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The Super Chevy Show presented by Chevrolet Performance made its third stop at the historic Texas Motorplex, May 3 – 4, in a whirlwind of all things-Chevy. Enthusiasts, racers and car show participants, make Texas Motorplex one of the most popular destinations for the Chevy-faithful on the Super Chevy Show tour.

In addition to fierce competition on the drag strip and in the car show, the autocross course was a hit with racers looking to test their skill and their cars’ agility through a solo course of cones. The activity was sponsored by North Texas Camaro Club members Frank Manzare of Statewide Remodeling and Jay Deluca of Monarch Sales Advisors, to give the North Texas Super Chevy Show another activity for Chevy enthusiasts to take part in.

The 2013 Drag Race and Car Show Winners are the newest additions to the history of Texas Motorplex!

Drag Racing Results Fast GM                                  Reaction        ET                   MPH

Winner: Jack Mauldin Jr. – Groesbeck TX               .032                10.733                        134.69

Runner Up: Dwight Kaup – Parker TX                   .033                10.923                        119.05

Bracket 2 Quick GM

Winner: Jimmy Falkenbach – Ennis TX                  .030                10.061                        131.25

Runner Up: Jeremy Falkenbach – Ennis TX                 -.047               11.238                        117.86 Gen 5 Challenge

Winner: James Stacy – Fort Worth TX                    .040                11.796                        109.06

Runner Up: Lynn Heady – Scurry TX                     .183                13.781                        106.19

Corvette Showdown

Winner: Scott Kaufman – Flint TX                          .197                12.229                        110.06

11 Second Car

Winner: James Stacy – Fort Worth TX                    .086                11.077                        116.10

Runner Up: Abraham Rubalcado – Crosbyton TX .167                10.974                        118.85

12 Second Car

Winner: Jake Augustyn – Midlothian TX                .117                12.007                        98.14

Runner Up: James Stacy – Fort Worth TX              .212                11.793                        97.78

13 Second Car

Winner: John Long Jr. – Cleburne TX                     .187                13.199                        81.72

Runner Up: Larry Jack – Arlington TX                    .271                13.188                        89.46



Rick Ruiz, Oakcliff, TX – 79 Malibu

Jason Glover, Bryan, TX – 57 210 Hardtop

Keith Wiley, Bryan, TX – 70 Chevelle

Abraham Rubalcado, Crosbyton, TX – 66 Chevelle

Scott & Myra Nieman, Rockdale, TX – 69 Camaro



Jack Pyle, Longview, TX – 54 Sedan

Amy Melton, Emory, TX – 55 Truck

Royce Shields, River Oaks, TX  – 57 Bel Air Hardtop

Amy LaRue, Aubrey, TX – 67 Camaro RS


CAMARO: 1967-69

STOCK Outstanding: Freddy Soyner, Omaha, TX

STOCK Winner: Gary And Karen White, Shermon, TX

STREET Outstanding: Samuel Boone, Ft. Worth, TX

STREET Winner: Tim Tripp, Keller, TX

MODIFIED Outstanding: Raymond Guzman, Hereford, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Cris Gross, Colleyville, TX


CAMARO: 1970-81

STOCK Winner: Mark Wayne, Cedarhill, TX

STREET Outstanding: Frank Manzane, Colleyville, TX

STREET Winner: Tony Snider, Lake Dallas, TX



STOCK Outstanding: Jacob Kerbel, Wichita Falls, TX

STOCK Winner: Chris Price, Odessa, TX

STREET Outstanding: Steve And Joann Perry, Waco, TX

STREET Winner: Neil Hodgson, Mansfield, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Alton Morris, Jamesborro, TX


TRUCK: PICK –UP 1949-1972

STOCK Outstanding: Brad Walker, Keller, TX

STOCK Modified: Jimmy McElyea, Ouilla, TZ


TRUCK PICK-UP1950-196-

MODIFIED Outstanding: David Saunders, Waxahachie, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Amy Melton, Emory, TX


TRUCK 1960-1970

MODIFIED Outstanding: Bobby Buetter, Terrell, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Wayne Terry, Kaufman, TX

TRUCK 1973-1987

STREET Oustanding: Robert Hamilton, Plano, TX

STREET Winner: Regan Hampton, Waxahachie, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Steve Rutledge, Aledo, TX



STREET Outstanding: Chris Andradre, Lancaster, TX

STREET Winner: Larry Russell, Lewisville, TX


NOVA: 1962-67

STREET Winner: John Sepulua, Leoug, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Paul Chandler, Greenwall, AR


EARLY CHEVY: 1990-1948

MODIFIED Outstanding: Michael Fleming, Joes, OK

MODIFIED Winner: Gary Law: Lucas, TX


CHEVY: 1955-57

STOCK Winner: Donna Thompson, Colleyville, TX

STREET Outstanding: Larry Rogers, Tyler, TX

STREET Winner: Terry Hall, Edgewood, TX

MODIFIED Outstanding: Al And Gwynn Burgess, Roucd Rock, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Darrin Gartell, Woodword, OK


BIG CAR: 1958-89

MODIFIED Outstanding: Jack Pyle, Longview, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Bob and Joyce Cossin, Rogersville, MO



STOCK Winner: Jeff Quinn: Evles, TX

STREET Winner: Donny Harter, Waco, TX


CHEVELLE: 1964- 67

STREET Winner: Bill Ledbetter, Gainsville, TX


CHEVELLE: 1968 & Newer

MODIFIED Outstanding: Bill Kamp, Flower Mound, TX

MODIFIED Winner: John Buckle, Denver City, TX



STOCK Winner: Michael Shields: Riveroaks, TX

MODIFIED Outstanding: Melvin Miller, Dallas, TX

MODIFIED Winner: Steve Semmer, Woodword, OK

CORVETTE: 1953-1967

MODIFIED Winner: Henry Vloedman, Woodward, OK


CORVETTE: 1993-2004

STOCK Outstanding: Clint Rogers, Farmers Branch, TX

STOCK Winner: Jerry Jackson, Sugarland, TX



MODIFIED Winner: Kendall Jeruit, Blanchland, OK



MODIFIED Winner: Darron Moore, Brady, TX



1955-57 MODIFIED  Winner: Joseph Mouton, Now Orleans, LA

MODIFIED Winner: Jody Parker, Wells Point, TX



BIG CAR: Joyce Cossin, Rodgersville, TX – 53 Chevy

CAMARO: Cris Gross, Colleyville, TX – 69 Camaro

CHEVELLE: John Buckle, Denver City, TX – 70 Chevelle

CORVETTE: Henry and Carol Vloedman, Woodward, OK – 62 Corvette

OPEN:  Kendall Jeruitt, Blandland, OK – 76 Vega Wagon

EARLY CHEVY:  Gary Low, Lucas, TX – 36 Chevy Coupe

EL CAMINO:  Steve and Linda Senmer, Woodland, OK – 55 Chevy

1955-1957 CHEVY: Darrin Gartell, Woodland, OK – 55 Chevy

NOVA:  Paul Chandler, Greenbro, AR – 69 Nova

TRUCK: Amy Melton, Emory, TX – 55 Chevy Pick-Up

MODIFIED GOLD: Joseph Mouton, New Orleans, LA – 55 Chevy Bel Air


BEST OF SHOW: Jody Parker, Wells Point, TX – 67 Camaro


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