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Our partners at the Texas Motorplex want to make sure this year’s Super Chevy Show will rock your wheels off and now they’ve added more fun for both participants and spectators. First off, you can hit the strip and lay the smack-down on Brand X competitors during the CHEVY VERSUS THE WORLD THIS FAST FRIDAY. This, along with additional specialty races, are included in the paid tech card entry fee and a special prize package including a commemorative coin and trophy will be awarded to each winner in the following categories:

–          Best Reaction Time

–          Best Burnout in a Street Legal vehicle

–          Closest Dial-In

–          Fastest Car of the night in Race car and Street Car

For you two-wheel owners, there’s The Super Chevy Show Memorial Motorcycle Race and the winner and runner-up in each category will each receive a trophy and prize package including a commemorative coin. The entry fee is only $25 and all proceeds will go to the Ennis Veterans Memorial, honoring all U.S. Veterans. All classes will race heads up. Any participant running 120 mph or faster is required to have full leathers in addition to a helmet.

Here are the details for each motorcycle index category including:

–          12-second class (modified cruisers)

–          13-second class (large cruisers)

–          14.0-second class (small cruisers)

–          15-second class (smaller cruisers)

So make sure to get your Chevy in gear and on out to the Texas Motorplex this weekend for some cruising, racing, showing, swapping and some good old bowtie bench racing among fellow gearheads.

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