Dan Wellner – 1970 Chevelle SS

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I purchased my 1970 Chevelle SS in 1977 for $1,200, it was the second car I owned.

I did my own off the frame restoration on the Chevelle in 1997, in our 4 car garage. We went to car shows and got the Chevelle in the top of our class. Then we went to Super Chevy Show in Joliet IL, 200 miles one way, at the end of the show the judge told us where we lost points. The next year we won first place. We went to Super Chevy Show 5 or 6 times and took Class Winner ’70 and newer Stock in 2002 and 2006, placed 5 out of 6 times. The Chevelle is driven all the time, never trailered. The longest distance we drove to a show was 600 miles on way.

We enjoyed the Super Chevy Shows and miss not going. We want to go to Super Chevy Show in Ohio, but we got 27,700 miles on the Chevelle since 1997 and the interior shows ware and the engine compartment is not fresh. I am thinking of fixing that, so we can go enjoy Super Chevy Show again.

Dan Wellner
Kellnersville, WI

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