Super Chevy Show to highlight past winners

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Dec. 30, 2010) — Are you a former winner at a Super Chevy Show?

In an effort to pay homage to 30 years of fun at the nation


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  1. awashington says:

    My name is Tony Washington. I was the B-1 winner of the Super Chevy Show in 2006 at Maryland International Raceway.I got married that same Friday and talked my NEW wife into letting me attend that race, and yes I did win. I think I went thru 9 rounds of racing that day (do the math). I was (and still) driving a 1990 Pontiac Firebird tube chassis car and I think my dial in was 8.27. That was and is the highlite of my racing years.What a weekend! I have tried to fin the magazine tha covered that race but couldn’t. If you can help me, I would gladly pay for it. Thanks Anthony Washington