Changes to Super Chevy Show Schedule and Procedures for Maple Grove Raceway, July 10-13

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MOHNTON, Pa. — The annual Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance and Original Parts Group will take place July 10-13 at Maple Grove Raceway. The all-Chevrolet event includes drag racing, an extensive car show, swap meet and manufacturers midway.

This year’s special celebrity guest will be Brett Wagner. The star of television and motion pictures will meet fans at the all-Chevrolet event. Also referred to as “The Big Schwag,” Wagner is best known to car buffs as the host of Pass Time on Speed and Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. In addition to starring on Monster Garage, Wagner has appeared in a number of hit television shows, including Sons of Anarchy, Hannah Montana and Castle. His motion picture credits include: The Crazies, The Players Club and Sleepover.

The following changes have been made to the schedule and event weekend:

• No swap meet entries will be admitted until Friday morning, June 11. There is no swap meet set-up on Thursday, July 10.
• To be eligible for the True Street class, entrants must have purchased a $60 E.T. Bracket tech card and there will be a $20 sign-up fee, payable in the first floor of the NAPA Officials’ Tower.
• The Last Chance Race will allow electronics, but “cross-talk” will be not be used.
•The Last Chance Race is for competitors who have been eliminated in Round 1 or Round 2 of competition. Any multiple class-entered driver still having one entry remaining in competition will not be eligible for the Last Chance Race. New entries will purchase the $23 Sunday pit pass ticket at the gate and also buy a $35 tech card at the first floor of the NAPA Officials’ Tower.


THURSDAY, JULY 10 — No spectator activity at the track.
10 a.m.-5 p.m. — Gates, ticket sales, tech inspection open.
No swap meet set-up.
5 p.m. — Track closed.

FRIDAY, JULY 11 — Racing begins; Collector Car Appreciation Day.
7 a.m.-5 p.m. — Gates, ticket sales (for participants and spectators) open.
8 a.m.-5 p.m. — Registration for racers and swap meet open; Technical inspection open.
9 a.m.-5 p.m. — Time trials (2 runs).
2 p.m. — Outlaw Pro Mod time trial.
5 p.m. — First round of Outlaw Pro Mod and Top Sportsman qualifying.
7 p.m. — Track closed.

SATURDAY, JULY 12 — Racing, car show, road run.
7 a.m.-5 p.m. — Gates, ticket sales (for participants and spectators) open.
7 a.m.-3 p.m. — Show registration.
8 a.m.-1 p.m. — Racer registration and tech inspection.
8:30 a.m. — Time trials (1 run).
10 a.m. — Car show series judging seminar.
10:30 a.m. — True Street Road Run; Bracket eliminations after one timed run.
1 p.m. and 4 p.m. — Super Chevy Feature Show (includes Outlaw Pro Mod and Top Sportsman qualifying).
Noon-2 p.m. — Revell Make ‘n Take family activity (model car building in the car show central tent).
3 p.m. — Announcement to report to Car Show Central.
3:30 p.m. — Saturday awards ceremonies.
8 p.m. — Track closed.

8 a.m.-4 p.m. — Gates, ticket sales (for participants and spectators) open.
8-10:30 a.m. — Car show series registration.
8:30 and 9:30 a.m. — Racers for Christ non-denominational chapel services.
9 a.m. — Race eliminations continue.
11:30 a.m. — Last Chance Race.
Noon-2 p.m. — Revell Make ‘n Take family activity (model car building in the car show central tent).
1 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. — Super Chevy feature show and first round of Pro Mod eliminations. (Pro Mods will run only at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.)
3:30 p.m. — Announcement to report to Car Show Central.
4 p.m. — Saturday awards ceremonies.
6 p.m. — Track closed.

Schedule subject to change.

Adult Friday only: $10.
Adult Saturday only: $23.
Adult Sunday only: $23.
Adult weekend ticket (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): $35.
Single-day teen (ages 13-15) ticket: $10.
Weekend teen (ages 13-15) ticket: $15.
Kids 12 and under: Free (must be accompanied by an adult).

CAR SHOW ENTRY FEES: (All entries either Chevrolet-bodied or Chevrolet-powered.)
Car show (judged): $45 (special awards on Saturday, event awards on Sunday).
Car show crew: $23 (includes Sunday bonus ticket courtesy of Duracell Batteries).
Collector Car Appreciation Day: $10 (Friday, July 11 — includes car, driver and passenger).
Bowtie Boulevard (not judged): $23 for one day; $35 for two days — parked in car show area).
Car Clubs Bowtie Boulevard: Call (610) 856-9200 for a group discount on 10 or more club members participating in the same event on Bowtie Boulevard.

RACER ENTRY FEES: (All entries Chevrolet-bodied or Chevrolet-powered)
E.T. Bracket entry: $60.
CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars: $35.
True Street (includes bracket eliminator): $60, plus E.T. Bracket entry of $60.
Last-Chance Race: $35 (cars eliminated in the first or second round — $35; new entries $23 at gate plus $35 at NAPA Officials’ Tower.
Extra vehicle parking pass: $30 (plus event ticket — $35 Friday and Saturday).
Extra pit RV pass: $60 (plus event ticket — $35 Friday and Saturday).

Swap meet: $45 for 10 ft.x20 ft. space. No new items or apparel.
Car Corral: $45 (sell your Chevrolet at the event).

RAIN POLICY: If one round of the professional exhibition show has been completed, the day’s event will be deemed complete. In the case of a rainout prior to the first round of the professional exhibition, tickets should be mailed to Maple Grove Raceway (30 Stauffer Park Lane, Mohnton, Pa. 19540) for a voucher to next year’s Super Chevy Show at MGR. A credit voucher will be issued according to the value remaining on the ticket.


Pro Show:

Four Jet Dragsters — MAVTV Missile, Lucas Oil Terminal Velocity, Queen of Diamonds, Jersey Thunder.

Chevys Against The World — Naturally-aspirated Pro Mods (8-car field).

Chevys Against The World — Supercharged Pro Mods (8-car field).

Chevys Against The World — Top Sportsman (16-car field).

Sportsman classes (all cars must be Chevrolet-bodied or Chevrolet-powered): Bracket 1 (Super Pro) — $60 (car and driver). 7:00-19.99, slicks and electronics, defer to MGR rules.

Bracket 2 (Pro) — $60 (car and driver). 9:00-19.99, slicks and no electronics, defer to MGR rules.

D.O.T. — $60 (car and driver). Any dial-ins. D.O.T. street tires and mufflers required. No electronics. Defer to MGR rules.

CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars — $35 (car and driver). Open to all fifth-generation Camaros CLICK HERE FOR RULES

True Street (included in E.T. bracket entry fee). $200 to overall winner; $100 to runner-up; $100 each to 11.0, 12.0, 13.0 and 14.0. These are “real street machines.” D.O.T. street tires and mufflers required.

SUNDAY BRACKET PURSE Bracket 1 — $3,000 to win; $1,500 runner-up; $500 semi; $200 quarters; $100 eighths.

Bracket 2 — $1,500 to win; $600 runner-up; $$200 semi; $100 quarters; $75 eighths.

D.O.T. — $1,000 to win; $400 runner-up; $125 semi; $100 quarters; $75 eighths.

CamaroGuys Gen 5 Challenge presented by S&W Race Cars — Trophy to winner; trophy to runner-up.

Last Chance Race — $1,500 to win; $750 runner-up; $300 semi; $100 quarters.



Big Car (Includes Impala, Biscayne and Caprice) — 1949-1954; 1958-1989; 1990 and newer.

Chevelle — 1964-1967; 1968 and newer.

El Camino — All El Caminos.

Conversion — 1900-current. Class includes all non-Chevrolet-bodied vehicles with Chevrolet power and all Chevrolet-bodied vehicles with non-Chevrolet power.

Early Chevy (Chevrolet power and Chevrolet body cars and trucks) — Pre-1935; 1936-1948.

Open (All Chevrolets and GM products not included in a specific category, through current model year).

Camaro — 1967-1969; 1970-1981; 1982-1992; 1993-2002; 2010 and newer.

Corvette — 1953-1967; 1968-1982; 1984-1996; 1997-2004; 2005 and newer.

Monte Carlo — All Monte Carlos.

Chevrolet 1955-1957.

Nova — 1962-1967; 1968 and newer.

Nostalgia Rod — All unfinished-appearing vehicles. Awarded in Conversion or Early Chevrolet classes.

Pro Street — All Chevrolet vehicles with 75% of an original frame or altered original frame (including rear end narrowed), having a physically-narrowed rear end wheel tubs or factory.

Pro Engineered — All Chevrolet vehicles which have a complete tube chassis (round or square) from radiator to rear bumper. Must have a physiacally-narrowed rear end and wheel tubs. All tube chassis drag cars and off-road cars will compete in this class.

Chevelle-abration — Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Chevelle and Malibu.

Pick-up Truck — 1949-1972 full-size 2wd/4wd; 1973-1987 full-size 2wd/4wd; 1988 and newer full-size 2wd/4wd; SUV all sizes 2wd/4wd; Mini all years 2wd/4wd.

Young Star (Under 25).


Anniversary Class — This class is for all vehicles specified below for a specified model year. This class will have its own special parking area. Class will be broken down as follows: Winner & Outstanding Stock, Winner & Outstanding Modified, Winner & Outstanding Show.

For 2014, the 50th anniversary of the Chevelle and Malibu will be recognized. All years welcome. Special awards for 1964 model year. All other classes stay the same. Special parking area for all Chevelles.

Gold Class — All extensively-done show vehicles. Undercarriages will be examined to determine eligibility and a final decision will be rendered by consensus of the car show officials. The supervisor’s decision is final and the entry would compete in the Gold Class. The registration procedure remains the same for all vehicles. All entries will register for their normally assigned class and the judging supervisor will make the registration change and provide the owner with a new classification card. Gold Class entrants will be reassigned to a parking area and will be grouped together. Winners will be awarded in separate as appropriate, as well as appropriate “Best” awards.
Each class has the possibility of having these classes within. For example, Camaro 1967-1969 could actually be three classes with three Winners and 3 Outstandings: Camaro 1967-1969 (Stock), Camaro 1967-1969 (Modified) and Camaro 1967-1969 (Show).

Stock Class — The Stock Class will include vehicles that appear to be factory or dealer stock. The interior must be original or a duplicate of the original in material, style, and/or color. Engine must be stock for the vehicle’s year and model. Numbers do NOT have to match. All vehicles that are dealer and factory conversions that are restored to stock (Yenko, SLP, etc.) still will compete in the Stock Class provided they have been restored to original. Stock Class will also allow for no more than three (3) bolt-on changes from originally-equipped (chrome valve covers, tube-style headers, etc.).

Modified Class (old Street Class) — The Modified Class is for any vehicle with four (4) or more bolt-on changes from factory or originally-equipped. Body may have bolt-on spoilers, ground effects, fiberglass parts, etc. Paint may be any type that is from an OEM manufacturer. Paint such as candy, pearl, etc., will be moved to the Show Class. Painted-on pinstripes and/or taped pinstripes or decals/vinyl graphics will be allowed. Judging supervisor will classify custom work. Any molding of any type (firewall, inner fenders, etc.) will move the entry to Show Class. Interiors: minor changes are permitted, such as bolt-in seats with stock type interior, carpet in truck beds and/or wood inlays, etc. Full custom interiors will move entry to Show Class. The will be no limit as to the amount of bolt-on items permitted.

Show Class (old Modified Class) — The following will automatically place a vehicle in the Show Class: any heavy body modifications such as chopping, molding, sectioning, etc. Paint that contains painted graphics, candy, pearl, murals, etc. Engine relocation, smoothed engine block, multiple carbs, power adders (blowers, turbos, etc.), fuel injection conversion on other era vehicle. Interiors: any full custom design interiors or have had significant changes to factory equipped (molded dash, custom seats, custom headliner, door panels, etc).


PLEASE NOTE: Show judges and/or management reserve the right to expand or combine classes as they deem necessary.


Saturday specialty awards:
Top 10 Editors Choice – Car Show.
Top 10 Editors Choice – Drag Race.
“Big Schwag” Top 20 (10 Saturday and 10 Sunday).
Promoter’s Award.
Club Participation (minimum six cars registered together as a club).
Chevelle-abration Top 3.
Outstanding Engineered.
Outstanding Paint.
Outstanding Interior.
Outstanding Engine.
Outstanding Stock.
Outstanding Modified.
Outstanding Show.
Outstanding Workmanship.

Sunday class awards:
Class Winner Plaque – one per class (class winners also receive winner’s jacket).
Outstanding Class Awards – one per class.

Chevelle-abration awards:
Top 3.
Best 1964.

Sunday awards:
“Big Schwag” Top 10.
Promoter’s Award.

Best in Class:
Best Big Car.
Best Camaro.
Best Chevelle.
Best Corvette.
Best ’55-’56-’57.
Best Early Chevrolet.
Best Conversion.
Best Pro Street.
Best Pro Engineered.
Best El Camino.
Best Nova.
Best Monte Carlo.
Best Open.
Best Truck.
Best Anniversary Vehicle.
Young Star.
Gold Class (also receives $50 cash award).
Best Stock.
Best Modified.

Top Award:
Best of Show (Also receives $50 cash award).
Best of Show – Gold Class (also receives $100 cash award).

Friday, July 11 — Special Event:
Collector Car Appreciation Day Cruise Night at Maple Grove Raceway. Chevy-bodied or Chevy-powered only. $10 per car and driver. Each passenger: $10. First 100 vehicles will receive a special commemorative dash plaque. After racing is completed, cars will be invited to make a parade lap down the drag strip.

Now in its 52nd year of operation, historic Maple Grove Raceway is recognized as a leading facility in the sport of NHRA-sanctioned drag racing. The NHRA Nationals, MGR’s annual NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series national event, will take place on Oct. 2-5.

For more information, please call Maple Grove Raceway at (610) 856-9200 or visit Follow Maple Grove Raceway on Facebook and Twitter (@maplegrove).

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