The Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway is in the record books. We had a great time hanging with all our Bowtie Buddies and checking out their fabulous rides. With a great selection of old-school Rat powered Chevelles to the current crop of GEN V LS powered Camaros, there was plenty of eye candy in the pits. Here’s the rundown of the car show winners.  

Camaro 67-69 Stock: Denny Senath; Mountville, Pa.; ‘67
Camaro 67-69 Street: Ron Spadafora; Reading, Pa.; ‘68
Camaro 67-69 69 Street Only: Joe Williams; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘69
Camaro 67-69 Modified: Ross Gilbert; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘69
Camaro 67-69 SS Only: Jim & Brenda Granato; Bridgeton, N.J.; ‘69
\r\n\r\nCamaro 70-81 Stock: Charlie Jeffries; Covington, Va.; ‘77
Camaro 70-81 Street: Shawn & Lisa McEllhenney; Ephrata, Pa.; ‘70
Camaro 70-81 Modified: Judy Jeffries; Covington, Va.; ‘77

Camaro 82-92 Stock: Ken Smith; Berwyn, Pa.; ‘91
Camaro 82-92 Street: Brandon Reichard; Fleetwood, Pa.; ‘91
Camaro 82-92 Modified: Glenn Lockett; Ivyland, Pa.; ‘91

Camaro 93-09 Stock: Nick Carrita; Grantville, Pa.; ‘97
Camaro 93-09 Street: Dave Hartzell; Easton, Pa.; ‘00
Camaro 93-09 Modified: Frank Johnstone; Joppa, Md.; ‘01

Camaro 10-12 Stock: Robert Brullo; Denver, Pa.; ‘10
Camaro 10-12 Street: Cindi Crowe; Elizabethtown, Pa.; ‘11
Camaro 10-12 Modified: Chip & Deb Myers; Narvon, Pa.; ‘11

Nova 62-67 Street: Kurt Colrus; Leesport, Pa.; ‘66
Nova 62-67 Modified: Bob Galla; Ellicott City, Md.; ‘67

Nova 68-Newer: Dale Jones; Wayne, Mich.; ‘68
Nova 68-Newer: Todd Ortolani; Vernon, Conn.; ‘70

El Camino Stock: Bill Kose; Somerset, N.J.
El Camino Street: Joe Klunk; Hanover, Pa.; ‘72
El Camino Modified: Garry Lutsky; Dayville, Conn.; ‘75

Chevrolet 1955-57 Stock: Dick Kauffman; Mountville, Pa.; ‘57
Chevrolet 1955-57 Street: Charlie Potts; Reading, Pa.; ‘55
Chevrolet 1955 Only: Wes Cassel; Boyertown, Pa.; ‘55
Chevrolet 1956 Only: Vinnie Esposito; Sayreville, N.J.; ‘56
Chevrolet 1957 Only: Denise Kocher; Canton, Pa.; ‘57
Chevrolet 1957 Convertible Only: Jerry Holbrook; Haymarket, Va.; ‘57

Corvette 53-67 Stock: Penny & Fred Rosefsky; Bellefonte, Pa.; ‘59
Corvette 53-67 Street: Ed & Carol Olstler; Warminster, Pa.; ‘66
Corvette 53-67 Modified: Barry Hofer; Collegeville, Pa.; ‘65

Corvette 68-82 Stock: Bill Emlsey; Rockledge, Pa.; ‘72
Corvette 68-82 Modified: Pete Micale; Wernersville, Pa.; ‘81

Corvette 84-96 Stock: Bruce Clelland; Reading, Pa.; ‘84
Corvette 84-96 Street: George Hebler; Lititz, Pa.; ‘92

Corvette 97-04 Stock: Andrew Heimel; Douglassville, Pa.; ‘03
Corvette 97-04 Modified: Bob Anderson; Denver, Pa.

Corvette 05-Newer Stock: John Gloden; Welcome, Md.; ‘08
Corvette 05-Newer Street: Rich & Barb Lagasse; Enfield, Conn.; ‘07
Corvette 05-Newer Modified: Wayne Greenfield; Accokeek, Md.; ‘07

Chevelle 64-67 Stock: Doug Yoder; Red Lion, Pa.; ‘67
Chevelle 64-67 Street: Bill & Margaret Westley; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘67
Chevelle 64-67 Modified: Kyle Phillips; Alpha, N.J.; ‘66

Chevelle 68-Newer Stock: Chris & James DeMetro; Highland, N.Y.; ‘71
Chevelle 69 Only: Kristina Fischer; Litchfield, Conn.; ‘69
Chevelle 70 Only: Jim & Bev Kellerman; Levittown, Pa.; ‘70
Chevelle 68-Newer Modified: Gary Korzon; Beacon Falls, Conn.; ‘70

Truck 1949-72 Stock: Dennis Kelly; Lee, Mass.; ‘69
Truck 1949-72 Street: Richard Moht; Bowmansville, Pa.; ‘69
Truck 1949-72 Modified: Jessica Kilby; East Petersburg, Pa.; ‘50
Truck 1955-69 Only: Gary & Flo Garman; Mount Wolf, Pa.; ‘55
Truck 1970-72 Only: Louis Rosa; Mohnton, Pa.; ‘74

Truck 1973-87 2WD Modified: Anna & Tom Baushman; Bellefonte, Pa.; ‘73

Truck 88 & Newer 2WD Stock; Ron Plummer, Everett, Pa.; ‘12

Truck 4×4 Full Size Street: Janet Dawes; Stewartsville, N.J.; ‘10
Truck 4×4 Full Size Modified: David Riddell; Warrington, Pa.; ‘88

Full/Mini SUV 4WD Stock: Mike Winston; New Holland, Pa.; ‘69
Full/Mini SUV 4WD Modified: Doug Schaeffer, Reading, Pa.; ‘85 Blazer

Full/Mini SUV 2WD Stock: Larry Hughes; Felton, Del.; ‘66
Full/Mini SUV 2WD Street: Charles Krause; Brooklyn, N.Y.; ‘99
Full/Mini SUV 2WD Modified: Steve Myers; York, Pa.; ‘50

Mini Truck 2WD Street: Zakk Harnish; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘00
Mini Truck 2WD Modified: Donald Holley; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘88

Monte Carlo 70-72 Stock: David Durst; Cumberland, Md.; ‘72
Monte Carlo 70-72 Street: Jack Cooper; Kent, Ohio; ‘72
Monte Carlo 70-72 Modified: Jenny & Jay Murphy; Reading, Pa.; ‘70

Monte Carlo 82-88 Stock: Jeff Yoder; Berlin, Pa.; ‘85
Monte Carlo 82-88 Street: Frank O’Connell; Dunstable, Mass.; ‘85
Monte Carlo 82-88 Modified: Kevin Low; Pine Beach, N.J.; ‘88

Monte Carlo 02-06 Stock: Lyle Campbell; Haskins, Ohio, ‘05
Monte Carlo 02-06 Modified: Richard Janis Jr.; Lancaster, Pa.; ‘02

Pro Street 68-Older Modified: Gary Ingram; Millford, Del.; ‘68 Chevelle

Pro Street 69-Newer: Robert Laughel; Womelsdorf, Pa.; ‘78 Camaro

Pro Engineered: Tim Lerch; Mohnton, Pa.; ‘67 Chevy II

Big Car 49-54: Ian Weber; Willow Street, Pa.; ‘52 Chevy

Big Car 58-89 Stock: Steve Lennig; Hebron, Maine; ‘65 Biscayne
Big Car 58-89 Street: Glen Sweinhart; Annville, Pa.; ‘63 Impala
Big Car 58-89 Modified: Michael Garner; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘63 Impala

Big Car 90-Newer Stock: Poncho Mateo; West Deptford, N.J.; ‘96 Impala
Big Car 90-Newer Street: Joe & Margie Ansuini; Colmar, Pa.; ‘96 Impala

Conversion Pre ‘48: Harry Zerbey; Pottsville, Pa.; ‘41 Willys

Conversion 49-Newer: Thomas Fredericks; Summit Hill, Pa.; ‘65 Skylark

Early Chevrolet Pre ‘35: Chuck Salipole; Reisterstown, Md.; ‘35

Early Chevrolet 36-48: Arnold Warner; Culpeper, Va.; ‘39

Open Stock: Todd Trothman; Oakland, Md.; ‘12 Sonic
Open Modified: Ron Mule; Hamilton, N.J.; ‘78

Gold 67-69 Camaro: Keith Morrell; Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Gold 68-Newer Chevelle: Jeff & Deborah Davis; Morristown, N.J.; ‘70 Chevelle
Gold 55-57 Chevrolet: Daniel W. Swisher III; Jonestown, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy

Club Award: New York Monte Carlo Club

Best Big Car: Michael Garner; Birdsboro, Pa.; ‘63 Impala
Best Camaro: Jim & Brenda Granito; Bridgeton, N.J.; ‘69 Camaro
Best Chevelle: Gary Korzon; Beacon Falls, Conn.; ‘70 Chevelle
Best Corvette: Wayne Greenfield; Accokeek, Md.; ‘05 Corvette
Best Conversion: Harry Zerbey; Pottsville, Pa.; ‘41 Willys
Best Open: Ron Mule; Hamilton, N.J.; ‘78 Chevette
Best Early Chevy: Arnold Warner; Culpeper, Va.; ‘39 Chevy
Best El Camino: Bill Kose; Somerset, N.J.; ‘69 El Camino
Best 55-56-57: Denis Kocher; Canton, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy
Best Monte Carlo: Jenny & Jay Munday; Reading, Pa.; ‘70 Monte Carlo
Best Nova: Bob Galla; Ellicott City, Md.; ‘67 Nova
Best Pro Street/Engineered: Gary Ingram; Millford, Del.; ‘68 Chevelle
Best Truck: Gary & Flo Garman; Mount Wolf, Pa.; ‘55 Chevy
Best Paint Gold: Jeff & Deborah Davis, Morristown, N.J.; ‘70 Chevelle
Best Detail Gold: Keith Morrell; Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Best Engine Gold: Keith Morrell: Branchville, N.J.; ‘68 Camaro
Award of Excellence: Vinnie Esposito; Sayreville, Pa.; ‘56 Nomad
Best of Show: Daniel W. Swisher III; Jonestown, Pa.; ‘57 Chevy

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