greenville, NC
Street Outstanding: Brad Corwin, Chesapeake, VA
Street Winner: Steve Kramer, Huntington, MD
Modified Winner: Hubert Wright, Gibsonville, NC

CORVETTE 1968-1996
Street Outstanding: Tom Chordton, Chesapeake, VA
Street Winner: John Carroll, Greenville, NC
Modified Outstanding: Quinton Swan, Mechanicsville, VA
Modified Winner: Ed Cassetta, Spring Grove, VA

CORVETTE 1997-2004
Stock Outstanding: Cole Henry, Chesterfield, VA
Stock Winner: Paul Allen, Colonial Heights, VA
Street Winner: Cameron Lewis, Roanoke Rapids, VA
Modified Outstanding: Kevin Hurley, Vinton, VA
Modified Winner: Gary Ballard, Suffolk, VA

Stock Outstanding: John Gooden, Welcome, MD
Stock Winner: Bruce Clelland, Reading, PA
Modified Winner: Culbert Carter, Waldorf, MD

Modified Outstanding: Ron Davis, Kannapolis, NC
Modified Winner Buddy Kramer, Huntington, MD

Modified Outstanding: Bobby McCauley, Mechanicsville, VA
Modified Winner: Scott Wray, Dinwiddie, VA

CHEVELLE 1964-1967
Stock Outstanding: Bob Parrish, Chesapeake, VA
Stock Winner: William Cole, Chester, VA
Street Outstanding: Beth Houchins, Prince George, VA
Street Winner: Jim Bright, Hickory, NC

Stock Winner: Bob French, Rath, NC
Street Outstanding: Steve Heath, Kinston, NC
Street Winner: Bruce Elliot, Chesapeake, MD
Modified Winner: Douglas Ray Fields, Chesterfield, VA

TRUCK 1949-1972
Street Outstanding: Carroll Harris, Amelia, VA
Street Winner: Robert Priestley, Colonial Heights, VA
Modified Winner: Andre Christie, Williamsburg, VA

TRUCK 1973-1987
Street Outstanding: Glenn Stdher, Church Road, VA
Street Winner: Durlin Harris, Powhatan, VA

Street Outstanding: Roger Queen, Chase City, VA
Street Winner: Mel Ogburn, Emporia, VA
Modified Outstanding: Mike Shepard, Dunkirk, MD
Modified Winner: Mike McGee, Victoria, VA

Street Outstanding: Bobby McGee, Victoria, VA
Street Winner: William Matthews, Chase City, VA
Modified Outstanding: josh Shepherd, Dunkirk, MD
Modified Winner: Bobby Deeds, Petersburg, VA

Stock Camaro 67-69 Winner: JR Shiffelt, Dyke, VA
Stock Corvette 53-67 Winner: Virginia Lundon, Statesville, NC
Big Car 49-89 Winner: Billy Moose, Troutman, NC

Michael Strachan, Chesapeake, VA, 1967 Camaro
Mike Shepherd, Dunkirk, MD, 2002 S-10
Cole Henry, Chesterfield, VA, 1999 Corvette

Southern Knights Cruisers


Big Car: Don Vtipi, Prince George, VA, 1959 Impala
Camaro: Larry Washichete, Chesterfield, VA, 1969 Camaro
Chevelle: Doug Ray Fields, Chesterfield, NC, 1971 Chevelle
Corvette: Hubert Wright, Gibsonville, NC, 1962 Corvette
Conversion: Michael Cherry, Smithfiled, VA, 1929 Ford Delivery
Open: john Caner, Chesapeake, VA, 1976 Chevy Monza
Early Chevy: George Keel, Spotsylvania, VA, 1934 Chevy Coupe
El Camino: Ray Duport, Efland, NC, 1964 El Camino
Tri-Five: Bryan Wilde, Huntington, MD, 1956 Chevy
Monte Carlo: Michael Boyle, Summerfield, NC, 1972 Monte Carlo
Nova: Bobby Murphy, Richard, NC, 1967 Nova
Pro Street/Engineered: Ron Davis, Kannapolis, NC, 1968 Camaro
Truck: Andre Christie, Williamsburg, VA, 1967 C-10
Stock: JR Shifflet, Dyke, VA, 1969 Camaro
Award Of Excellence: Buddy Kramer, Huntington, MD, 1967 Nova

Best Of Show: Billy Moose, Troutman, MD, 1962 Bel Air

The Largest Super Chevy Show Presented by Chevrolet Performance and Original Parts Group Returns to Maple Grove

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MOHNTON, Pa. – It’s a ritual that thousands go through every summer at Maple Grove Raceway. The biggest Super Chevy Show in the country will be back July 19-21 with hundreds of the cars with the bowtie moniker, along with other General Motors products, making their way to Southeastern Pennsylvania to both race and show.

With Super Chevy Magazine celebrating its 40th anniversary, The Grove will once again be pulling out all the stops to make sure this edition will once again be one of the track’s “must see” events.

Presented by Chevrolet Performance and Original Parts Group, this year’s Super Chevy Show will include:

• Outlaw Pro Mod Wars, a fan favorite featuring cars reaching 200 mph on the quartermile.

• Bracket racing in three classes, including the electronics class, non-electronics class and DOT class. Other races include Gen 5 Challenge, True Street and a Last Chance Race.

• Jet cars will be heating up the summer passes approaching 300 mph, and will feature the new Queen of Diamonds II driven by Jill Canuso, Al Hanna’s two Jet Funny Cars, including the Gojo Firebird and the Xlerator Top Secret, as well as Bob VanSciver and his Jersey Thunder Jet Dragster.

• The largest car show in the series will feature two days of judging by Full House Motorsports, and those who want to show their cars without formal judging are welcome to join Bowtie Blvd. Show & Shine.

• The swap meet with the Collector Car Nation car corral for all those hard-to-find restoration treasures and project cars.

• Manufacturers midway, featuring the best in Chevrolet performance and restoration parts.

Racers can start entering the track on Thursday, July 18 with pit parking and tech inspection from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Racing begins Friday with two sets of time trials. There will be a single time run on Saturday before eliminations that will continue through Sunday.

The Jenkins Competition special award, in honor of the late Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, will be presented to the door car from Saturday’s time session that has the lowest elapsed time.

Car show registration will commence at 8 a.m. Friday, 7 a.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday. The judging seminar will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday with that day’s awards at 3:30 p.m. Sunday’s car show awards is also at 3:30 p.m.

A two-day entry into the judged car show is $45. Bowtie Blvd. is $23 for one day or $35 for two days. Car show participants can take part in a special deal from Duracell Car Batteries – any passenger who buys a $23 one-day admission ticket on Saturday, gets a bonus Sunday ticket.

Spectator admission is $35 for the weekend. A one-day ticket on Friday is $10, while single Saturday and Sunday tickets are $23 each day. Teens ages 13-15 are $10 for one day, or $15 for the weekend. Children 12-and-under are free with a paid adult. swap meet and Collector Car Nation car corral entry is $45 and includes admission for the weekend and a 10 x 20’ space.

This year’s series sponsors include Chevrolet Performance, Original Parts Group, Duracell Car Batteries, Aeromotive, RacingJunk, Collector Car Nation,, Airaid, Amsoil,, ShowFinder App, Super Chevy Magazine, Revell, Camaro5 and Rudolph Foods.

The official host hotel is the Courtyard by Marriott Reading/Wyomissing; Call (610) 378-1137 for reservations.

For more information, contact Maple Grove Raceway at (610) 856-9200, visit or

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