Autocross Lures Extensive Coverage for Super Chevy Show

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KANSAS CITY (March 18) – Can drag racing work on a road course?

Get ready, because the answer comes Saturday and Sunday at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway when the Super Chevy Show opens its 30th season by debuting the Total Cost Involved/Wilwood Disc Brakes/Currie Enterprises Autocross, a designed road course where individual drivers compete for the best-timed run based on skill and speed.

The unique event, which is being described by many as drag racing on a road course, lends intrigue to competitors, fans and various media outlets. Super Chevy Magazine, which is part of the Source Interlink Media group, is planning extensive coverage of the event, which in addition to the autocross will also feature the Original Parts Group Cruise to Las Vegas, which leaves Southern California on Friday, and the debut of a new display trailer from the GM Performance Division. The drag racing portion of the show will include several classes, including the new Shoebox category, which is opened to classic cars.

But the big lure for this weekend is the autocross, which is a first for the Super Chevy Show. The coverage is expected be extensive, and will include an online presence at

Super Chevy magazine is going to have coverage of the entire show.
“As far as coverage goes, Super Chevy magazine is going to have coverage of the entire show, everything from participants, spectators, car shows and drag racing,” Super Chevy Magazine publisher Ed Zinke said. “The autocross is an addition (this year) that we plan on covering, along with the cruise from Seal Beach to Las Vegas on Friday.

“All of that will be in the July issue of Super Chevy magazine. We are also planning to do some blogs on throughout the course of the two-day event. That could include everything from the drag racing, some on the autocross as well as the car shows and have some shots of the cool cars that will be there.”

But nothing will get more attention than the addition of autocross, which Zinke said will add to the lure of the event.

“It’s extremely exciting for us to present an autocross for the Super Chevy Show attendees,” Zinke said. “We have been looking to include an autocross for the last year and half, and with Forward Sports Marketing and their group of track owners that are working with the Super Chevy Shows this year saw fit to bring that on for three of the events, this being the first one.

“(Total Cost Involved/Wilwood Disc Brakes/Currie Enterprises) are the guys who are sponsoring it and who are bringing it to our attendees of the Super Chevy Show as well as anyone who comes into the event and shows their car to bring it to the autocross and run it in the event.
We’re not looking for people to light the world on fire. We’re looking for, encouraging these car owners to bring their car and try it out.
It’s not like they have to post any phenomenal time. We’d like them to just to see how much fun it is to go left and right with your own car.”

For a complete list of Super Chevy Show event information, visit or call (800) 692-6230.

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