We had a blast in the heartland last weekend during the Super Chevy Show at Gateway Motorsports Park. With hundreds of classic and modern Bowties in attendance, a great time was had by all. We want to say thanks to all the sponsors, car clubs along with the track for all their hard work to make the event hassle free and picture perfect. For those of you that came out, we also say “thanks” and hopefully we’ll catch you at another Super Chevy Show real soon.

Here’s a rundown of all the race and show winners:

Aeromotive Eliminator
Win: Mike Frese, Quincy, IL

LAT Performance Lubricants
Win: Darryl Sutton, Moscow Mills, MO

Super Chevy Radial

Win: Dan Satiz, Fenton, MO

R/U: Junior Surface, Jefferson City, MO

Super Chevy DOT

Win: Ricky Thomas, High Ridge, MO

R/U: Kyle Rumley, Huntingdon, TN

5th Generation Challenge

Win: Terry Barnett, Park Hills, MO

R/U: Sharon Thomas, Hartford, IL


Win: Tom Heaney, Sr., Imperial, MO

R/U: Dave Sheer, Granite City, IL

Super Pro Bracket 1

Win: Darryl Sutton, Moscow Mills, MO

R/U: Corey Landolt, Herman, MO

Pro Outlaw

Win: Josh Long, Wichita, KS

R/U: Mark Woodruff, Arnold, MO

Saturday Drag Race Top Ten Winners Editors Picks

  1. Glenn Buck, Mexico, MO, 1969 Nova, 11.91
  2. Rod Shryock, Colombia, MO, 1971 Monte Carlo, 10.70*
  3. Eric Luig, St. Louis, MO, 1984 Monte Carlo SS, 9.02
  4. John Ridings, Springfield, IL, 1971 Chevelle, 8.72
  5. Jack Titone, Chesterfield, MO, 1970 Z/28 Camaro, 9.83
  6. Lindell Jilling, Troy, IL, 1955 Bel Air, 10.51
  7. Eric Earney, Union, MO, 1967 Camaro, 11.88**
  8. Joe Horst, Arnold, MO 1967 Nova, 9.85***
  9. Larry & Nancy Conn, House Springs, MO, 1968 Camaro, 9.07†
  10.  Doug Schwartz, Nermann, MO, 1955 Bel Air, N/A††

Saturday Top Ten Winners Editors Picks

1.       Dennis Gaylord, Oregon, IL,1967 Biscayne

2.       Gary Canton, Henderson, KY, 1977 Nova

3.       Aladdin Garris, Perryville, MO, 1975 Nova

4.       Tom Schilly, Bloomsdale, MO, 1968 Camaro

5.       Roger & Linda Allen, Imperial, MO, 1979 Z/28

6.       Rick Layne, Murphysboro, IL, 1966 Malibu

7.       Gary Stock, Bethalto, IL, 1959 Brockwood Wagon

8.       Thomas Davis, Hazelwood, MO, 1956 Bel Air

9.       Barry Wallner, Carlinville, IL, 1957 Sedan Delivery

10.   Andrew Muehlauser, St. Louis, MO, 1971 Monte Carlo

Saturday Class Awards

Outstanding Engine:      Steven Lufthage, Omaha, NE, 1956 Chevy

Outstanding Stock:         Jim Hedi, Alton, IL, 1950 Chevy Pickup

Outstanding Street:        Paul Clines, Leslie, MO, 1967 Chevy Pickup

Outstanding Modified:                 Curtis Brooks, St. Peters, MO, 1934 Chevy Coupe

Outstanding Engineering:            Greg Cullum, High Ridge, MO, 1969 Chevelle

Outstanding Paint:          Mark Morgan, Centralia, KS, 1967 Nova

Outstanding Interior:     Jonnie & Patty Williams, Warrenton, MO, 1955 Chevy

Outstanding Workmanship:       Mackey Young, Warrenton, MO, 1952 Chevy

Outstanding Workmanship:       Pete Simpson, Monongahela, PA, 1970 El Camino

ISCA Award:       Mackey Young, Warrenton, MO, 1952 Chevy Pickup       

Sunday Class Awards

CAMARO: 1967 – 69

STOCK Outstanding (1967-68 Only):        Tom Scailly, Bloomsdale, MO, 1968

STOCK Winner (1967-68 Only):  Chuck Cimera, Mt. Vernon, IL, 1967

STOCK Outstanding (1969 Only):               Keith Shockley, St. Charles, MO, 1969

STOCK Winner (1969 Only):        Rich Nielsen, St. Louis, MO, 1969

STREET Outstanding:      Donald Holtman, Glen Carbon,IL, 1969

STREET Winner:                Mick Price, Atwood, IL, 1969      

MODIFIED Outstanding (1967 & 69 Only):             Brian Millikin, Maryville, IL, 1969

MODIFIED Winner (1967 &69 Only):       Dan Chaplin, St. Charles, MO, 1967

MODIFIED Outstanding (1968 Only):       Justin, East Alton, IL, 1968           

MODIFIED Winner (1968 Only): Lawrence Willie, St. Johns, MO, 1968     

CAMARO: 1970-81

STREET Outstanding:      Larry Kissinger, Jr., Elkhart Lake, WI, 1970½         

STREET Winner:                Roger & Linda Allen, Imperial, MO, 1979                               

MODIFIED Winner:         Sonny Litterback, Columbia, MO, 1976                  

CAMARO: 1982-1992

STOCK Winner: Randy Darnell, Mayfield, KY, 1992                            

STREET Outstanding:      Craig Luitchen, Johnson City, IL, 1991

STREET Winner:                Joe Gruhala, Hillsboro, MO, 1991

MODIFIED Winner:         Mike Perez, Town & Country, MO, 1985

CAMARO: 1993-2002

STOCK Outstanding:         Rhonda Darnell, Mayfield, KY, 2002

STOCK Winner: Clifford Adam, Manmouth, IL, 2002

STREET Outstanding:      Jeff Wideman, Herculaneum, MO, 2002

STREET Winner:                Steve Blumfelder, Florissant, MO, 2002                


STREET Outstanding:      Charlie Wibbenmeyer, St. Genevieve, MO, 2010              

STREET Winner:                Eric Taylor, Godfrey, IL, 2011

MODIFIED Winner:         Mark Bolt, Pocahontas, IL, 2010                


Outstanding:     Gary Fulkerson, Rockford, IL, 1969          

Winner:               Jon Franklin, Hannibal, MO, 1979


STREET Outstanding (Other Models):     Jeff & Kelly Dixon, Medora, IL, 1985 Monte Carlo             

STREET Winner (Other Models):               Scott Pratt, Branson, MO, 1967 Nova

MODIFIED Winner (Truck):          Mike Antoine, Elsin, IL, 1955 Pickup        


MODIFIED Outstanding:               Louis Jackson, St. Charles, MO, 1955 Chevy

MODIFIED Winner:         Stan Huchinson, Florissant, MO, 1970 Chevelle


MODIFIED Outstanding:               John Gales, Kirkwood, MO, 2008 HHR    

MODIFIED Winner:         Les Schwenk, Bridgeton, MO, 1987 S-10 Blazer


STREET Outstanding:      Clifford Adam, Monmouth, IL, 2000 Silverado    

STREET Winner:                Clyde Shafer, Metropolis, IL, 1977 Scottsdale

MODIFIED Winner:         Joe Skiles, Park Hills, MO, 1979 Scottsdale


MODIFIED Winner:         Don Vollmer, Godfrey, IL, 1995 S-10       

TRUCK: 1949-72

STOCK Outstanding:       Terry Mayes, Desoto, MO, 1969

STOCK Winner:                 Jim Held, Alton, IL, 1950

STREET Winner:                Ron Hecht, Jackson, MO, 1955

MODIFIED Outstanding (1949-65 Only):                 Al Robison, Athens, AL, 1965      

MODIFIED Winner (1949-65 Only):          Mackey Young, Warrenton, MO, 1952                                   

MODIFIED Outstanding (1966-68 Only): Paul Clines, Leslie, MO, 1967

MODIFIED Winner (1966-68 Only):          Warren Williams, Desoto, MO, 1968

TRUCK: 1973 – 87

MODIFIED Winner:         Jeff Andrews, Montgomery City, MO, 1985        


STREET Outstanding:      Gary Brown, Weldon Spring, MO, 2006

STREET Winner:                Frederick Woods, Nashville, TN, 1995

MODIFIED Winner:         John Bramley, Brighton, IL, 1993                                               

NOVA: 1962-67

STOCK Outstanding:       Scott Werdehansen, Jefferson City, MO, 1966

STOCK Winner: Judy Lippert, Green, KS, 1966

STREET Outstanding:      Jim Lippert, Green, KS, 1966

STREET Winner:                John Findley, Kansas City, KS, 1967

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Jim Kimmel, Murphysboro, IL, 1967

MODIFIED Winner:         Brenton Hndelson, Old Monroe, MO, 1967

NOVA: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner: Rich Nielson, St. Louis, MO, 1969

STREET Outstanding:      Bill Miller, Washington, MO, 1973

STREET Winner:                Paul King, Heyworth, IL, 1968

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Gary Caton, Henderson, KY, 1977

MODIFIED Winner:         Bruce Briley, Collinsville, IL, 1968              


MODIFIED Outstanding:               Terry Ford, St. Charles, MO, 1935 Chevy Sedan

MODIFIED Winner:         Curtis Brooks, St. Peters, MO, 1934 Chevy Coupe                             

EARLY CHEVY: 1936-48

MODIFIED Winner:         Warren Kehs, Petersburg, IN, 1948 Chevy Pickup             

CHEVY: 1955-57

STOCK Winner: Gerald Schwindenhammer, Bartonville, IL, 1955

STREET Outstanding:      Mark & Lisa Pyeatt, Warranton, MO, 1956

STREET Winner:                Mike McAllister, Elberfeild, IL, 1955

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Dean & Marlene Parks, Hillsboro, IL, 1956

MODIFIED Winner:         Johnnie & Patty Williams, Warrenton, MO, 1955

BIG CAR: 1958-89

STOCK Outstanding:       Bill Koehneman, Highland, IL, 1966

STOCK Winner: Larry Frederick, Petersburg, IN, 1962

STREET Winner:                Mike Johnson, Mt. Vernon, IL, 1967

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Gary & Deb Graffelman, Hanna City, IL, 1966

MODIFIED Winner:         Dennis Gaylord, Oregon, IL, 1967


MODIFIED Winner:         Ben Eckhard, Godfrey, IL, 2004

CHEVELLE: 1964- 67

STOCK Outstanding:       Rick Layne, Murphysboro, IL, 1966

STOCK Winner: Greg Woodrum, Macomb, IL, 1966

STREET Outstanding:      Daryl Riggs, Centerview, MO, 1965

STREET Winner:                Mike & Connie Tate, Newton, IL, 1966

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Ray Zielinski, Villa Ridge, MO, 1966

MODIFIED Winner:         Mark Lacey, St. Ann, MO, 1967                                 

CHEVELLE: 1968 & Newer

STOCK Winner:                 Frank Ingargiola, High Ridge, MO, 1970                  

STREET Outstanding:      Michael Scherer, Ste. Gen, MO, 1969                     

STREET Winner:                Barney & Margaret Corder, Herrin, IL, 1972

MODIFIED Outstanding:               David Koch, Florissant, MO, 1968

MODIFIED Winner:         John Ridings, Springfield, IL, 1971


STREET Winner:                Larry Miller, Farmington, KY, 1985                                            

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Gregory Crigg, St. Stephens, MO, 1979  

MODIFIED Winner:         Bill McGary, St. Charles, MO, 1969                                           


STOCK Outstanding:       Lyle Campbell, Haskins, OH, 2005             

STOCK Winner: Gisele Muehlelhauser, St. Louis, MO, 2004          

STREET Outstanding (1970’s Only):          Rickey & Cindy Hollinwalt, Polosi, MO, 1970

STREET Winner (1970’s Only):    Andrew D. Muehlhauser, St. Louis, MO, 1971    

STREET Outstanding (1980-2005):             Brian Wibbemeyer, Bloomsdale, MO, 1988         

STREET Winner (1980-2005):       Kyle Wibbemeyer, St. Genevieve, MO, 1988

MODIFIED Outstanding:               Ernie Blackburn, Florissant, MO, 2003

MODIFIED Winner:         Eric Icomp, Winslow, IN, 1986

CORVETTE: 1953 – 67

STOCK Outstanding:       Gary Skinner, West Frankfort, IL, 1960   

STOCK Winner: Walter Hausafus, Dow, IL, 1962 

STREET Winner:                Pete White, St. Ouis, MO, 1965 

MODIFIED Winner:         Roger Ferris, Hazelwood, MO, 1963                                        

CORVETTE: 1968-1982

STREET Outstanding:      Kevin Lyeria, Alton, IL, 1977        

STREET Winner:                Don Dale, Fenton, MO, 1977

CORVETTE: 1984-96

STOCK Outstanding:       Artie & Stacey Langston, Vandalia, IL, 1993          

STOCK Winner: Robert Welker, Cool Valley, MO, 1991

STREET Winner:                Leon Hill, St. Peters, MO, 1998


STREET Winner:                Charles Brisco, Madison, TN, 2005           


Modified Winner:           Paul Beck, Pearl, IL, 1965 Corvair              


MODIFIED Winner:         John Goodwin, Millstadt, IL, 1932 Ford Coupe    


MODIFIED Outstanding:               John Lewis, Worden, IL, 1935 Ford Pickup

MODIFIED Winner:         Dan Garner, Godfrey, IL, 1933 Willys      


STREET Winner:                Tyler Meyers, Mono, IL, 1992

MODIFIED Winner:         Jamey Griffin, Mono, IL, 1981


MODIFIED GOLD 1968 AND NEWER CHEVELLE Winner:  Greg Cullman, High Ridge, MO, 1969 Chevelle    

MODIFIED GOLD 1968 AND NEWER EL CAMINO Winner:               Pete Simpson, Monongahela, PA, 1970

MODIFIED GOLD CONVERSION 1955-57 Winner:               Steven Lufthage, Omaha, NE, 1956 Chevy           


BIG CAR:              Larry Frederick, Petersburg, IL, 1962 Chevy         

CAMARO:            Dan Chaplin, St Charles, MO, 1967 Camaro

CHEVELLE:           John Ridings, Springfield, IL, 1971 Chevelle

CORVETTE:          Pete White, St. Louis, MO, 1965 Corvette

CONVERSION:   Jamey Griffin, Mono, IL, 1981 Buick Regal

OPEN:   Paul Beck, Pearl, IL, 1965 Corvair

EARLY CHEVY:   Curtis Brooks, St. Peters, MO, 1934 Chevy Coupe

EL CAMINO:       Bill McGary, St. Charles, MO, 1969 El Camino

1955-1957 CHEVY:           Johnnie and Patty Williams, Warrenton, MO, 1955 Chevy             

MONTE CARLO:                                Eric Icomp, Winslow, IN, 1986 Monte Carlo

NOVA:  Bruce Briley, Collinsville, IL, 1968 Nova

PRO STREET/ENGINEERED:          Louis Jackson, St. Charles, MO, 1955 Chevy

TRUCK: Don Vollmer, Godfrey, IL, 1995 Pickup

PAINT:  Steven Lufthage, Omaha, NE, 1965 Chevy

DETAIL: Pete Simpson, Monongahela, PA, 1971 El Camino

ENGINE: Pete Simpson, Monongahela, PA, 1971 El Camino            

EXCELLENCE AWARD:     Stan Huchinson, Florissant, MO, 1970 Chevelle  

BEST OF SHOW:                Greg Cullum, High Ridge, MO, 1969 Chevelle

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